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New Orleans And Louisiana Perspectives

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New Orleans And Louisiana PerspectivesWelcome and A Very Hopeful 2021 To All Visitors, Buyers and Collectors.

Happy 300th Anniversary New Orleans!!! Either from around the world or across the USA come visit and enjoy New Orleans and Louisiana Perspectives!!!

New Orleans and Louisiana Perspectives Group is home to the local masterful artist and photographers and Fine Art America / Pixels members who have visited the state and the City of New Orleans. Among the images on the home page and group and numbered archival pages, original oil paintings to breathtaking and sensational photography.

Greetings from the City That Care Forgot, New Orleans, Louisiana. This site is for all from the State of Louisiana and visitors from around the world. Photos or Paintings of a city you may have lived in or visited in Louisiana.

To all visitors and members, this site was created for all to view the diverse beauty of State of Louisiana and New Orleans its historic architecture, culture, food, music, nature, people and abundant wild life. Welcome to all new members we look forward to your artistic and photographic contributions. Best of success here at Fine Art America in 2019.

Please include a description in your photographer notes section where the photo was taken and painting created.

(January, 2016 Revision) Copyright laws protecting the creator of certain Indian Tribal Costumes along with certain band uniforms which parade in the public domain vary nationally and international and in the State of Louisiana, make sure you review copyright laws pertaining to taking photos of certain Tribal Costumes before you attempt to market your prints for sale. Any legal issues pertaining to copyright laws should be solely the artist or photographers responsibility to review and do what is comfortable to you as an artist or photographer prior to marketing your images taken in private or public domain. Some New Orleans Indians Tribes (organizations) do inforce copyright laws of their original designed costumes. Always have photo releases available for your protection as an artist or photographer.

Unlimited Images allowed, include a location in your notes section of your photograph or painting.

For Any inquires and regular updates, please post in the designated Group Discussion Links.

The group dedicated artist and photographers images are showcased works of excellence, compositions, lighting and subjects. They have captured the Spirit of New Orleans and State of Louisiana. All featured and numbered archival pages of images available for your selection located lower right bottom page. Thank you all for your continued support of the Group

Disclaimer: New Orleans and Louisiana Perspectives Group Administrator reserves the right to select within the members images of the group a new monthly avatar!!!!

January 2021 New Orleans and Louisiana Perspectives Avatar

Mardi Gras Mask
by Linda Bianic

January 2021 Group Administrator Selected Photos of The Day

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Administrator of Louisiana From A New Orleans Perspective,
MIchael Hoard

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Michael Hoard

New Orleans, LA

United States

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This group was started on March 10th, 2013.