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Contest - Star Souls Your Art That Depicts This Theme






5:59:04 PM

De Beall 

New Submission

De Beall added Disappearing Past to the contest!

5:56:19 PM

Tom Conway 

New Submission

Tom Conway added The Light Fantastic Dance and Stars to the contest!

5:41:43 PM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Nebula to the contest!

5:39:38 PM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added FIREBALL in the SKY to the contest!

3:07:29 PM

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch 

New Submission

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch added 229 - The Shining to the contest!

2:28:44 PM

Caroline Street 

New Submission

Caroline Street added Twins Gemini to the contest!

1:16:30 PM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Cosmic Kiss to the contest!

12:06:01 PM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Reaching Nirvana.. to the contest!

10:00:28 AM

Cynthia Lassiter 

New Submission

Cynthia Lassiter added Halley to the contest!

5:38:33 AM

Bharati Subramanian 

New Submission

Bharati Subramanian added angel to the contest!

10:55:52 PM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added The Crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday Stained Glass Window to the contest!

10:40:24 PM

Adam Pender 

New Submission

Adam Pender added Mountains and Milky Way to the contest!

8:22:59 PM

The Avonelle Kelsey Gallery 

New Submission

The Avonelle Kelsey Gallery added Avonelle's Tribe to the contest!

7:34:54 PM

Merton Allen 

New Submission

Merton Allen added Heavenly Body The Helix Nebula aka The Eye of God to the contest!

3:53:27 PM

Kenneth Armand Johnson 

New Submission

Kenneth Armand Johnson added Dance of the Moirai to the contest!

3:46:54 PM

Lisa Kramer 

New Submission

Lisa Kramer added Reality. An Ambrosial Metaphysical or Mortal Universe to the contest!

12:39:18 PM

Chrisann Ellis 

New Submission

Chrisann Ellis added Thinking of Peace to the contest!

8:59:40 AM

H Drew 

New Submission

H Drew added untitled10 to the contest!

2:59:52 AM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added Escape to the contest!

1:44:22 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Transcendence to the contest!

9:50:10 PM

Kym Backland 

New Submission

Kym Backland added Purple Haze to the contest!

2:09:45 PM

Kent Dunning 

New Submission

Kent Dunning added Center of Man's Universe to the contest!

7:06:20 AM

Cosimo Mannu 

New Submission

Cosimo Mannu added the deception revealed to the contest!

1:23:07 AM

Roxy Riou 

New Submission

Roxy Riou added Spirit Dance to the contest!

1:02:23 AM

Renata Ratajczyk 

New Submission

Renata Ratajczyk added Space Traveler to the contest!

12:55:59 AM

Angelina Vick 

New Submission

Angelina Vick added Mystery to the contest!

1:46:15 PM

Ron Bissett 

New Submission

Ron Bissett added Cosmic Dust to the contest!

1:10:07 PM

Stanley Morganstein 

New Submission

Stanley Morganstein added Alien Human Combat to the contest!

7:40:31 AM

Richie Montgomery 

New Submission

Richie Montgomery added Manipulation to the contest!

3:04:05 PM

Shari Nees 

New Submission

Shari Nees added Parallel World to the contest!

7:03:51 PM

JAXINE Cummins 

New Submission

JAXINE Cummins added Galaxy Five to the contest!

6:14:05 PM

Denise Hopkins 

New Submission

Denise Hopkins added Stellar to the contest!

6:04:56 PM

Keith Dillon 

New Submission

Keith Dillon added STAR SOULS to the contest!