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Appealing To Your Conscience.

Posted by: Gary Holmes on 05/18/2013 - 11:36 PM

This has been my first foray into the annual TV contest. I have duly reciprocated on votes for my three posts, and have used up all my 100 votes. It is an unfortunate mathematical fact that 250 is quite a bit greater than 100, especially with votes scattered across my three entries (lesson learned for next year), so this one-for-one voting scheme has left me far short. By doing this, I have been voting for many photos that really have no chance of being selected by a judge as a finalist, therefore depriving a more worthy entry of a well-earned vote (another lesson learned).

I don't have a massive social media following like some people appear to have voting for them, so I am now humbly pleading, hat in hand on one knee, for people to at least look at my most likely candidate to make 250 (thumbnail attached):

Please consider the value of your remaining votes, and if you think this entry should make it through, I would appreciate your help. If you have a spare vote, anyone, please look at it and if you think it is worthy of the judges' consideration on its own merits, please consider voting for it.

I can no longer reciprocate your vote on the TV contest without cancelling a vote for someone else, but if you let me know you voted, I vow that I will express my great appreciation by looking through your main FAA page in the next week or two and voting for several of your posted works. If I really like your work, I will vote for more and probably add you to my watch list.


Posted by: Colleen Williams on 05/19/2013 - 2:23 AM

Hi Gary, so here's what I did... I like this photo, so I've voted for it--I'm your vote 55--since this is where you wish to put your efforts. I think that is a good call, to choose just one photo to campaign for. I canceled my vote for Industrial Light (I think that was the title?), since I have few votes left and am only giving you one vote. I think that's fair. I wish you luck with this one and yes, getting 250 votes is really, REALLY difficult. I'm not sure I will make it either. If you like mine, please vote for it... my votes seem to be puttering out... here's my link... Good luck, Gary. Colleen


Posted by: Jasna Buncic on 05/19/2013 - 7:58 AM

Hi Gary, I think you said yesterday that you voted on mine so now I've checked and I have voted on your Resistance already.

Hope you make it, you and me both! I'm on 60+ votes only.

Good luck,



Posted by: Gary Holmes on 05/19/2013 - 9:51 AM

Colleen, thank you for your vote, and yes, I am essentially giving up on the other two, so cancelling your vote on the other one is perfectly reasonable. Use your votes well. I had already voted on your entry, and VFed and commented on its main page in addition. You have about 3 times as many votes as I have, so I hope you reach the 250. Your entry deserves it.

Jasna, you and I are in the same boat, unfortunately. It appears that this contest is specifically designed to select entries only from those who already have established large followings, which ensures that a large number of worthy entries, from photographers who really could use the visibility, will never make it in for consideration. Not at all equitable from our end. I am really at a loss as to how to get more support. I don't have much time to spend, and so far, my efforts have not yielded much, so I am close to chalking this up as experience and moving on. If I get the votes by the end of June, I will be rather amazed but thankful for the support. Good luck.


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