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Contest - Bold colors






7:29:48 PM

Steve Hurt 

New Submission

Steve Hurt added Color over the Mountains to the contest!

7:23:29 PM

Pat Purdy 

New Submission

Pat Purdy added Kanetica to the contest!

7:13:55 PM

Tom Cuccio 

New Submission

Tom Cuccio added Night Glow to the contest!

7:00:09 PM

CGHepburn Scenic Photos 

New Submission

CGHepburn Scenic Photos added Coral Gladiolus to the contest!

6:51:12 PM

De Beall 

New Submission

De Beall added Night-Life to the contest!

6:47:34 PM

Nick Field 

New Submission

Nick Field added Fluid Montage to the contest!

6:38:52 PM

Darleen Stry 

New Submission

Darleen Stry added Purple Garden Flower to the contest!

6:35:05 PM

JC Findley 

New Submission

JC Findley added Chesapeake Splendor to the contest!

6:29:11 PM

Steven Lebron Langston 

New Submission

Steven Lebron Langston added Colors of the Dream to the contest!

6:19:28 PM

Gerald Strine 

New Submission

Gerald Strine added Serenity and Tension to the contest!

6:10:17 PM

Kevin Moore 

New Submission

Kevin Moore added Peace and Love Chihuahua to the contest!

6:06:06 PM

Sami Tiainen 

New Submission

Sami Tiainen added Colors of Nature to the contest!

5:46:46 PM

Cate McCauley 

New Submission

Cate McCauley added Eastern Tiger Swallowtail to the contest!

5:29:02 PM

Ric Soulen 

New Submission

Ric Soulen added The Painted Desert to the contest!

5:15:38 PM

Russell Clenney 

New Submission

Russell Clenney added Maleficent to the contest!

5:15:09 PM

Chris Anderson 

New Submission

Chris Anderson added A Riot Of Color to the contest!

4:58:13 PM

Mary Deal 

New Submission

Mary Deal added Showy Red and Green to the contest!

4:47:07 PM

Michael Pickett 

New Submission

Michael Pickett added Burano Island in the Venetian Lagoon to the contest!

4:34:00 PM

Michael Garyet 

New Submission

Michael Garyet added Abstract - And the Night Crept In to the contest!

4:33:03 PM

The Art of Alice Terrill 

New Submission

The Art of Alice Terrill added Nature Exotic to the contest!

4:32:22 PM

George Pasini 

New Submission

George Pasini added carnivale de gato to the contest!

4:23:46 PM

Marco Antonio Aguilar 

New Submission

Marco Antonio Aguilar added Endless Journey to the contest!

4:10:37 PM

Ana Maria Edulescu 

New Submission


4:09:42 PM

Kristin Elmquist 

New Submission

Kristin Elmquist added Impressive Empress to the contest!

3:57:47 PM

Trudi Doyle 

New Submission

Trudi Doyle added Drifting to Dreamland to the contest!

3:54:47 PM

Terence Davis 

New Submission

Terence Davis added Red Orbit. to the contest!

3:05:57 PM

Meaghan Troup 

New Submission

Meaghan Troup added Resting In Your Shadow to the contest!

2:56:21 PM

Christopher McPhail 

New Submission

Christopher McPhail added Sunset to the contest!

2:39:43 PM

Tannis Baldwin 

New Submission

Tannis Baldwin added Monarch 2 to the contest!

2:32:14 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Sea Otter to the contest!

2:26:26 PM

Sarah Loft 

New Submission

Sarah Loft added Alegria to the contest!

2:24:15 PM

Brindha Naveen 

New Submission

Brindha Naveen added Lady with a basket to the contest!

2:18:04 PM

M Diane Bonaparte 

New Submission

M Diane Bonaparte added Rugged Terrane to the contest!

2:14:06 PM

Wendy J St Christopher 

New Submission

Wendy J St Christopher added Voodoo Red to the contest!

2:11:35 PM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Sharpening Arrows 1821 to the contest!

2:03:37 PM

AnnaJo Vahle 

New Submission

AnnaJo Vahle added Butterfly Love to the contest!

2:02:31 PM

Sue Stefanowicz 

New Submission

Sue Stefanowicz added Sunset Kiss to the contest!

1:36:40 PM

Terry Sita 

New Submission

Terry Sita added Music on Bourbon St. to the contest!

1:34:06 PM

RL Rucker 

New Submission

RL Rucker added PanPipes on Times Square to the contest!

1:30:29 PM

Derrick Higgins 

New Submission

Derrick Higgins added Merry-go-round to the contest!

1:22:45 PM

AmaS Art 

New Submission

AmaS Art added Summer's End to the contest!

1:10:21 PM

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis 

New Submission

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis added Crescent Moon to the contest!

1:04:29 PM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Bethie's Abstract to the contest!

12:41:31 PM

Tiffany King 

New Submission

Tiffany King added Powerful to the contest!

12:34:46 PM

Michael Hickey 

New Submission

Michael Hickey added Pointed Discs to the contest!

12:13:23 PM

Jim Finch 

New Submission

Jim Finch added Art in the Sun to the contest!

11:59:51 AM

Kendall Kessler 

New Submission

Kendall Kessler added Falling to the contest!

11:53:38 AM

Rachel Carmichael 

New Submission

Rachel Carmichael added A School of Koi to the contest!

11:50:49 AM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added Deliciously Close to the contest!

11:45:10 AM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

SALLY WEIGAND added Tulip Tree Flowers to the contest!

11:07:48 AM

Tanya Tanski 

New Submission

Tanya Tanski added Grannies Vegatable Plate..... to the contest!

11:02:17 AM

Belita William 

New Submission

Belita William added The Day Of The Dead to the contest!

11:01:34 AM

Rory Sagner 

New Submission

Rory Sagner added Fire And Water II to the contest!

10:13:41 AM

James Neeley 

New Submission

James Neeley added Blue Horizon to the contest!

9:06:56 AM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Liberty American Girl to the contest!

8:40:24 AM

Elizabeth Winter 

New Submission

Elizabeth Winter added Early Birds to the contest!

8:15:22 AM

Exalted Productions 

New Submission

Exalted Productions added Sinusitis to the contest!

7:21:56 AM

Pamela Schiermeyer 

New Submission

Pamela Schiermeyer added Blue Rooster to the contest!

7:05:11 AM

Judi Goodwin 

New Submission

Judi Goodwin added Moonlight Sonata to the contest!

7:00:19 AM

Matthias Hauser 

New Submission

Matthias Hauser added Orange Tulip to the contest!

5:41:27 AM

Nadine Kelly 

New Submission

NADINE KELLY added Everlasting Grace in the Image of God to the contest!

5:29:45 AM

Jessica Jimerson 

New Submission

Jessica Jimerson added Spin to the contest!

4:51:13 AM

Marion Galt 

New Submission

Marion Galt added Loose Ends to the contest!

4:37:11 AM

Leah Moore 

New Submission

Leah Moore added The Green Fairy to the contest!

2:58:58 AM

Megan Washington 

New Submission

Megan Washington added South African Lily to the contest!

2:52:29 AM

Lalita Singh 

New Submission

Lalita Singh added BLOOM to the contest!

2:20:11 AM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added Rainbow Sun Rays Fractal 138 to the contest!

2:16:24 AM

Elisheva Nesis 

New Submission

Elisheva Nesis added THE FALLEN RAINBOW to the contest!

1:58:38 AM

Susan McNeil 

New Submission

Susan McNeil added Indian Blanket to the contest!

12:51:48 AM

Phil Strang 

New Submission

Phil Strang added Arles Morning to the contest!

10:25:53 PM

Mary Mora 

New Submission

Mary Mora added The Beach At Sunset to the contest!

10:18:44 PM

Jennifer Russo 

New Submission

Jennifer Russo added Grooming Macaw to the contest!

10:06:15 PM

Moore Photography 

New Submission

Moore Photography added Jack to the contest!

9:45:57 PM

Giselle Rivas 

New Submission

Giselle Rivas added Finger painting of a young man to the contest!

9:29:44 PM

Debbie LaFrance 

New Submission

Debbie LaFrance added Red Dragon to the contest!

7:47:35 PM

Svetlana Novikova 

New Submission

Svetlana Novikova added Contemporary vibrant horse painting to the contest!

7:46:54 PM

Sheila Diemert 

New Submission

Sheila Diemert added St. Michael to the contest!

6:37:56 PM

Brenda Brolly 

New Submission

Brenda Brolly added Rebirth of the Spirit to the contest!

6:31:01 PM

Shirley Sirois 

New Submission

Shirley Sirois added Ever Changing to the contest!

6:22:27 PM

Dany Lison 

New Submission

Dany Lison added Welcoming Entrada in Taos to the contest!

5:38:52 PM


New Submission

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES added TULIP TIME to the contest!

5:32:52 PM

Jane Clatworthy 

New Submission

Jane Clatworthy added Horizon 1 to the contest!

4:03:56 PM

David Fossaceca 

New Submission

David Fossaceca added It's A Mans World- James Brown to the contest!

3:52:51 PM

J Von Ryan 

New Submission

J Von Ryan added The Blazer to the contest!

3:07:44 PM

Sharon Duguay 

New Submission

Sharon Duguay added Dortmund Climber Rose to the contest!

3:06:28 PM

Renee Trenholm 

New Submission

Renee Trenholm added Vintage Circuit Board Connectors to the contest!

2:25:00 PM

Lonnie Tapia 

New Submission

Lonnie Tapia added Peacock In Me to the contest!

2:14:18 PM

Nikki Marie Smith 

New Submission

Nikki Marie Smith added Twinkle Toes to the contest!

1:56:27 PM

Nancy Mergybrower 

New Submission

Nancy Mergybrower added optical illusion no 3. to the contest!

1:33:51 PM

Sandy Owens 

New Submission

Sandy Owens added Beautiful Butterfly to the contest!

1:25:39 PM

Donna Spadola 

New Submission

Donna Spadola added Kaleyedascope to the contest!

12:14:29 PM

Alexandra Jordankova 

New Submission

Alexandra Jordankova added Diva to the contest!

11:03:40 AM

Shane Bechler 

New Submission

Shane Bechler added Healthy Reflections to the contest!

10:41:53 AM

Marlene Burns 

New Submission

Marlene Burns added p HOTography 10 to the contest!

8:53:22 AM

Nancy Jolley 

New Submission

Nancy Jolley added Forest Fantasy to the contest!

8:06:41 AM

Lara Ellis 

New Submission

Lara Ellis added Red Crocosmia to the contest!

8:04:22 AM

Cynthia Harvey 

New Submission

Cynthia Harvey added Red Cloth to the contest!

7:08:45 AM

Francisco Little 

New Submission

Francisco Little added Creation to the contest!

6:55:37 AM

Tammy Rekito 

New Submission

Tammy Rekito added Midflight Meal to the contest!

2:31:35 AM

Judyann Matthews 

New Submission

JUDYANN MATTHEWS added ECSTASY LILY 2011 to the contest!