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Contest - Portrait Drawings of People done with Charcoal






1:55:40 PM

Stacy C Bottoms 

New Submission

Stacy C Bottoms added Self Portrait by Stacy C Bottoms to the contest!

10:59:09 AM

Gerald Strine 

New Submission

Gerald Strine added Girl with a pearl earring to the contest!

10:57:31 AM

Jeremy Moore 

New Submission

Jeremy Moore added Bad Santa to the contest!

5:34:02 PM

Cris Ti 

New Submission

Cris Ti added Meg to the contest!

5:27:28 PM

Louise Grant 

New Submission

Louise Grant added The Model - Charcoal Drawing to the contest!

5:41:13 AM

Nadja Pilitsyna 

New Submission

Nadja Pilitsyna added The One that Got Away to the contest!

9:39:27 AM

Cyndi Brewer 

New Submission

Cyndi Brewer added Contemplation to the contest!

12:03:00 AM

Piotr Antonow 

New Submission

Piotr Antonow added Sambra to the contest!

10:07:26 PM

Giselle Rivas 

New Submission

Giselle Rivas added D M X to the contest!

11:37:43 AM

Jolante Hesse 

New Submission

Jolante Hesse added Vincent and Douglas to the contest!

3:26:56 AM

Manuela Constantin 

New Submission

Manuela Constantin added Einstein to the contest!

6:38:21 PM

Susan A Becker 

New Submission

Susan A Becker added Grandpa Full of Grace Drawing to the contest!

6:35:12 PM

Denise Hills 

New Submission

Denise Hills added Face of Hunger to the contest!

9:19:20 AM

Timothy Fleming 

New Submission

Timothy Fleming added Jack to the contest!

3:22:52 AM

Bharati Subramanian 

New Submission

Bharati Subramanian added talking eyes.. to the contest!

11:34:43 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added John Denver and Friend to the contest!

9:56:16 PM

Ron Landry 

New Submission

Ron Landry added Poppy and Breyden to the contest!

2:32:41 PM

Atinderpal Singh 

New Submission

Atinderpal Singh added ANGELina JOLie to the contest!

10:16:25 AM

Samson Agegnehu 

New Submission

Samson Agegnehu added Portrait of a Shopkeeper Bust to the contest!

5:58:31 AM

Sunil Jangir 

New Submission

Sunil Jangir added Smile... to the contest!

12:00:06 AM

Pam Fries 

New Submission

Pam Fries added Ugandan Child to the contest!

9:41:29 PM

Val Oconnor 

New Submission

VAL OCONNOR added Israeli Soldier Boy to the contest!

6:48:02 PM

Rosalinda Markle 

New Submission

Rosalinda Markle added Emma Watson to the contest!

5:43:12 PM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added Ward to the contest!

5:07:35 PM

Silvia Louro 

New Submission

Silvia Louro added Brangelina to the contest!

4:31:07 PM

Lynn Hughes 

New Submission

Lynn Hughes added Daddy's girl to the contest!

4:29:18 PM

Joan Pye 

New Submission

Joan Pye added Aaron to the contest!

3:24:48 PM

Jim Fitzpatrick 

New Submission

Jim Fitzpatrick added Muhammad Ali formerly known as Cassius Clay to the contest!