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Branwen Drew Scratches Opening Reception

Posted by: Branwen Drew

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Branwen Drew Scratches Opening Reception

I have little formal training as an artist. I am mostly self-taught with occasional classes many years ago at the Ithaca Community School of Music and Arts. I took two drawing and painting classes while a student at Cornell. I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. My favorite media is scratchboard. My work has recently been inspired by my journey as a trans woman.

Scratchboard is a board or heavy paper layered with China clay (kaolinite). It is overlayed with black India ink. A sharp instrument is then used to scratch away the black ink. I started using scratchboard in the early 1980s. I read an article in American Artist about its history and how it is done. I wanted to try something different and not commonly seen. The idea of bringing out light instead of adding dark intrigued me. Since then, I have found scratchboard to be more satisfying to me than any other media.

I often start with a photograph I took or sketches I did previously. Using transfer paper (chalk on the undersurface) and a pencil, I lay the transfer paper on the scratchboard and then the printed image or sketch. I then trace over major lines and areas in the picture. This results in a white chalk line on the surface of the scratchboard. I then use a sharp instrument to scratch in the lines and to bring out highlights. Shades of gray are accomplished with crosshatching and stippling. Color can be added using a brush and watercolor, ink, and other wet media. The color areas can then be scratched again to give different tones.


8554 Turin Road

Rome, NY 13440


August 4th, 2020 (Tuesday)

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