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KEEPING the BUZzz-Golden Light - Indigo Shadows ALL MediaWhat’s the BUZzz” Most Media BLOG SERIES has morphed several times thru esoterica (principles and elements, aesthetics, the six fundamental questions) …next evolution?
“KEEPING The BUZzz” blog series is HERE to STAY! You asked..I said YES!…and….
Member moderators are exploring variations on SIX thought provoking Topic threads ANYtime in…Our new…ARTIST BUZzz Group…an edgy space for YOUR intrashares!

OUR New GROUP is now hosting its fifth, September 12, 2021, contest: “KEEPING the BUZzz- “Golden Light-Indigo Shadows” - ALL Media.
I have always loved the seasonal changes…especially Autumn:…the flowers, trees (leafing, coloration, denudation), seasonal foods, sweaters and slacks…and the LIGHT…OHhhh, the Light: turning from: muted white and pale yellow TO: saffron, gold, fiery orange and crimson palettes … dancing ALONGSIDE: her tall indigo’d or Purply SHADOW partners!! If Winter offers the stark white canvas, Spring delicately delights and Summer blinds, …Autumn…sets rich Jeweled Colours in fiery Golden Blaze …leaving a wake of indigo or purply trail!
This is the PASSION I am looking for YOU to enter!

PLEASE SUBMIT: FOUR (4) entries showcasing NATURE’s GOLDen LIGHT against INDIGO SHADOWS…
Think breathtaking skies and fiery mountainsides, dappled forest paths and ocean waves carrying fiery sunsets on molten tidal stretches…and so on.
(I am already thinking poetry might be involved for me…another HAIKU for your portfolio?? Remember the syllabic rhythm…5…7….5…. OR…be FEARLESS and write poems of YOUR RHYTHM, as you wish!)

PLEASE VISIT: the Contest Discussion Tab to share your most emPASSIONed AUTUMNal Shares of GOLDen LIGHT and INDIGO’d SHADOWs…in prose? poetry? haiku?
FEEL…your way into the FIERY BLAZE of NATURE in her most SPECTACULAR Glory!…Pen your BUZzz in the poetic FEEL of Fiery AUTUMN Moment! Is it just me…or is it Warm all of a sudden?…:-)

NEED EXAMPLES?....SEE my Entries…READ my contest discussion thread…I would LOVE to see YOUR visions and hear YOUR voices.

A few tips for Posting to the contest discussion: ...TAP for iPad..Go to your Selected contest entry image and SCROLL below your description box to EMBED CODE, TAP EMBED+ TAP COPY...RETURN to and TAP this contest discussion TAB. TAP on Post REPLY. TELL US YOUR BEHIND THE SCENES BUZzz. TAP and PASTE YOUR IMAGE. Repeat the process to add other images. (This is how one posts featured images to the group discussion too!!...YAY! That one took me many months to figure out...shhh!- don’t tell..:-)


YOU asked for it!! CHECK OUT …Our newly launched group!! YAY!
The ARTIST BUZzz!!… copy paste link below to view in the url box at the page top:

Please check out the overview, JOIN, UPLOAD your best images and VISIT the TOPIC THREADS! Enjoy and BE creative,

Submission Rules

Each participant may submit 4 images.

Voting Rules

1)   You must be a member of FineArtAmerica.com in order to cast votes in this contest.   Your account must have been active at least 30 days prior to the start of the contest in order to vote.

2)   You may only vote once per image.

3)   You may vote for as many images as you like... but only once for any given image.

Contest Timeline

Status: Now Accepting Submissions (7 Hours Remaining)

Submissions Begin

Sunday, September 12th, 2021 - 4:05 PM

Submissions End / Voting Begins

Sunday, September 19th, 2021 - 4:05 PM

Voting Ends / Prizes Awarded

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 - 4:05 PM

Current Time (Eastern United States)

Sunday, September 19th, 2021 - 8:11 AM

Contest Prizes

This contest is just for fun.   The prize is knowing that you won... and hopefully introducing someone new to your artwork!

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Laurel Adams

Danville, KY

United States

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