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Contest - First Social Media Contest






9:25:54 AM

Jeff Porter 

New Submission

Jeff Porter added Red Barn to the contest!

9:16:39 AM

Chris N Rohrbach 

New Submission

Chris N Rohrbach added to the contest!

8:33:38 AM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

Sally Weigand added elephant kissing man holding bananas to the contest!

8:07:14 AM

Deborah Nell 

New Submission

Deborah Nell added The Good Shepherd to the contest!

8:04:48 AM

Ryan Demaree 

New Submission

Ryan Demaree added Lascaux to the contest!

8:03:43 AM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Sunflowers II to the contest!

7:59:33 AM

G Cuffia 

New Submission

G CUFFIA added Will Not Conform to the contest!

7:36:48 AM

Desiree Paquette 

New Submission

Desiree Paquette added Lazy Summer Day to the contest!

7:32:21 AM

Ana Maria Edulescu 

New Submission

ANA MARIA EDULESCU added OIA to the contest!

7:21:40 AM

Susan Porter 

New Submission

Susan Porter added Missing you..... to the contest!

7:20:37 AM

Shari Jardina 

New Submission

Shari Jardina added Windswept to the contest!

7:11:19 AM

Caroline Street 

New Submission

Caroline Street added Born Free to the contest!

7:07:48 AM

Regina Femrite 

New Submission

Regina Femrite added Funny pet print with a tipsy kitty to the contest!

7:07:10 AM

Liadi Bolaji 

New Submission

Liadi Bolaji added self portrait to the contest!

6:50:24 AM

JC Findley 

New Submission

JC Findley added The Republic Awakens to the contest!

6:22:19 AM

Linda Fowler 

New Submission

Linda Fowler added Ladybug and Tulip to the contest!

5:05:49 AM

Liz Molnar 

New Submission

Liz Molnar added Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to the contest!

4:21:18 AM

Fabio Reis 

New Submission

Fabio Reis added Retrato do Artista em Seu Estudio to the contest!

4:03:35 AM

Gayle Hartman 

New Submission

Gayle Hartman added Girl in a Field of Grass to the contest!

3:55:54 AM

Gabor Vida 

New Submission

Gabor Vida added Renault Alpine A110 to the contest!

2:48:09 AM

Tarun Sehdev 

New Submission

Tarun Sehdev added Spiritual to the contest!

2:08:26 AM

Marie De vita 

New Submission

Marie De vita added VILLA BALBIANELLO LAKE COMO to the contest!

1:56:51 AM

Sorin Apostolescu 

New Submission

Sorin Apostolescu added Early in The Morning to the contest!

1:16:09 AM

Kellie Prowse 

New Submission

Kellie Prowse added Malibu Sunset to the contest!

1:14:45 AM

Corina Bishop 

New Submission

Corina Bishop added Unanswered prayers to the contest!

12:55:07 AM

Mia DeLode 

New Submission

Mia DeLode added Flowers For Mom to the contest!

12:52:23 AM

Dion Halliday 

New Submission

Dion Halliday added Waterbuck doe to the contest!

12:48:33 AM

Jamie Frier 

New Submission

Jamie Frier added Vincent's Sunflowers to the contest!

12:31:01 AM

Deborah Holland 

New Submission

Deborah Holland added Achromatic to the contest!

11:40:55 PM

Jamey Balester 

New Submission

Jamey Balester added Red Eyed Tree Frog to the contest!

11:38:31 PM

Geoff Poole 

New Submission

Geoff Poole added Venetian Window to the contest!

11:32:52 PM

Russell Pierce 

New Submission

Russell Pierce added War of the Worlds to the contest!

11:23:42 PM

Ken Walker 

New Submission

Ken Walker added Leta to the contest!

11:21:16 PM

Amanda Wimsatt 

New Submission

Amanda Wimsatt added Growth to the contest!

11:17:50 PM

Peter Williams 

New Submission

Peter Williams added SEA GRASS to the contest!

10:03:16 PM

Ron Bissett 

New Submission

Ron Bissett added Twist of Orange to the contest!

10:01:10 PM

Amanda Burek 

New Submission

Amanda Burek added Rosie to the contest!

9:55:52 PM

Wil Golden 

New Submission

Wil Golden added Malcolm X to the contest!

9:51:18 PM

Linda Seacord 

New Submission

Linda Seacord added Social Media...The Future to the contest!

9:49:27 PM

Rita Tortorelli 

New Submission

Rita Tortorelli added Lifeguard on Duty to the contest!

9:16:16 PM

Dmytro Toptygin 

New Submission

Dmytro Toptygin added Morning Reflections to the contest!

8:49:01 PM

Zydrisch Silva 

New Submission

Zydrisch Silva added World at Reggae to the contest!

8:47:48 PM

Brook Steed 

New Submission

Brook Steed added Destination Unknown to the contest!

8:20:22 PM

Karen Conine 

New Submission

Karen Conine added Sunset Sail to the contest!

7:52:43 PM

Gerald Carpenter 

New Submission

Gerald Carpenter added Crabapple Bonsai in Bloom to the contest!

7:46:34 PM

Susan Plenzick 

New Submission

Susan Plenzick added Waterfall 8 to the contest!

7:38:10 PM

Larissa Holt 

New Submission

Larissa Holt added Tsunami to the contest!

7:24:31 PM

Frank Wilson 

New Submission

Frank Wilson added Napali Coast Of Kauai to the contest!

7:08:01 PM

Peg Runyan 

New Submission

Peg Runyan added Storm over AuSable River to the contest!

7:07:09 PM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Nubble Lighthouse One to the contest!

6:24:01 PM

Debbi Granruth 

New Submission

Debbi Granruth added Nice Ride to the contest!

6:20:50 PM

Melanie Bess 

New Submission

Melanie Bess added Autumn to the contest!

6:16:54 PM

Maria Joy 

New Submission

Maria Joy added Loch Awe to the contest!

6:05:18 PM

Robin Westenhiser 

New Submission

Robin Westenhiser added Sunshine Makes Me Happy to the contest!

5:37:12 PM

Geraldine Leahy 

New Submission

Geraldine Leahy added Blackberry Composition to the contest!

5:29:38 PM

Kristina Botelho 

New Submission

Kristina Botelho added Submarine to the contest!

5:23:52 PM

Valerie Ornstein 

New Submission

Valerie Ornstein added Ancient Olive Tree to the contest!

5:14:03 PM

Robert Lacy 

New Submission

Robert Lacy added The Tourists to the contest!

4:22:30 PM

Karolann Hoeltzle 

New Submission

Karolann Hoeltzle added Harlee In Progress to the contest!

4:12:30 PM

Irina Martjanova 

New Submission

Irina Martjanova added A lot... to the contest!

3:40:49 PM

Maurice Noble 

New Submission

Maurice Noble added Spirit to the contest!

3:16:26 PM

Linda Phelps 

New Submission

Linda Phelps added Colored Sketch of Peacock on a Wall to the contest!

2:52:00 PM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added First Kiss to the contest!

2:26:21 PM

JoNeL Art 

New Submission

JoNeL Art added Metallic Vases to the contest!

2:23:33 PM

Kim Selig 

New Submission

Kim Selig added Lobster Buoys to the contest!

2:17:41 PM

Samantha Geernaert 

New Submission

Samantha Geernaert added 1 Minute Miss Davis to the contest!

2:10:44 PM

Kate Boone 

New Submission

Kate Boone added Tomato Still Life to the contest!

2:08:29 PM

Ray Nixon 

New Submission

Ray Nixon added april at wastwater in the lakes to the contest!

2:05:11 PM

Cassandra Geernaert 

New Submission

Cassandra Geernaert added Pele to the contest!

2:00:05 PM

Kenneth Armand Johnson 

New Submission

Kenneth Armand Johnson added Divine Moment to the contest!

1:45:42 PM

Jill Smith 

New Submission

Jill Smith added Church on the Hill to the contest!

1:28:45 PM

Jim Thiesen 

New Submission

Jim Thiesen added In My Garden to the contest!

1:03:49 PM

Diane Pape 

New Submission

Diane Pape added Tropical Storm to the contest!

12:54:09 PM

Rosemarie Martindale 

New Submission

Rosemarie Martindale added Papi et Noemi 1 to the contest!

12:35:54 PM

Joan Norris 

New Submission

Joan Norris added Blue and Orange Landscape within another painting to the contest!

12:21:42 PM

William j Welke 

New Submission

William j Welke added Reach to the contest!

12:18:05 PM

Karin Dawn Kelshall- Best 

New Submission


11:18:28 AM

Timothy Olmstead 

New Submission

Timothy Olmstead added Indian Brook Waterfall to the contest!

11:12:26 AM

Rose Wark 

New Submission

Rose Wark added Kiroagi to the contest!

10:48:26 AM

Lorena Farias 

New Submission

Lorena Farias added Fashion girl to the contest!

10:43:15 AM

Rika Maja Duevel 

New Submission

Rika Maja Duevel added The internal freedom of dancing alone to the contest!

10:28:21 AM

Terry Hoss 

New Submission

Terry Hoss added Why to the contest!

10:28:15 AM

Lynn Bartholomew 

New Submission

Lynn Bartholomew added sleeping to the contest!

10:20:53 AM

Drew Castelhano 

New Submission

Drew Castelhano added Old City Jail to the contest!

9:57:32 AM

Jane Linders 

New Submission

Jane Linders added Polaroid perceptions to the contest!

9:52:06 AM

Cathy Mounts 

New Submission

Cathy Mounts added Hot Wheels to the contest!

9:09:05 AM

Gautam Chatterjee 

New Submission

Gautam Chatterjee added Blue Wave to the contest!

8:58:45 AM

Mark Hughes 

New Submission

Mark Hughes added The Tree to the contest!

8:58:28 AM

Andrew Pierce 

New Submission

Andrew Pierce added Still life with Wine Bottle to the contest!

8:33:43 AM

Christine Savino 

New Submission

Christine Savino added N. Fla Swamp to the contest!

7:49:44 AM

Arik Baltinester 

New Submission

Arik Baltinester added Welcome Summer to the contest!

7:29:21 AM

Vishal Mutakekar 

New Submission

Vishal Mutakekar added tree to the contest!

7:10:30 AM

Steve Hester 

New Submission

Steve Hester added Next Move to the contest!

6:34:46 AM

Madhu Kuruva 

New Submission

Madhu Kuruva added Flying thoughts to the contest!

5:26:18 AM

Maraleen Jonker-Arangies 

New Submission

Maraleen Jonker-Arangies added Stop the Violence to the contest!

4:18:16 AM

Chrissy Gibbs 

New Submission

Chrissy Gibbs added Diamonds in the Sand to the contest!

3:34:13 AM

Dharmesh Prajapati 

New Submission

Dharmesh Prajapati added Love - Play The Push to the contest!

3:29:49 AM

Shannon Workman 

New Submission

Shannon Workman added Metamorphosis to the contest!

3:05:40 AM

Vsevolod Poliohin 

New Submission

Vsevolod Poliohin added Phoenix to the contest!

2:33:46 AM

Justyna Pastuszka 

New Submission

Justyna Pastuszka added Vidriera de los pensamientos to the contest!