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Posted by: Sonya Sparks

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Sparks Gallery’s annual minis exhibition returns this year with a variety of small works from a wide range of artists. Each piece in this exhibition, sized 12in x 12in and under, constitutes a bite-sized sampling of each artist’s unique style and vision.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a small piece from one of your favorite Southern California artists, priced $500 and under.


530 Sixth Ave

San Diego, CA 92101


May 8th, 2021 (Saturday)

May 9th, 2021 (Sunday)

May 10th, 2021 (Monday)

May 11th, 2021 (Tuesday)

May 12th, 2021 (Wednesday)

May 13th, 2021 (Thursday)

May 14th, 2021 (Friday)

May 15th, 2021 (Saturday)

May 16th, 2021 (Sunday)

May 17th, 2021 (Monday)

May 18th, 2021 (Tuesday)

May 19th, 2021 (Wednesday)

May 20th, 2021 (Thursday)

May 21st, 2021 (Friday)

May 22nd, 2021 (Saturday)

May 23rd, 2021 (Sunday)

May 24th, 2021 (Monday)

May 25th, 2021 (Tuesday)

May 26th, 2021 (Wednesday)

May 27th, 2021 (Thursday)

May 28th, 2021 (Friday)

May 29th, 2021 (Saturday)

May 30th, 2021 (Sunday)

May 31st, 2021 (Monday)

June 1st, 2021 (Tuesday)

June 2nd, 2021 (Wednesday)

June 3rd, 2021 (Thursday)

June 4th, 2021 (Friday)

June 5th, 2021 (Saturday)

June 6th, 2021 (Sunday)

June 7th, 2021 (Monday)

June 8th, 2021 (Tuesday)

June 9th, 2021 (Wednesday)

June 10th, 2021 (Thursday)

June 11th, 2021 (Friday)

June 12th, 2021 (Saturday)

June 13th, 2021 (Sunday)

June 14th, 2021 (Monday)

June 15th, 2021 (Tuesday)

June 16th, 2021 (Wednesday)

June 17th, 2021 (Thursday)

June 18th, 2021 (Friday)

June 19th, 2021 (Saturday)

June 20th, 2021 (Sunday)

June 21st, 2021 (Monday)

June 22nd, 2021 (Tuesday)

June 23rd, 2021 (Wednesday)

June 24th, 2021 (Thursday)

June 25th, 2021 (Friday)

June 26th, 2021 (Saturday)

June 27th, 2021 (Sunday)

June 28th, 2021 (Monday)

June 29th, 2021 (Tuesday)

June 30th, 2021 (Wednesday)

July 1st, 2021 (Thursday)

July 2nd, 2021 (Friday)

July 3rd, 2021 (Saturday)

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