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Selectavanganza- N29c8 - Three Original Artworks

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Contest Rules

Selectavanganza- N29c8 - Three Original ArtworksCONTEST THEME:

in line with rule 1, AND as long it is TRADITIONAL ORIGINAL ART.)

No Original Digital Artworks, Color photographs OR B & W Photographs NOW!. Different contests will follow for those themes in the following cycle: Traditional Artworks, Color Photographs, B & W Photographs and Digital Artworks. A new cycle will always start with Traditional Original Artworks. As this is a new contest series and contest cycle we are now in Contest #29 Cycle #8.

Contest Rules:

1. Avoid family hostile themes of any type as they will be removed without ceremony. That includes any form of nudity, blasphemy, sexual content, Language fit for the drain etc. (The Contest Administrator does retain the right to remove any Traditional Original Artwork entry that can be offensive to others. It is unlikely that I would do this but I will seriously consider it should a problem case arise. GJR)

2. You can enter up to THREE TRADITIONAL ORIGINAL ARTWORKS for this Contest. A Similar contest will follow for Color Photographs
.(New Contest and New Cycle: - N30C8)

3. You can enter directly WITHOUT applying for Admission to enter like in the previous contest series.

4. No time restrictions. You can submit DIGITAL ARTWORK entries you have uploaded years ago.

5. As usual this contest, like all my other contests on FAA, will be adjudicated by myself.

6. Consider visiting my Art Portfolio and make at least one positive or encouraging
comment. More than 7020 artworks to be seen. (Quick Link - Click on my Avatar)

7. DO NOT SUBMIT OR ENTER any Digital Artworks or Color Photographs OR B & W Photographs to the contest as they will be considered disqualified immediately and will be permanently removed from the contest as soon as possible and without ceremony. ONLY TRADITIONAL ORIGINAL ART NOW FOR THIS CONTEST!

8. I intend to perhaps submit three entries to obtain fair exposure but they will not be taken into consideration in the adjudication process.

9. NEW INFORMATION: Should your entry or submission be chosen as one of the Top Three placements and you have an Overwhelming Urge to Express yourself about it then do feel welcome to contact me via FAA e-mail and share your feelings. You are very welcome! (At least; being a winner in any of my contests is no small achievement as you are competing with some of the best artists in the world in your chosen category. (TRADITIONAL ORIGINAL ARTWORKS) - Something to think about - yes? - )

10. Contest Logo: Oil Or Acrylic Painting Concept 'Forest Path - Winterton Park' L A S With Decorative Ornate Printed Frame.

11. Tough competition is expected like usual. As I mentioned before and elsewhere is the fact that there are usually a hair's breadth difference between the five to ten shortlisted top entries. Should you place in the top three placements be assured that you have submitted an outstanding, brilliant and awesome entry. May the Very Best of the Best be appointed winners in this contest. Who are going to be the new winners of the stunning CUM LAUDE ACCOLADES for this contest?

12. Enjoy this contest and please stick to the rules.

Contest Administrator
Contest Adjudicator

Submission Rules

Each participant may submit 3 images.

Voting Rules

1)   This contest is being judged by a jury of Fine Art America members.

Contest Timeline

Status: This contest is over.

Submissions Begin

Monday, January 4th, 2021 - 1:41 PM

Submissions End / Voting Begins

Monday, January 18th, 2021 - 1:41 PM

Voting Ends / Prizes Awarded

Monday, January 25th, 2021 - 1:41 PM

Current Time (Eastern United States)

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 - 5:49 AM

Contest Prizes

This contest will be awarding the following prizes:

1st Place:

Cum Maxima Laude - Diamond Class, Be Thankful, Share and Promote!

2nd Place:

Cum Laude - Emerald Class, Be Thankful, Share and Promote!

3rd Place:

Cum Laude - Ruby Class, Be Thankful, Share and Promote!

Contest Organizer

Gert J Rheeders

New York, NY

United States

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