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4:58:40 PM

Natalie Holland 

New Submission

Natalie Holland added Red Roses to the contest!

4:52:06 PM

Michael Pickett 

New Submission

Michael Pickett added The Potter to the contest!

4:45:21 PM

Barbara Keith 

New Submission

Barbara Keith added Delicate Belle to the contest!

4:02:04 PM

Caroline Street 

New Submission

Caroline Street added Creation Sixth Day. Earth Creatures Man Woman to the contest!

3:37:15 PM

Denise Hopkins 

New Submission

Denise Hopkins added Damaged Heart to the contest!

3:31:57 PM

AmaS Art 

New Submission

AmaS Art added The Music Never Stopped to the contest!

2:27:53 PM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Loving hands to the contest!

2:00:24 PM

Meaghan Troup 

New Submission

Meaghan Troup added He Walks with Me to the contest!

12:50:39 PM


New Submission

FineArt4Walls added The Beatles to the contest!

12:29:30 PM

Marco Antonio Aguilar 

New Submission

Marco Antonio Aguilar added That's My Mom to the contest!

12:24:56 PM


New Submission

Artshop77 added Window to Paradise Beach to the contest!

11:37:37 AM

Michael Parsons 

New Submission

Michael Parsons added Riding Watch to the contest!

10:53:08 AM

Carla Sa Fernandes 

New Submission

Carla Sa Fernandes added Moving On to the contest!

10:46:49 AM

Mariusz Zawadzki 

New Submission

Mariusz Zawadzki added path not for public use II another way to the contest!

10:45:58 AM

Melly Terpening 

New Submission

Melly Terpening added The End Of Wonderful Day to the contest!

10:10:30 AM

Michael Allen Wolfe 

New Submission

Michael Allen Wolfe added Guava to the contest!

10:09:14 AM

William Albanese Sr 

New Submission

William Albanese Sr added The Blue Granite Dipper to the contest!

8:44:08 AM

Katherine Shemeld 

New Submission

Katherine Shemeld added St. Nikolaus Church to the contest!

8:30:40 AM

Sheila Diemert 

New Submission

Sheila Diemert added African Mother and Child to the contest!

8:09:24 AM

James W Johnson 

New Submission

James W Johnson added Principled to the contest!

7:57:54 AM

Rachel Hershkovitz 

New Submission

Rachel Hershkovitz added Old Woman in the street sitting near a tree on a bench looking sad and tired to the contest!

4:39:21 AM

Victoria Tekhtilova 

New Submission

Victoria Tekhtilova added heart lyrics to the contest!

4:24:36 AM

Caron Sloan Zuger 

New Submission

Caron Sloan Zuger added Dancers - 18 to the contest!

3:59:17 AM

Cliff Spohn 

New Submission

Cliff Spohn added Bust Ted - With Sawdust And Tinsel to the contest!

3:27:05 AM

Paulette Ingersoll 

New Submission

Paulette Ingersoll added Manic Days to the contest!

2:33:47 AM

Patricia Januszkiewicz 

New Submission

Patricia Januszkiewicz added Blue Bird to the contest!

2:03:36 AM

Belita William 

New Submission

Belita William added Renaissance Dancer to the contest!

1:53:49 AM

Anthony Citro 

New Submission

Anthony Citro added Crimson Night to the contest!

1:02:14 AM

Masami Iida 

New Submission

MASAMI IIDA added Ryuzu Waterfall to the contest!

12:49:46 AM

Gerald Carpenter 

New Submission

Gerald Carpenter added Provincetown MA to the contest!

12:24:39 AM

Karl Seitinger 

New Submission

Karl Seitinger added Stillleben im Atelier to the contest!

11:59:56 PM

Barbara McMahon 

New Submission

Barbara McMahon added Swan Nebula to the contest!

11:51:20 PM

Micheal Jones 

New Submission

Micheal Jones added Fishing Boats to the contest!

11:31:52 PM

Carolyn LeGrand 

New Submission

Carolyn LeGrand added Faint Of Heart to the contest!

10:34:34 PM

Yvonne Johnstone 

New Submission

Yvonne Johnstone added Sunflowers In Copper to the contest!

10:33:55 PM

Jim Fitzpatrick 

New Submission

Jim Fitzpatrick added Muhammad Ali Formerly Cassius Clay to the contest!

8:13:36 PM

Penny Birch-Williams 

New Submission

Penny Birch-Williams added Redwood Forest Path to the contest!

8:07:18 PM

Lisa A Bello 

New Submission

Lisa A Bello added Bass Lessons Blues to the contest!

8:03:57 PM

Kristine Plum 

New Submission

Kristine Plum added Bridle Path to the contest!

7:02:26 PM

Cynthia Roudebush 

New Submission

Cynthia Roudebush added Passageway of History at the Alamo to the contest!

6:37:34 PM

Joyce Jackson 

New Submission

Joyce Jackson added Vision Quest to the contest!

6:31:27 PM

Rosie Sherman 

New Submission

Rosie Sherman added Drinking Alone to the contest!

6:08:26 PM

David Larsen 

New Submission

David Larsen added Gnocchetti to the contest!

5:55:26 PM

Pamela Iris Harden 

New Submission

Pamela Iris Harden added Picasso Fish to the contest!

5:17:51 PM

Oksana Zotkina 

New Submission

Oksana Zotkina added Warming Light to the contest!

4:26:18 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Morning has Broken to the contest!

3:59:06 PM

Olga R 

New Submission

Olga R added A butterfly to the contest!

3:32:09 PM

Laura Vizbule 

New Submission

Laura Vizbule added Network to the contest!

3:05:04 PM

Andee Design 

New Submission

Andee Design added Burger Me to the contest!

2:41:17 PM

Victoria Sheridan 

New Submission

Victoria Sheridan added La vertical to the contest!

2:29:15 PM

Bav Patel 

New Submission

Bav Patel added Me and My Hubby to the contest!

1:35:59 PM

Allen Forrest 

New Submission

Allen Forrest added Manhattan Beach II to the contest!

1:32:34 PM

Linda Simon 

New Submission

Linda Simon added Capturing the Light to the contest!

12:26:22 PM

Kelly ZumBerge 

New Submission

Kelly ZumBerge added Blue Morpho Butterfly on Zebra to the contest!

12:18:13 PM

Wayne Ligon 

New Submission

Wayne Ligon added High Country to the contest!

11:46:36 AM

Piotr Antonow 

New Submission

Piotr Antonow added Portrait of a young woman - detail to the contest!

11:38:57 AM

Steve Karol 

New Submission

Steve Karol added Evening Lake to the contest!

11:33:10 AM

Terrance Prysiazniuk 

New Submission

Terrance Prysiazniuk added Killer to the contest!

10:04:23 AM

Marwan George Khoury 

New Submission

Marwan George Khoury added Chubby in Dreamland to the contest!

9:45:56 AM

Kevin Kelly 

New Submission

Kevin Kelly added IT'S NOT RIPE YET to the contest!

8:45:44 AM

Fli Art 

New Submission

Fli Art added Jazz Infusion to the contest!

8:08:37 AM

Joy Bradley 

New Submission

Joy Bradley added Lakota Bison Skull to the contest!

6:28:10 AM

Katherine Berlin 

New Submission

Katherine Berlin added The Mill House to the contest!

5:48:42 AM

Paula Brown 

New Submission

Paula Brown added Spring on River to the contest!

3:18:51 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Winchester Fountain to the contest!

3:02:04 AM

Talya Johnson 

New Submission

Talya Johnson added Almost Ready to the contest!

2:53:36 AM

Nop Briex 

New Submission

Nop Briex added Concours hippique in Dutch tulip field to the contest!

1:37:48 AM

Margaret Saheed 

New Submission

Margaret Saheed added A Desert Dweller to the contest!

11:12:45 PM

Paco Leal 

New Submission

Paco Leal added Sean to the contest!

10:29:07 PM

Vsevolod Poliohin 

New Submission

Vsevolod Poliohin added Judgment Day to the contest!

10:22:47 PM

Charlie Bell 

New Submission

Charlie Bell added A View from Here to the contest!

9:58:12 PM

Helena Bebirian 

New Submission

Helena Bebirian added A Poem Lovely As A Tree to the contest!

9:23:34 PM

Susan Richardson 

New Submission

Susan Richardson added The Man to the contest!

8:20:35 PM

Karyn Robinson 

New Submission

Karyn Robinson added Cactus Close Up to the contest!

6:50:52 PM

Shana Rowe Jackson 

New Submission

Shana Rowe Jackson added Morning in the Mountains to the contest!

6:49:05 PM

Lisa Kramer 

New Submission

Lisa Kramer added Seahorse Surprise to the contest!

6:31:10 PM

Eileen Patten Oliver 

New Submission

Eileen Patten Oliver added Annisquam Light to the contest!

6:21:29 PM

Evolve And Express 

New Submission

Evolve And Express added Creating your Life to the contest!

5:50:17 PM

Brenda Owen 

New Submission

Brenda Owen added Winter Light to the contest!

5:08:42 PM

Deana Smith 

New Submission

Deana Smith added Showlow Arizona to the contest!

4:39:02 PM

MM Anderson 

New Submission

MM Anderson added Maple Leaves in Autumn to the contest!

2:02:19 PM

Jenny Armitage 

New Submission

Jenny Armitage added New Orleans Reeds to the contest!

1:11:49 PM

Cassinda Downey 

New Submission

Cassinda Downey added Dreaming with Vance to the contest!

1:10:48 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added Sophies Hydrangeas to the contest!

12:53:54 PM

Glenda Barrett 

New Submission

Glenda Barrett added A Good Fishing Day to the contest!

12:05:16 PM

Oliver Johnston 

New Submission

Oliver Johnston added Very Cherry to the contest!

11:45:47 AM

Tracy L Teeter 

New Submission

Tracy L Teeter added Negotiations to the contest!

11:32:46 AM

Diana Besser 

New Submission

Diana Besser added Forest Rider to the contest!

11:23:14 AM

Anna Bronwyn Foley 

New Submission

Anna Bronwyn Foley added Great Blue Heron to the contest!

11:23:05 AM

Susan A Becker 

New Submission

Susan A Becker added Sleeping Beauty to the contest!

10:41:59 AM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Tippin II to the contest!

10:13:17 AM

Jan Prewett 

New Submission

Jan Prewett added Cosmo 2 to the contest!

9:59:15 AM

Samantha L 

New Submission

Samantha L added Millie to the contest!

9:49:10 AM

Kiril Stanchev 

New Submission

Kiril Stanchev added Flight over Florence to the contest!

8:21:11 AM

Carol Blackhurst 

New Submission

Carol Blackhurst added Droplets to the contest!

3:27:17 AM

Elisheva Nesis 

New Submission

Elisheva Nesis added WIND OF TIME to the contest!

3:05:10 AM

Itzhak Richter 

New Submission

Itzhak Richter added Simplicity to the contest!

2:24:38 AM

Jukka Nopsanen 

New Submission

Jukka Nopsanen added Eternal Things to the contest!

2:01:05 AM

Barron Holland 

New Submission

Barron Holland added Motion 4 to the contest!

11:51:28 PM

Lindsay Mangham 

New Submission

Lindsay Mangham added Cherry Blossom to the contest!