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Pacific Northwest Artists



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Joy McAdams

Nelson, BC


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This group was started on August 29th, 2015 and currently has:

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Pacific Northwest Artists

About This Group

This group is designed for Pacific NW artists or artwork focusing on the Pacific NW including the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta (west to the Continental Divide/Rockies) and the States of Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California (San Francisco & North), Northern Nevada (Reno and North), Western Montana (Helena and West).

To make it clear:
► Artists who reside in the Pacific NW may submit images of any artwork (the key words here
are 'who reside in the Pacific NW'
► Artists who reside outside the Pacific NW may submit only work that focuses on the Pacific
NW (the keywords here are 'artists who reside outside the Pacific NW'). You must include the location of your Pacific NW photo.
► Human form is permitted, however it must be family-friendly and o.k. for viewing in the workplace.
► I do reserve the right to reject artwork that I feel would be offensive or inappropriate.

We will see a wide variety of artwork from PNW residents which could include subject matter not directly related to the PNW. The goal here is to feature artists of the PNW.

Images for the Featured Page are chosen using my own creative eye. I try to be selective both in quality and in versatility and of the various art mediums so we have a wide range of artwork.

Submit your gallery quality artwork here. Approximately thirty images will be hand-selected every 2-3 weeks to be featured on the group home page. Older featured images will be removed. Your promotion for the group will benefit not only you but other group members as well. Help spread the word about this great resource to its intended audience! All images will remain in the main group pages.



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Featured Images

Kristina Rinell - Haystack Rock 0888

Haystack Rock 0888

Kristina Rinell

Tanya Filichkin - Snowstorm


Tanya Filichkin

Steve Henderson - Woodland Dreams

Woodland Dreams

Steve Henderson

Jim Hatch - Eagle and Hawk

Eagle and Hawk

Jim Hatch

Emerita Wheeling - Seattle

Seattle's Autumn Splendor

Emerita Wheeling

Emerita Wheeling - Magical Sunset

Magical Sunset

Emerita Wheeling

Mike  Dawson - Eroded Away

Eroded Away

Mike Dawson

Sandy Haight - Ripples of Bloom

Ripples of Bloom

Sandy Haight

Shoal Hollingsworth - Mom and Pup

Mom and Pup

Shoal Hollingsworth

Dale Cooper - Garden Rhythm

Garden Rhythm

Dale Cooper

Marnie Patchett - Unraveling


Marnie Patchett

Beve Brown-Clark Photography - Bugling


Beve Brown-Clark Photography

Teresa Ascone - Spruce Shadows

Spruce Shadows

Teresa Ascone

Jean Noren - Roof line

Roof line

Jean Noren

Spencer McDonald - Mukilteo Sunset

Mukilteo Sunset

Spencer McDonald

Zach Deets - Abiqua Falls

Abiqua Falls

Zach Deets

Brenda Schaffer - Lighthouse Aglow

Lighthouse Aglow

Brenda Schaffer

David Griffith - Secret Garden

Secret Garden

David Griffith