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Dark Painting - For Animals And People Without Electricity by Bruce Combs - REACH BEYOND

For Animals And People Without Electricity is a painting by Bruce Combs - REACH BEYOND which was uploaded on June 13th, 2009.

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This work is really right up my alley. Reminds me of some of the wall graffiti I have seen.

Thanks, Kevin. Nice to hear from you again. I guess you've been in some pretty high-class and elegant allies and public toilets, huh? Peace, etc., Bruce

Hi, again, Baard! Thanks for the comment. I've missed seeing your fine art, too, as well as my many other favorites. I may be back for a while, now. Peace, etc., Bruce

Bruce! Long time since we "talked". Hope you are just fine! I love this simple but yet strong painting. To me it looks like its an spirit that is leaving someones body......sad, but beautiful!

Very interesting

You are such and inspiration, and man with many wonderful words and now this. Cardboard, as they say when you are and artist you can paint on anything. My city here in Perris has made the news all over the world. We are the first ever to spray paint dead lawns for the homes that are in foreclosure. We turn them green with dry. I was talking to our city council and asked if I could paint paintings on the lawns of public parks. Like murals, it is water proof, the only problem is they can't water that area.. Because the grass will grow and they would mow my beautiful painting away. I am working on the problem ! Smile

Haha Bruce, the pretty good stuff you are referring to (which is available at every corner of the street over here) is not used by me. The pretty good stuff that inspires me happens to be free. I don't see the impossibility of you being inspired by angels, you may have forgotten about them, but they sure don't forget you! Isn't it a nice thought that an angel was maybe present? :) Or is this all just a funny way of learning that it doesn't matter what one paints, the viewer will make up his own story anyway? haha I'm honoured by your offer to comment on your comments or write footnotes to your paintings. I would gladly do it as soon as an angel can make my hour last 120 minutes. Of course I wouldn't take any payment, it would really be my pleasure!:) I must warn you though, my notes usually become rather long when I'm inspired! LOL

(Cond.) Okay, what it is that I must confess involves these points. I did not have a title in mind before I started the painting or before I had finished it to my own satisfaction. I DID have in mind, before I started it, roughly what I wanted the painting to look like when I called it “finished” and that it would involve an existential topic. But when I had finished the painting (as you see it now), and I began thinking about a title, the phrase THE WRITING ON THE WALL just sprang – just seemed to jump – into my mind. It has become a common saying in the United States meaning to realize something that is obvious. I looked at the painting some more, and thought about it, for maybe 20 – 30 seconds, and I could see the writing on the wall! I liked it, and the rest is History. The way I see it now, Anneke, after reading your specifically detailed interpretation, is: “DAMN! Now I have another reason to be glad that I am still in AA! Either she is smoking some pretty good stuff or else I was totally inspired (by a good angel?), or I guess another possibility is that we both were inspired! Maybe I, or we, happened to plug in to the Universal Unconsciousness, which I don’t understand at all! Whatever, I certainly did not remember a single one of those details. But they really do make a good story! Now, Anneke, I want to ask you something: Would you please come and write footnotes to my paintings as well as to the comments I write under other people’s paintings? I mean, I’ll pay you (in valuable, signed, original paintings! How could you resist that?) Oh, just one more thing, Anneke, even if you can find it in your heart to refuse such an offer (How could you?!), you still will be one of my favorite and most respected painters, here or anywhere. Thanks for stopping by. Your sense of humor (verses my non-sense of humor) and your awesome comments always are welcome. Thank you. Oh, but what if I promised to click the Recommend button on every one of your lovely paintings?

Dear Anneke, I always appreciate your visits to my site and your insightful (should that be "insiteful"?) comments. I must confess something, though, and I hope nobody else reads it! That is, sometimes you give me much more credit than I (guess I should say "my art") deserves. And that is true for this one. I DO have a lot of "OLD TESTAMENT" knowledge (literally fantastic stories!) left over from my rigidly enforced childhood Bible studies, but now, clouded by 60+ years of lacking any attention to them, many of the colorful details have faded away – at least any conscious awareness of them. Frankly, I've intended for years to go back and reread at least some of those stories, maybe even look up their painting histories as a good artist should, and then paint some of them along the lines of my current works. But, oh dear, so much to paint, and so little time! I am sure that you know from experience, Anneke, how most of us involved in living-for-today (which, sadly, includes earning a living for today!), have just such "good intentions" (The Pavement of the Road to Hell?) that we probably never will MAKE the time to do them! Ah, so what I must confess to you, dear Anneke, to keep my slate wiped clean for Santa Clause, Sinterklaas, and my AA Sponsor, etc., is that I did not remember until your Comment, either before or while painting, most of the details that you so clearly, concisely, readably, and completely present here for all viewers, who may not know them either, in explaining an historical interpretation of the painting. (WHOOPS! SPACE KOPS! Cont.)

Dear Bruce, the way you've drawn the whole story with just a few beautiful lines is just perfect! Belshazzar, laying at the dinner table, Daniel standing at the wall reading the words, some curious bystanders looking. What really struck me was the way you've painted the words on the wall. They make me think of a radio telescope, what a great idea of receiving the message! You put the whole meaning directly in our time and that's so appropriate! I just love it!

I like this!

Creative and wonderful contrasts.

Most interesting Bruce.

Hello Bruce!!! I love this ! Not many colours but it has a strange intencsity!!!! Wonderful contrast!!!!

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For Animals And People Without Electricity by Bruce Combs - REACH BEYOND