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Emanations of Love - Heart-centered photography by Sue Averett

Posted by: Sue Averett

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Emanations of Love - Heart-centered photography by Sue Averett

Emanations of Love - Heart-centered photography by Sue Averett

On display at Timbuktu Java Bar & Gallery, Freeland, WA (Whidbey Island), January, 2013

On display at The Queen's Buns/Bayview Cash Store, Langley, WA (Whidbey Island), February, 2013

Bayview Art Walk, featuring the Emanations of Love Display, Part Two, is happening 3/14, 5-7 pm at The Queen's Buns/Bayview Cash Store, Langley, WA (Whidbey Island).

I awoke one morning a few months ago with a startling mandate from the dream world: “Make a list of all the people you know who are the embodiment of light and joy. People who glow; people who inspire.”

The list flowed effortlessly, and as I was writing, it struck me that I wanted to photograph these beautiful folks and friends to share as a source of inspiration and beauty. I realized that people who UBER- radiate love, joy and passion for life have a catalyzing effect upon those around them. I know I feel better just for being in their presence; their energy is uplifting and infectious.

Now, my list is by no means complete and I haven’t been able to photograph everyone yet who is on it. Everybody has a light inside of them that visibly “shows and glows” at one time or another. Some people just seem to radiate all the time. This growing collection is simply an attempt to capture a few of the beings in my own world, right now, that I find beautifully motivating and that I believe others will find fascinating, as well. This includes the sweet essences of beloved animal friends. They are infinitely bright, innocent, forgiving and unconditionally loving.

The idea here is not to create a super-posed “perfect” portrait. While in some cases I begin with a concept in mind, mostly I have asked people how they would like to be portrayed: Perhaps with other people or pets that they love dearly? Perhaps doing something that they love dearly? Perhaps in a place that is truly meaningful to them? Then I attempt to capture a spontaneous moment that registers high on the “light of spirit” scale …

I tend to see the world as an enchanted place, and so I like to “enchant” my photos a bit – adding my own particular artistry, color, embellishment, emphasis. I enjoy photography most when it feels like painting. Magical, mystical, vibrant, fluid, energizing. This is why most of my subjects are photographed outdoors. Yes, the lighting is better, but it’s more than that. The natural world is a source of true wonder. I imagine that’s why many of us have chosen to live right here on this island ~ the natural world calls to us, and we’ve made a conscious choice to leave the chaos of cities and crowds. It’s easy to see how people can truly bloom under such circumstances, and that is what helps a community thrive and grow. No one is perfect; no place is perfect. But if intentions and creative energy have anything to do with it, then our community is infinitely blessed.

It is my hope that you will look into the hearts of the persons and animals showcased here and really feel them AND that you will read the cards below the photos. Mostly, I hope this showcase inspires you to SMILE and EMANATE LOVE all over the place!


18205 State Rt 525, Freeland, WA

Whidbey Island (south End), WA 98249


February 2nd, 2013 - Saturday

7:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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