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11:44:42 AM

Desline Vitto 

New Submission

Desline Vitto added Calm Flight to the contest!

8:16:28 AM

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch 

New Submission

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch added 901 - birds brain peckers 2017 to the contest!

5:39:44 AM

Steve K 

New Submission

Steve K added Out off the twilight zone to the contest!

4:43:55 AM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added Peaceful Morning Glow to the contest!

12:04:49 AM

Kristie Bonnewell 

New Submission

Kristie Bonnewell added Padded Room Visions to the contest!

8:57:40 PM


New Submission


7:49:12 PM

John Malone Fine Arts 

New Submission

John Malone Fine Arts added I So Weep For Thee to the contest!

10:38:49 AM

Ryan Hughes 

New Submission

Ryan Hughes added Dream Girl to the contest!

9:50:59 AM

Michael Hickey 

New Submission

Michael Hickey added Flowing Wizard to the contest!

9:10:24 AM

Shari Nees 

New Submission

Shari Nees added Hypnagogic to the contest!

9:09:25 AM

Luba Cohen 

New Submission

Luba Cohen added Paris or New York to the contest!

2:40:09 AM

Russell Clenney 

New Submission

Russell Clenney added Nuclear Fallout to the contest!

10:48:30 PM

Megen McAuliffe 

New Submission

Megen McAuliffe added Fairy Lady to the contest!

10:37:50 PM

Charles Pulley 

New Submission

Charles Pulley added Wiggle Room to the contest!

8:05:14 PM

Yiries Saad 

New Submission

Yiries Saad added Suenos que se Desvanecen Vanishing Dreams to the contest!

9:39:56 AM

Rhonda Barrett 

New Submission

Rhonda Barrett added Wishes to the contest!

7:07:00 AM

Filippo B 

New Submission

Filippo B added Oompa Loompa Self Portrait With Surreal Pipe to the contest!

3:38:20 AM

Kiara Reynolds 

New Submission

Kiara Reynolds added Roaring Inside Me edited to the contest!

1:27:39 AM

Merton Allen 

New Submission

Merton Allen added Orange Rose - Digital Art to the contest!

4:57:35 PM

Phyllis Denton 

New Submission

Phyllis Denton added Escape to the contest!

2:46:14 PM

John Hines 

New Submission

John Hines added Three Armed Cactus Man to the contest!

1:44:33 PM

Robert Maestas 

New Submission

Robert Maestas added Heavenly Resort to the contest!

11:09:00 AM

Mayhem Mediums 

New Submission

Mayhem Mediums added V and T Round up to the contest!

8:40:38 AM


New Submission

FASGallery added Pandamonium to the contest!

10:59:35 PM

Vicky Tarcau 

New Submission

Vicky Tarcau added Flamingos 2 to the contest!

9:56:00 PM

Linda Sannuti 

New Submission

Linda Sannuti added Mystical Wonders to the contest!

9:50:28 PM

Rachel Galicia 

New Submission

Rachel Galicia added Singapore to the contest!

2:54:58 PM

Joel Mariano 

New Submission

Joel Mariano added Cave Naiad to the contest!

2:12:46 PM

Piero Lucia 

New Submission

Piero Lucia added Moon Over Red Sea to the contest!

8:34:25 PM

Anthony Rego 

New Submission

Anthony Rego added Soaring to the contest!

2:58:24 PM

Neil Hemsley 

New Submission

Neil Hemsley added Prometheus to the contest!

8:09:48 AM

George Pasini 

New Submission

George Pasini added psychedelic siesta 1 to the contest!

4:37:58 AM

Linda Galok 

New Submission

Linda Galok added Eclipse to the contest!

5:00:51 PM

Laxmikant Chaware 

New Submission

Laxmikant Chaware added surreal living room to the contest!

9:15:55 AM

Paul Wear 

New Submission

Paul Wear added Had This Been an Actual Emergency to the contest!

4:59:30 AM

Francis Erevan 

New Submission

Francis Erevan added Korma to the contest!

12:12:35 AM

Thomas OGrady 

New Submission

Thomas OGrady added City on the edge of forever to the contest!

12:11:14 AM

R Allen Swezey 

New Submission

R Allen Swezey added Medusa Pointillized to the contest!

11:38:44 PM

Fli Art 

New Submission

Fli Art added If I Could Go Back In Time to the contest!

9:03:31 PM

Jessica Wright 

New Submission

Jessica Wright added Testing the Water to the contest!

4:33:55 PM

Jane Schnetlage 

New Submission

Jane Schnetlage added Goodnight Giraffes to the contest!

4:12:19 PM

I'ina Van Lawick 

New Submission

I'ina Van Lawick added Oh When The Saints Go Marching In to the contest!

3:40:56 PM

Sue Rosen 

New Submission

Sue Rosen added Showtime to the contest!

2:59:20 PM

Terrance DePietro 

New Submission

Terrance DePietro added Levitation Impulse of Spring to the contest!

2:34:03 PM

Newel Hunter 

New Submission

Newel Hunter added House on the Hill to the contest!

2:20:58 PM

Juli Scalzi 

New Submission

Juli Scalzi added Up up and away to the contest!

2:12:32 PM

Kenneth Armand Johnson 

New Submission

Kenneth Armand Johnson added Fulcrum to the contest!

1:02:08 PM

Victor Minca 

New Submission

Victor Minca added incontro to the contest!

11:22:34 AM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added Universal Portal to the contest!

10:45:35 AM

Jacek Kobusinski 

New Submission

Jacek Kobusinski added uty to the contest!

8:49:31 AM

The Creative Minds Art and Photography 

New Submission

The Creative Minds Art and Photography added Golden Fairy to the contest!

8:28:59 AM

Flow Fitzgerald 

New Submission

Flow Fitzgerald added Fading away to the contest!

8:19:58 AM

John Pangia 

New Submission

John Pangia added Incubation to the contest!

7:32:40 AM

Geoff Simmonds 

New Submission

Geoff Simmonds added Look Into The Dream to the contest!

6:36:22 AM

Lucia Hoogervorst 

New Submission

Lucia Hoogervorst added Lava to the contest!

2:56:36 AM

Michael Rucker 

New Submission

Michael Rucker added The Final Frontier to the contest!

2:26:45 AM

Nop Briex 

New Submission

Nop Briex added Flying Pork to the contest!

6:59:36 PM

Mario Labonte 

New Submission

Mario Labonte added Native Moon to the contest!

6:48:57 PM

Mike Savad 

New Submission

Mike Savad added Steampunk - Clock - Time machine to the contest!

6:43:00 PM

George Pedro 

New Submission

George Pedro added Surrealist Sunrise to the contest!

6:31:50 PM

Dizzy Heavens Imagination 

New Submission

Dizzy Heavens Imagination added Don't be afraid of the dark to the contest!

5:41:16 PM

Anita Reynolds 

New Submission

Anita Reynolds added Inside Man to the contest!

5:34:05 PM

Jeff Gettis 

New Submission

Jeff Gettis added Lunchroom to the contest!

5:06:35 PM

Gunter Hortz 

New Submission

Gunter Hortz added MICHAEL JACKSON Pop Art to the contest!

4:20:43 PM

Keith Dillon 

New Submission

Keith Dillon added DREAMS OF VENICE to the contest!

4:07:35 PM

H Drew 

New Submission

H Drew added Film Shot Museum Basement02 to the contest!

4:06:51 PM

Gregory Anthony Stone 

New Submission

Gregory Anthony Stone added Just Dark to the contest!

3:51:48 PM

Scott Richardson 

New Submission

Scott Richardson added Love to the contest!