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Womanhood Digital Art - The Shrine Of Life by Rosa Cobos

The Shrine Of Life is a piece of digital artwork by Rosa Cobos which was uploaded on October 5th, 2012.

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Hi Rosa. So much has happened since I last wrote to you. This work is truly thought provoking! I am possessed by the thought that cells from another planet were brought here to an earth with only one celled living organisms that reproduced by peacefully dividing into two separate cells. The foreign cells created a violent struggle between cells from two different worlds that started evolution, when cells began to organize into groups to fight against the invaders. Multiple celled living organisms were created. We are made up of trillions of cells that work together to keep us alive. The whole purpose of evolution was to create an intelligent species to take intelligence to other worlds.That is the meaning of the words "Be fruitful and multiply!" We should have gotten the picture when man first went into space. The first time that man saw an elephant, he knew that there were many, many more. I believe that horrible wars are the result of political and religious dogma that threatens the very purpose of intelligence on this planet. Intelligence has been moving from planet to planet in space for trillions upon trillions of years. No monkeys on a tiny speck of dust in space are going to stop it. I have been writing to literary agents in Germany. So far, I have not received one single rejection.

Rosa Cobos replied:

Thank you William...your presence is always nutritious for my mind. O can say that what you have written is quite plausible...but you see, many rather prefer to stick to the formal theories....let´s find the power of the imagination nevertheless!! thank you so. Rosa

After reading all comments below, all I can say is I agree!!! Very powerful.

Rosa Cobos replied:

Many thanks, is a joy to share with you this thread. Rosa

Congratulations your amazing artwork has been featured in MOUSE. Thanks for your submissions and please add your picks of the day to our discussion list!! Cheers, Barbara

Rosa Cobos replied:

Thank you so much for this great your group and the great artists that share with us there. Rosa

e daring Rosa, One must dare to leave the shores of familiarity and comfort of home to face the winds of the seas in order to reach distant shores. Your work is a vast sea. There surely must be other shores than the one the winds blew me too, but I am obligated to speak of my journey. The first thing that comes to mind as one loses the sight of land is that life did not begin here. We are just cosmic children in the womb of our mother Earth. As children we make the mistake of being self centered. We believe that life began here and life will end here. The truth may be very different. We may be obligated to fulfill our destiny among the stars and walk with our fathers there just like we leave our mother's womb here on Earth to hold our father and mother's hand. I saw a toddler taking his first steps today with his parents. It brought tears to my eyes because I thought of this work. I realized just how harmful certain dogma can be if we are destined to leave the womb to walk with our fathers. These dogmatic ideas stifle our potential and reject new ideas. No one can argue that some of greatest innovations were created during times of war. Is it because the dogmatic thinking must be purged by fire so we can grow and reach our potential? This work of yours has every element in place like a beautiful woman. Perhaps I am a black wolf howling at the moon but, I must howl! I must.

The face turned away from you is the past- the past is always moving away from you. The present is represented by the body facing you. It is larger because we feel everything in the present. The future is represented by the face turned toward you. This thrine is a message to that person in the future. He, or she is one turn (generation) away from the present. He, or she will kneel before this shrine and understand that three generations ago the Earth was purged by fire during a great war. Jet propulsion was left behind to propel mankind into space. He, or she will realize that they too are a seed. They must also purge the Earth with fire and leave behind their own innovations to compel mankind to fulfill his destiny among the stars.

Rosa Cobos replied:

Amen....!!!! I smile with your words William. Your mind is quivering as mine many many times in my years. I cannot tell you the meaning for as far as symbolic images are, there are or should not be any meaning . And in case there would, it would really be but the inner vision of the man or woman who has claimed the interpretation. I do love to work with odd numbers of subjects instead of even. Because they implicate moving (you are right there). And the three is the strongest..and it is "revolving" (you are right again there). It could not do other thing. As for the shrine in which she seems to be protecting with, covering under..when it wal included here, I saw it quite as a phallic symbol. But much more like a "lingam" of the hindu culture than the typical occidental "Freud´s phallus". I mean...too a thing. You love to talk about"seeds" and the Earth be seeded . I think that there is not a need to be seeded. But they are needed the elements that would conform the "Life"´s attrtibutes. So Male and Female Ying and Yang are self transforming and mutually reciprocal. I love to imagine a "woman-god"....a huge and dark womg of Life creation inside. But as you can see here...the male is not penetrating anything at all..not seeding her. Rather it is giving protection and energy and the material energy while she is meditating, she is not moving in that shrine...just let´s creation coome unto her. If God would have been so male like and no needed for his "divine womb", there would not have been along the human history that archetypal and wonderful myth of the "Virgin Mary". (in other cultures is called with a different name but the figure is the same) In this myth...she really is there quiet, receiving...but not being penetrated, not invaded or forced. She is in fact giving permission to God, to create out of her...for in other case, that "seed" would not be but rubbish. And you are right too in another thing...the day that these archetypes so long searched for in our imagination and created so many spiritual pathways, will be fully settled down in our mind as a Reality, for men and women, we will progress and evolve to another different kind of being. Even that genes "propulsive" to the future energy will not fade away...It is anchored in a darkness and there is the good rooting. Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments William. I am happy to read them and to share. Rosa

There is a logic here that is found in languages. The three female figures seem to be revolving. The Earth is floating and seems to be independent. The butterfly is native to the Earth. The two figures with their faces turned toward the viewer suggest the direction of the revolution. It would take three turns for the face which is turned away from the viewer to reach the Earth with its butterfly. Is this a message? Did someone come here three generations ago? Are there two other planets with life on them? Or are all these statements true?

Wow! This is really getting to be like a movie! Are you trying to say that there is life on two other planets? Is this a message to someone? Were you stranded here?

These three women ( the 3 number makes symbolic references to the three Graces ) in your work speak about youth and mystery, about the energy matrix and the dream induced by gestation. Their faces and bodies seek the maternal feelings, without loose the seductive energy. Great use of the symbolism ( including the phallic element ).... Outstanding work, Rosa. f,v

Rosa Cobos replied:

@ Ana MarĂ­a: You are right, thought I had not thought about it, Ana MarĂ­a. I had not even thought of using that "phallic symbol" (at least in purpose) but you are is there and quite strong. The thing is not inside the woman..but outside..She is really creating it..and so that celebrated axiom of Freud telling that women felt "jelousy of penis" is turned down byt another reality. It is the woman the one that procreates..generates..both penis and vaginas out in the world it is she the receptacle..Without her..the penis would not serve for anything an emitter. It is all both symbolic and quite physical I know. Thank you so much for your intelligent comment, full of reflexion and soul. Rosa

It was my pleasure, your work deserves praise in all the languages ​​of the world

Outstanding work. v/f :) muy agradable la galerĂ­a de un tesoro real,

Rosa Cobos replied:

@ Branko: Thank you very nice to hear words in Spanish..a real effort!! . Rosa

,.~* Genial *~.,

Rosa Cobos replied:

@ Frashad: Thank you so very much...I take your words. Rosa

Rosa, I'm speechless... Your work and this poem are full of spiritual meaning... The birth is a concept so hard to represent because of it's infinite, eternal beauty... We are glad to see a glimpse of its transcendental shape in this amazing work and so complex described in your words... (v/f)

Rosa Cobos replied:

@ Gabriela: Your words are wonderful, Gabriela, you can paint, you can do poetry as well. I am really grateful with your presence in my thread. Rosa

Pleasing as well as powerful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa Cobos replied:

Thank you so much. Is good to have such a presence as yours. Rosa

Powerfully done. Agree with Seth. Outstanding work. v/f

Rosa Cobos replied:

Thanks a lot Lenore. I am really happy you have loved it. Rosa

CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Absolutely fabulous work. Very well done!!!!!

Rosa Cobos replied:

Muchas gracias, Mada por el honor y por tu presencia. Rosa

An amazing and symbolic visual statement. Beautiful and dramatic work that speaks volumes! v/f

Rosa Cobos replied:

I am really happy with you visiting this piece the first, and I appreciate much your words, They say much with little and that is really great. It has taken me much time to give birth to this work. I am proud of it and linked to its "statement". Rosa

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