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Contest - Photography of a single tree






10:27:02 AM

Wendell Thompson 

New Submission

Wendell Thompson added Morning in the Meadow to the contest!

10:19:27 AM

Don Schwartz 

New Submission

Don Schwartz added Enlightened Tree to the contest!

10:08:04 AM

Richard Verkuyl 

New Submission

Richard Verkuyl added Clouds moving in to the contest!

9:59:21 AM

Brian Harig 

New Submission

Brian Harig added Wind Blown Tree to the contest!

9:33:17 AM

Tracey Williams 

New Submission

Tracey Williams added The Chapel Lane to the contest!

9:31:55 AM

David Letts 

New Submission

David Letts added Divi Tree of Aruba to the contest!

9:26:20 AM

Jim Sauchyn 

New Submission

Jim Sauchyn added Aspen tree in meadow with wild flowers to the contest!

9:20:35 AM

George Jones 

New Submission

George Jones added Lone Tree to the contest!

9:13:42 AM

Regina McLeroy 

New Submission

Regina McLeroy added Heart with Soul to the contest!

9:09:57 AM

Robert Woodward 

New Submission

Robert Woodward added Tree Fog Sunrise to the contest!

8:44:31 AM

RL Rucker 

New Submission

RL Rucker added Gnarled and Gnarly to the contest!

8:42:19 AM

Terry Rowe 

New Submission

Terry Rowe added Grand Old Tree to the contest!

8:39:33 AM

Maj Seda 

New Submission

Maj Seda added Lonely Low Tree to the contest!

8:36:46 AM

Erik Tanghe 

New Submission

Erik Tanghe added Rays of light to the contest!

8:28:32 AM

Nigel Fletcher-Jones 

New Submission

Nigel Fletcher-Jones added Shenandoah to the contest!

8:27:43 AM

Mike Nellums 

New Submission

Mike Nellums added Cemetery and Tree to the contest!

8:22:01 AM

Cheryl Cencich 

New Submission

Cheryl Cencich added Colorado tree to the contest!

8:17:03 AM

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene 

New Submission

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene added Winter Tree to the contest!

7:51:31 AM

Paul Wear 

New Submission

Paul Wear added La Casa Blanca to the contest!

7:37:31 AM

Celine Pollard 

New Submission

Celine Pollard added Sally Gap Tree to the contest!

7:30:23 AM

Robert Bales 

New Submission

Robert Bales added Layered Sunrise to the contest!

7:17:44 AM

Cheryl Baxter 

New Submission

Cheryl Baxter added Cold in Sepia to the contest!

7:10:50 AM

Gregory Scott 

New Submission

Gregory Scott added Joshua Tree to the contest!

7:06:55 AM

Ginger Harris 

New Submission

Ginger Harris added Gnarley Tree to the contest!

6:41:42 AM

Shirley Mitchell 

New Submission

Shirley Mitchell added Lone Sentinel to the contest!

1:53:40 AM

Snapshot Studio 

New Submission

Snapshot Studio added Flaming Fall to the contest!

1:50:13 AM

Chris Anderson 

New Submission

Chris Anderson added Am I Blue? to the contest!

1:30:19 AM

Valarie Davis 

New Submission

Valarie Davis added Snow Tree to the contest!

1:16:41 AM

Ramona Johnston 

New Submission

Ramona Johnston added Montana Maple to the contest!

12:58:47 AM

PaTer Customs 

New Submission

PaTer Customs added Standing Alone to the contest!

12:33:08 AM

Tammy Ishmael - Eizman 

New Submission

Tammy Ishmael - Eizman added untitled to the contest!

12:16:58 AM

Janice Spivey 

New Submission

Janice Spivey added cades cove to the contest!

11:58:14 PM

Lori Ulatowski 

New Submission

Lori Ulatowski added winter blues to the contest!

11:52:34 PM

DD Edmison 

New Submission

DD Edmison added Solitude to the contest!

11:52:21 PM

Mike McGlothlen 

New Submission

Mike McGlothlen added Shade Tree Panoramic to the contest!

11:39:01 PM

Daniel Furon 

New Submission

Daniel Furon added Lands End to the contest!

11:29:11 PM

Mindy Bench 

New Submission

Mindy Bench added Tree of Life to the contest!

10:49:42 PM

Mary Deal 

New Submission

Mary Deal added Rubber Tree to the contest!

10:49:23 PM

Scott Lenhart 

New Submission

Scott Lenhart added Zen Moment Between Boulder And Tree to the contest!

10:14:19 PM

Inge Johnsson 

New Submission

Inge Johnsson added Kipahulu Banyan Tree to the contest!

10:10:10 PM

Bobbie Climer 

New Submission

Bobbie Climer added Fire Dance to the contest!

9:42:11 PM

Jonathan Barnes 

New Submission

Jonathan Barnes added Moon Sets as Sun Rises to the contest!

9:31:58 PM

Kathy Gibbons 

New Submission

Kathy Gibbons added Bare Bark In Blue to the contest!

9:21:51 PM

Susan Wyman 

New Submission

Susan Wyman added The Knobby Tree to the contest!

8:54:23 PM

Allison Walker 

New Submission

Allison Walker added Lonely Tree to the contest!

8:53:08 PM

Robert Rhoads 

New Submission

Robert Rhoads added Lone Oak Hangin with the Moon and that Lazy ol Sun to the contest!

8:39:40 PM

Karen M Scovill 

New Submission

Karen M Scovill added Arms Wide Open to the contest!

8:20:37 PM

Arlene Carmel 

New Submission

Arlene Carmel added Look Up to the contest!

6:44:30 PM

Corrie Knerr 

New Submission

Corrie Knerr added Mountain Sun Set to the contest!

6:18:02 PM

Penny Meyers 

New Submission

Penny Meyers added Frost Covered Lone Tree to the contest!

5:16:58 PM

Elaine Haakenson 

New Submission

Elaine Haakenson added Lone Palm Tree Dubrovnik to the contest!

4:51:54 PM

Chris Berry 

New Submission

Chris Berry added Fall Watercolor to the contest!

4:20:51 PM

Ronnie Glover 

New Submission

Ronnie Glover added Winter Day to the contest!

4:17:12 PM

Tikvah's Hope 

New Submission

Tikvah's Hope added Bare Branches with Snow to the contest!

3:24:01 PM

Jamie Russell 

New Submission

Jamie Russell added Erie Tree to the contest!

3:10:34 PM

Hannes Cmarits 

New Submission

Hannes Cmarits added finest fall to the contest!

2:58:35 PM

Ricky Barnard 

New Submission

Ricky Barnard added Monochrome Mojave to the contest!

2:57:48 PM

Sharon Costa 

New Submission

Sharon Costa added Winters Freeze to the contest!

2:35:01 PM

John Carncross 

New Submission

John Carncross added Alien Sunset to the contest!

2:33:42 PM

Kevin Fortier 

New Submission

Kevin Fortier added Ice Tree to the contest!

2:33:06 PM

Shane Bechler 

New Submission

Shane Bechler added Uprooted Beauty to the contest!

2:27:01 PM

Trudy Brodkin Storace 

New Submission

Trudy Brodkin Storace added Young Female Papaya Tree to the contest!

2:14:09 PM

Paul Mashburn 

New Submission

Paul Mashburn added The Old Beech to the contest!

2:11:43 PM

John Greim 

New Submission

John Greim added Healthy Tree to the contest!

2:03:27 PM

Chris Andruskiewicz 

New Submission

Chris Andruskiewicz added Tree Alone Lights to the contest!

1:15:29 PM

David Clark 

New Submission

David Clark added Stately Tree to the contest!

12:31:15 PM

Teresa Dixon 

New Submission

Teresa Dixon added Up in the Trees to the contest!

12:29:26 PM

Lana Enderle 

New Submission

Lana Enderle added Oak tree to the contest!

11:54:17 AM

Emily Lambert 

New Submission

Emily Lambert added Ripe Peaches to the contest!

11:38:53 AM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

Sally Weigand added bald cypress tree knees to the contest!

11:12:11 AM

Wendi Matson 

New Submission

Wendi Matson added Climbing to New Hopes to the contest!

11:04:46 AM

Kathy Ricca 

New Submission

Kathy Ricca added Foggy Morning to the contest!

10:45:17 AM

Tamera James 

New Submission

Tamera James added Lone Tree to the contest!

10:37:46 AM

Merridy Jeffery 

New Submission

Merridy Jeffery added Winter Paper-Bark Birch to the contest!

10:26:29 AM

Carly Donohue 

New Submission

Carly Donohue added Hyde Park Perth WA to the contest!

10:13:16 AM

Joe Fernandez 

New Submission

Joe Fernandez added Fall Colors to the contest!

10:07:47 AM

Sherrie Winstead 

New Submission

Sherrie Winstead added Mesquit tree Strawn TX to the contest!

9:57:21 AM

Taylan Apukovska 

New Submission

Taylan Apukovska added Waltz of a tree to the contest!

9:43:47 AM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Golden Sunset... to the contest!

9:37:15 AM

Jennifer Perdue 

New Submission

Jennifer Perdue added Tree to the contest!

9:33:13 AM

Val Oconnor 

New Submission

VAL OCONNOR added Puff Tree to the contest!

9:15:41 AM

Kay Gilley 

New Submission

Kay Gilley added Hugged by a Tree to the contest!

8:23:32 AM

Scott Pellegrin 

New Submission

Scott Pellegrin added Dream Tree to the contest!

7:35:27 AM

The Creative Minds Art and Photography 

New Submission

The Creative Minds Art and Photography added Nirvana to the contest!

7:18:55 AM

Christine Savino 

New Submission

Christine Savino added Nature's Cross to the contest!

5:20:32 AM

Steve McKinzie 

New Submission

Steve McKinzie added Tree of Beauty to the contest!

3:19:33 AM

Ron Javorsky 

New Submission

Ron Javorsky added Joshua Tree Mr. Skinny to the contest!

1:19:45 AM

Michael Courtney 

New Submission

Michael Courtney added Blocking The Sun to the contest!

1:17:27 AM

Kathy Bassett 

New Submission

Kathy Bassett added Snow Tree to the contest!

12:15:18 AM

Diana Martinez 

New Submission

Diana Martinez added Hill Country Oddity to the contest!

11:51:09 PM

Douglas Taylor 

New Submission

Douglas Taylor added BARE TREE AT SUNSET to the contest!

11:43:46 PM

Fred Gramoso 

New Submission

Fred Gramoso added Tropical Tree to the contest!

11:39:31 PM

Carolyn Donnell 

New Submission

Carolyn Donnell added Tree Dreams to the contest!

11:17:36 PM

Colleen Kammerer 

New Submission

Colleen Kammerer added November Chill to the contest!

10:50:30 PM

Mark McReynolds 

New Submission

Mark McReynolds added Lonely Tree to the contest!

10:43:05 PM

Monte Arnold 

New Submission

Monte Arnold added Individuality to the contest!

10:32:58 PM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added White flowering crabapple tree to the contest!

10:21:03 PM

Maureen Kyle 

New Submission

Maureen Kyle added Touching the Moon to the contest!

10:17:35 PM

Cynthia Lassiter 

New Submission

Cynthia Lassiter added The Journey to the contest!

10:17:29 PM

Sean Allen 

New Submission

Sean Allen added The View Through the Branches to the contest!