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Promoting PrintmakingPromoting Printmaking is a group for those that love to create using the many means of making Prints. I will allow members to upload three images a day. No porn, No Political Agenda pieces, And no gore or violence. I will except nudity as long as it is in good taste, I will not justify my decisions, my opinion is final as to what is acceptable in the group. Printmaking in this group refers to the art uses printmaking techniques to express their creativity. Techniques that can be classified into three groups: relief, intaglio and surface printmaking techniques. Relief Print making includes linoleum or woodcuts, wood engraving, metal engravings, Cardboard (paper)cut, relief etchings, and rubbings. Intaglio processes including engraving, etching, drypoint, mezzotint and aquatinting. Surface Printing processes including silk-screen, stenciling, and lithography and solar plates lithography. Other contemporary techniques including Monoprints, Monotype, Cliché-verre, cellocut, colligraphy, plaster prints, linecut, half-tone prints, Rotogravure, and Chine-collé. Anything else would need my approval I think I have opened it up to most types of printmaking. No digital art or photographs, I want to see the artist hand as the work is created. Mixed pieces may rarely be allowed after I review them and if you use a technique that is not included I will consider it after reviewing your process I look forward to spotlighting great prints.
Congratulations to our winners of Wildlife in Printmaking
1st Place
Photography Prints


Lori Moon

Dover, Pa

United States

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This group was started on June 18th, 2017.