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3:18:21 PM

RT Hicks 

New Submission

RT Hicks added 1960 Eldorado to the contest!

2:33:51 PM

Lynn Bolt 

New Submission

Lynn Bolt added Cuban Car to the contest!

2:27:57 PM

Tom Roderick 

New Submission

Tom Roderick added A Whole Lot of Bull to the contest!

2:10:41 PM

Elizabeth Coats 

New Submission

Elizabeth Coats added 1959 Jaguar to the contest!

2:10:11 PM

Enrique Collado 

New Submission

Enrique Collado added Little car to the contest!

1:26:08 PM

Brian Harig 

New Submission

Brian Harig added 1963 Ford Falcon Name Plate to the contest!

1:05:00 PM

James Knights 

New Submission

James Knights added Stranded in Time to the contest!

12:31:58 PM

Shane Kelly 

New Submission

Shane Kelly added Classic Green Jaguar Artwork to the contest!

11:58:04 AM

Elizabeth Hart 

New Submission

Elizabeth Hart added Rambler to the contest!

11:07:01 AM

Michael L Gentile 

New Submission

Michael L Gentile added Cool to the contest!

10:32:25 AM

Judyann Matthews 

New Submission


9:55:37 AM

Patrice Large 

New Submission

Patrice Large added 365 GTC to the contest!

6:50:03 AM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added OH HAPPY DAY to the contest!

6:20:51 AM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added 1938 Duesenberg to the contest!

1:00:02 AM

Pamela Patch 

New Submission

Pamela Patch added Custom 34 to the contest!

11:41:35 PM

Cheri Randolph 

New Submission

Cheri Randolph added Copper Flash to the contest!

11:25:06 PM

Cathy Kovarik 

New Submission

Cathy Kovarik added Simple Times to the contest!

9:21:18 PM

Moore Photography 

New Submission

Moore Photography added Old Eyes to the contest!

8:57:04 PM

Milan Kalkan 

New Submission

Milan Kalkan added Rusty to the contest!

8:53:01 PM

Kristie Zweig Christensen 

New Submission

Kristie Zweig Christensen added 1972 Red VW Beetle Bug to the contest!

6:06:38 PM

Diane Wood 

New Submission

Diane Wood added Excalibur Roadster to the contest!

4:59:34 PM

Kenneth Armand Johnson 

New Submission

Kenneth Armand Johnson added Redvette to the contest!

2:51:47 PM

Eric Miller 

New Submission

Eric Miller added Ford Hobbyist to the contest!

1:56:38 PM

Phyllis Denton 

New Submission

Phyllis Denton added Classic Car Collage to the contest!

1:27:08 PM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Northern Manufacturing Company Touring Car with Windshield 1905 to the contest!

1:16:00 PM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added Old Red - OOF to the contest!

11:20:12 AM

Jim Garrison 

New Submission

Jim Garrison added The Long Road to the contest!

9:26:58 AM

Mario Celzner 

New Submission

Mario Celzner added The Beast to the contest!

7:56:28 AM

Ches Black 

New Submission

Ches Black added Reflection of Tomorrow to the contest!

7:22:52 AM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added 1909 Delage Model F - Vintage Car to the contest!

6:54:53 AM

Fli Art 

New Submission

Fli Art added 1951 Mercury Coup to the contest!

6:43:25 AM

Karen Lewis 

New Submission

Karen Lewis added Ford Bonnet to the contest!

6:41:55 AM

Colin Tresadern 

New Submission


4:25:33 AM

Therese Alcorn 

New Submission

Therese Alcorn added T Model Ford to the contest!

3:51:28 AM

Bill Alexander 

New Submission

Bill Alexander added 1949 Chrysler Windsor - Arizona Route 66 to the contest!

2:21:21 AM

Marie De vita 

New Submission

Marie De vita added THE OLD CAR to the contest!

1:56:46 AM

Lawrence Li 

New Submission

Lawrence Li added Back in the day to the contest!

1:48:40 AM

KD Johnson 

New Submission

KD Johnson added Broken to the contest!

12:38:24 AM

Jane Landry Read 

New Submission

Jane Landry Read added corvette 1974 to the contest!

10:53:03 PM

Merton Allen 

New Submission

Merton Allen added Old Restored Yellow Ford to the contest!

10:43:59 PM

Tyler Martin 

New Submission

Tyler Martin added Old Chevy to the contest!

10:36:57 PM

Emanuel Tanjala 

New Submission

Emanuel Tanjala added Bad Bob to the contest!

10:22:24 PM

Stephen Duffin 

New Submission

Stephen Duffin added Together to the contest!

10:13:59 PM

Mel Steinhauer 

New Submission

Mel Steinhauer added In Car Love to the contest!

7:45:20 PM

Pamela Walrath 

New Submission

Pamela Walrath added Vintage Roadster to the contest!

6:48:33 PM

Ann Powell 

New Submission

Ann Powell added Classic Car 1940s Packard to the contest!

6:44:51 PM

John Bowman 

New Submission

John Bowman added 1923 Dodge Graham to the contest!

5:21:12 PM

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg 

New Submission

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg added Plymouth The Car to the contest!

4:15:42 PM

Nafets Nuarb 

New Submission

Nafets Nuarb added Morgan wings to the contest!

3:15:57 PM

Jan Carr 

New Submission

Jan Carr added So French to the contest!

3:01:03 PM

Big Mike Roate 

New Submission

Big Mike Roate added AMX to the contest!

2:10:00 PM

Rene Triay Photography 

New Submission

Rene Triay Photography added Hudson Low Rider Roadster to the contest!

2:00:04 PM

George Pedro 

New Submission

George Pedro added Rolls Royce Smile to the contest!

12:54:38 PM

Marilyn Smith 

New Submission

Marilyn Smith added Agent's Visit to the contest!

12:36:46 PM

Samuel Zylstra 

New Submission

Samuel Zylstra added Ford to the contest!

10:28:55 AM

DigiArt Diaries by Vicky B Fuller 

New Submission

DigiArt Diaries by Vicky B Fuller added Hot Rod Orange to the contest!

9:51:45 AM

Frank SantAgata 

New Submission

Frank SantAgata added 1930 Cadillac II to the contest!

7:41:15 AM

Louis Ferreira 

New Submission

Louis Ferreira added 1966 mustang fastback to the contest!

1:39:51 AM

Ernie Echols 

New Submission

Ernie Echols added horseless carriage to the contest!

1:15:00 AM

Kathleen Struckle 

New Submission

Kathleen Struckle added Days Gone By to the contest!

12:40:19 AM

Roger Lapinski 

New Submission

Roger Lapinski added Chrysler Imperial 1932 to the contest!

10:55:38 PM

Scott Bishop 

New Submission

Scott Bishop added 585 Cherry Power to the contest!

10:26:28 PM

Randy Rosenberger 

New Submission

Randy Rosenberger added A Wrinkle In Time to the contest!

9:59:07 PM

Melanie Kirdasi 

New Submission

Melanie Kirdasi added Once Prized to the contest!

9:40:28 PM

Douglas Pittman 

New Submission

Douglas Pittman added Alfa Red to the contest!

6:03:37 PM

Eddie Eastwood 

New Submission

Eddie Eastwood added Vintage Mount Rainier with Antique Car early 1900 era... to the contest!

6:01:46 PM

Walt Curlee 

New Submission

Walt Curlee added 1950 Custom Ford rustic rural country farm scene americana antique car watercolor painting to the contest!

5:57:02 PM

Randy Harris 

New Submission

Randy Harris added Orange PU Dbl. Exposure to the contest!

5:42:52 PM

Barry Elkins 

New Submission

Barry Elkins added Old Timer to the contest!

5:40:55 PM

Phil Cappiali Jr 

New Submission

Phil Cappiali Jr added Mr Sandmann to the contest!

5:28:31 PM

Williams-Cairns Photography LLC 

New Submission

Williams-Cairns Photography LLC added Fords at Harpers Ferry to the contest!

5:16:23 PM

Colleen Kammerer 

New Submission

Colleen Kammerer added Carhop to the contest!

5:15:40 PM

Steve McKinzie 

New Submission

Steve McKinzie added Texaco Garage to the contest!

5:07:59 PM

Elizabeth Doran 

New Submission

Elizabeth Doran added Color Blind to the contest!

4:31:29 PM

Peter Cornelis 

New Submission

Peter Cornelis added driving through time to the contest!

4:30:03 PM

Alain Jamar 

New Submission

Alain Jamar added deuce to the contest!

4:27:19 PM

Tom Hubbard 

New Submission

Tom Hubbard added '35 Chevy to the contest!

4:22:26 PM

Stuart Row 

New Submission

Stuart Row added Monoskate George Reed Special to the contest!

4:21:28 PM

Derrick Higgins 

New Submission

Derrick Higgins added Bugatti-Angouleme France to the contest!

4:21:12 PM

John Telfer 

New Submission

JOHN TELFER added 1920 Station Wagon to the contest!

4:07:43 PM

Kurt Van Wagner 

New Submission

Kurt Van Wagner added Bodie to the contest!

4:04:42 PM

Thomas Woolworth 

New Submission

Thomas Woolworth added Pink Hot Rod 01 to the contest!

3:59:16 PM

Glenn Gordon 

New Submission

Glenn Gordon added Chevy Bel Air to the contest!

3:58:12 PM

John Haldane 

New Submission

John Haldane added Surfing USA Woodie to the contest!

3:54:10 PM

Mitch Shindelbower 

New Submission

Mitch Shindelbower added Gullwing to the contest!

3:51:44 PM

Chris Lord 

New Submission

Chris Lord added Not Likely Laurel and Hardly Hardy to the contest!

3:50:12 PM

Meandering Photography 

New Submission

Meandering Photography added The classic to the contest!