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People Asking For Votes.

Posted by: Ian Merton on 05/17/2013 - 3:06 PM

I find it amazing that people are trying to find people to vote for them for a vote in return.
My method is to look through the images and select the images that I think deserves to get my vote,
I would rather have honest votes on my pictures rather than false ones.

Good luck to you all.


Posted by: Marcia Colelli on 05/17/2013 - 3:19 PM

Ian, everyone would love to have the honest votes.

I just found out this morning that everyone is going for the votes on this contest. When you have to reach 250 votes to be considered for the Juried contest it is a little overwhelming. Especially when you are pretty new to the site and do not know many people.

Also, it says that you can have your friends and family voting which is another obstacle when some do not have a FB account and are not members of FAA. They do not want to create accounts to just come in and vote for me.

So, you need to do what the rest is doing to try and keep up.. I know the best images will not even get near the top of the list but I also realize this is the way they run this type of contest.

By joining in on the voting for each other you do get to see others work instead of trying to go through 1000's of photos. If I have any votes left I will try to do that towards the end of the contest.


Posted by: Brenda Brown on 05/17/2013 - 8:06 PM

I agree with Marcia, there is no way anyone could reach 250 votes since not even the public can go in and honestly vote for what they like! So if you cannot have the support of your family, friends and colleagues outside of FAA we have no choice but to solicit votes from within FAA. I would love nothing more to see it juried right from step one so that the pictures are being chosen because of their beauty and not because of how well you can market yourself with FAA and how many people you know within FAA. Perhaps they will change it in future? I to know very little people so going this route gives me hope of perhaps making it to the next round and helps me to see other peoples work within FAA and find new acquaintances to keep in touch with in our future at FAA.


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