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Bart jan Beltman



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This group was started on February 26th, 2014 and currently has:

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Abstract Art Group

About This Group


This is an active art group about: ABSTRACT ART.

Abstract art is art where you can not verify the subject with the reality.

Abstract art is for the advanced art lovers.

Abstract Paintings and drawings - digital art - photography.


* works has to be appealing to the eye and fine art quality .

* works that can not be classified as abstract will be removed.

* The group host select works to feature on the home page.

this group has 50 feautured images which will be refreshed.

* you can upload 3 works per day.

* group logo : ``fresh brise`` by bartjan beltman

Featured Images

Shelli Fitzpatrick - Autumnal Abstract

Autumnal Abstract

Shelli Fitzpatrick

Madina Kanunova - Winter is slipping away

Winter is slipping away

Madina Kanunova

Don Olea - Flamenco


Don Olea

Jacqueline Shuler - Road Trip

Road Trip

Jacqueline Shuler

Richard Andrews - Autumn Kaleidoscope

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Richard Andrews

David Barnicoat - Sticks


David Barnicoat

Jacqueline Shuler - The Wave That Never Crashes

The Wave That Never Crashes

Jacqueline Shuler

Shelli Fitzpatrick - Dances with Color Abstract

Dances with Color Abstract

Shelli Fitzpatrick

Dolly Traicoff - Rain Forest

Rain Forest

Dolly Traicoff

Anupam Gupta - Untitled


Anupam Gupta

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - Crazy Horse in Battle

Crazy Horse in Battle

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K

Diana De Avila - Abstract No 26

Abstract No 26

Diana De Avila

Pamela Parsons - Portal


Pamela Parsons

Jirka Svetlik - Squares


Jirka Svetlik

Jose luis Gambande - Blocks


Jose luis Gambande

Slawek Aniol - Abstract #105

Abstract #105

Slawek Aniol

Jack Zulli - Cubed B/W

Cubed B/W

Jack Zulli

David Barnicoat - Black curils

Black curils

David Barnicoat

Diana De Avila - On/Off


Diana De Avila

David Boudreau - Convergence


David Boudreau

Steve Walmsley - Swallows


Steve Walmsley

Artful Oasis - Blue Balls

Blue Balls

Artful Oasis

Karo Evans - Water And Fire

Water And Fire

Karo Evans

Cate Kirby - Southwest Plants

Southwest Plants

Cate Kirby

Gisele Vivier - Sans titre 2

Sans titre 2

Gisele Vivier

Peter Antos - Black Hole

Black Hole

Peter Antos

Robert Todd - Abstract 17

Abstract 17

Robert Todd

Kimbra Bass - Untitled


Kimbra Bass

Shelby Reilly - Eclipse at the Start

Eclipse at the Start

Shelby Reilly

John Clark - Abstract Garden

Abstract Garden

John Clark

Lita Kelley - Sunflowers


Lita Kelley

David Boudreau - Ice cream

Ice cream

David Boudreau

M Gloria Hunter - Dark Violet 2

Dark Violet 2

M Gloria Hunter

Richard Andrews - The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye

Richard Andrews

Lisa Inkster - Three Rings

Three Rings

Lisa Inkster

Shelli Fitzpatrick - Echoes of Civilization

Echoes of Civilization

Shelli Fitzpatrick

M Gloria Hunter - Dark Violet 1

Dark Violet 1

M Gloria Hunter

Andrea Yevtushenko - Imaginarium Marinum

Imaginarium Marinum

Andrea Yevtushenko

Julie Weber - Leaf Riot -

Leaf Riot -

Julie Weber

Vinod Menaria - Vinci abstract code 9

Vinci abstract code 9

Vinod Menaria

Ronald Bolokofsky - 1846


Ronald Bolokofsky