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Alexander Arshansky Silent Witness

Posted by: Sonya Sparks

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Alexander Arshansky Silent Witness

Sparks Gallery’s programming in 2022 will explore the theme and concept of “Perspective” from exhibited and represented artists at the gallery. Following a history of strong sales and diverse subject matter, Russian-born artist Alexander Arshansky leads the programming for 2022 with new work exemplifying his artistic style, while exploring shifting perspectives in “Silent Witness”.
Alexander Arshansky revels in the concept of personifying his art, in that it serves as an observer. As a “witness” who silently experiences multiple lives and homes, the art is handed down through generations. We may draw parallels to other common “witnesses” in our lives, such as toys, cars, clothes, jewelry, vases, or even people, such as taxi drivers or postal workers. In observing those who are typically the observer, we are briefly allowed a change of perspective, if only to understand others better.
Arshansky reflects:
“Each artwork is an artist’s child, that will eventually find its own home, and has a unique opportunity to become a silent witness to someone’s life. Purchased or gifted, an artwork takes a proud place, precisely chosen by the new owner. As it settles into the new home it starts witnessing the daily lives of its residents, seemingly watching, listening and remembering every moment. Unlike many other tangible things we own in life, art pieces tend to find more permanence, as they are less likely to be sold, transferred or discarded. This permanence grows along the sentimental value, and is what often allows art to remain and witness the history of multiple generations, being passed from parents onto children as an important ritual of continuity. This makes a piece of art exceptionally valuable or even priceless to those who are fortunate to experience such a connection. The show presents a stylistic variety of art works that hopefully will all become amazing silent witnesses to the lives of many.”

Arshansky’s works will be on view at Sparks Gallery from January 16 through March 13, 2022.
We invite you to join us in the gallery on Sunday, January 16, 2022 from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception. RSVP at https://sparksgallery.com/rsvp?eid=30208
Please note the gallery will be closed from 2/7/22 - 2/11/22
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