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Contest - May 2013 Light House Images Contest






11:06:34 PM

Susan Richardson 

New Submission

Susan Richardson added St George Light to the contest!

9:27:52 PM

Kim Andelkovic 

New Submission

Kim Andelkovic added Cape Otway to the contest!

7:19:37 PM

Brian Johnson 

New Submission

Brian Johnson added Ponce de Leon Lighthouse in the distance to the contest!

7:05:56 PM

Miso Jovicic 

New Submission

Miso Jovicic added Lighthouse to the contest!

12:59:50 PM

Amazing Jules 

New Submission

Amazing Jules added Bug Light to the contest!

10:48:18 AM

Laurel Powell 

New Submission

Laurel Powell added Point Reyes and the Pacific Ocean to the contest!

8:38:02 AM

Barbara Walsh 

New Submission

Barbara Walsh added Dingle Lighthouse to the contest!

8:35:46 AM

Barbara Giuliano 

New Submission

Barbara Giuliano added Lighthouse to the contest!

11:44:57 PM

Anne Norskog 

New Submission

Anne Norskog added Point Robinson With Shoreline Detail 2013 to the contest!

10:05:56 PM

Claudio Bacinello 

New Submission

Claudio Bacinello added Strait of Georgia to the contest!

11:09:41 PM

Ella Char 

New Submission

Ella Char added Southern Lighthouse to the contest!

10:53:06 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added Desanzano Lighthouse and Marina on Southern coast of Lake Garda Italy to the contest!

9:29:40 AM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

Sally Weigand added Jupiter Lighthouse to the contest!

12:22:10 AM

David Rucker 

New Submission

David Rucker added Key West Lighthouse Lens to the contest!

11:49:49 PM

Keith Stokes 

New Submission

Keith Stokes added Egmont Key Light to the contest!

10:14:24 PM

Photographic Arts And Design Studio 

New Submission

Photographic Arts And Design Studio added Assateague Light to the contest!

9:59:13 PM

Donna Basile 

New Submission

Donna Basile added Scituate Light to the contest!

12:31:33 PM

Paul Fell 

New Submission

Paul Fell added Lighthouse to the contest!

5:10:48 PM

Melissa McCrann 

New Submission

Melissa McCrann added Island Lighthouse to the contest!

4:11:08 PM

Tammy Bullard 

New Submission

Tammy Bullard added Province town Lighthouse to the contest!

11:34:54 PM

Jeff Heimlich 

New Submission

Jeff Heimlich added Thatcher Island to the contest!

10:20:55 PM

Daniel Dempster 

New Submission

Daniel Dempster added Wisconsin Point Lighthouse - FS000216 to the contest!

3:09:36 PM

Nan Wright 

New Submission

Nan Wright added Split Rock Lighthouse was a Beacon to Sailors to the contest!

1:21:59 PM

Robert McCubbin 

New Submission

Robert McCubbin added Poifeckly Plumb to the contest!

9:06:46 AM

Gary Rieks 

New Submission

Gary Rieks added Duluth Harbor Lighthouse to the contest!

6:54:22 AM

Laura Lee Zanghetti 

New Submission

Laura Lee Zanghetti added Boston Skyline to the contest!

3:52:13 AM

Michael Cryer 

New Submission

Michael Cryer added Portland Head Light to the contest!

11:10:10 PM

Andrew Craig 

New Submission

Andrew Craig added Fire Island Light to the contest!

7:15:10 PM

Cathy Lindsey 

New Submission

Cathy Lindsey added Restoration of Bodie Lighthouse to the contest!

6:04:44 PM

Richard Bean 

New Submission

Richard Bean added Pond Island Light to the contest!

5:54:42 PM

Michelle Nixon 

New Submission

Michelle Nixon added Sunset at Old Barney to the contest!

4:15:49 PM

Arterra Picture Library 

New Submission

Arterra Picture Library added 121213p127 to the contest!

1:33:36 PM

Kathleen Struckle 

New Submission

Kathleen Struckle added Bear Island Lighthouse to the contest!

12:19:21 PM

Ann Horn 

New Submission

Ann Horn added Lingering Light to the contest!

12:17:04 PM

Kevin Croitz 

New Submission

Kevin Croitz added Tibbetts Point Light to the contest!

12:05:11 PM

Dan Carmichael 

New Submission

Dan Carmichael added Reflections of Bodie Lighthouse- Outer Banks I to the contest!

11:24:12 AM

Lee Piper 

New Submission

Lee Piper added Copper Harbor Lighthouse to the contest!

11:12:48 AM

Valerie Garner 

New Submission

Valerie Garner added Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment Washington to the contest!

10:54:28 AM

John Black 

New Submission

John Black added Boca Grande Rear Range Light House to the contest!

9:43:46 AM

Eileen Patten Oliver 

New Submission

Eileen Patten Oliver added Supermoon Rising over Thacher Island to the contest!

9:34:23 AM

Jerry Fornarotto 

New Submission

Jerry Fornarotto added Portland Head Light to the contest!

9:16:02 AM

Laurel Butkins 

New Submission

Laurel Butkins added Currituck Beach Lighthouse to the contest!

9:05:07 AM

Bill Hubbard 

New Submission

Bill Hubbard added Eagle Isle Light in Casco Bay Maine to the contest!

8:46:26 AM

Nancy Patterson 

New Submission

Nancy Patterson added A Garden For All Ages to the contest!

8:11:45 AM

Troy Stapek 

New Submission

Troy Stapek added North Shore Lighthouse in the Fog to the contest!

7:39:15 AM

Bob and Nancy Kendrick 

New Submission

Bob and Nancy Kendrick added Barnegat Lighthouse to the contest!

7:24:04 AM

Thompson Gallery 

New Submission

Thompson Gallery added Nassau Harbor Lighthouse to the contest!

7:10:14 AM

Jane McIlroy 

New Submission

Jane McIlroy added Fanad Head Lighthouse to the contest!