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Meeli Sonn

Las Vegas, NV

United States

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About This Group

This is group, where you can show your best hummingbird photos (or any media artworks). The Giant Hummingbird's wings beat up to 25 beats per second, which is about 1500 flaps per minute, the wings of medium-sized hummingbirds beat about 20 to 30 beats per second and the smallest can reach 100 beats per second during courtship displays.With the exception of insects, hummingbirds while in flight have the highest metabolism of all animals, a necessity in order to support the rapid beating of their wings. Their heart rate can reach as high as 1,260 beats per minute, a rate once measured in a Blue-throated Hummingbird.They also consume more than their own weight in nectar each day, and to do so they must visit hundreds of flowers daily. Hummingbirds are continuously hours away from starving to death, and are able to store just enough energy to survive overnight.

Featured Images

Al Bourassa - I Love Tom Thumb

I Love Tom Thumb

Al Bourassa

Angie Vogel - Hummingbird Softly

Hummingbird Softly

Angie Vogel

Wes Hanson - Just visiting

Just visiting

Wes Hanson

Shoal Hollingsworth - Purple Metal

Purple Metal

Shoal Hollingsworth

Lonnie Wooten - Still Flight

Still Flight

Lonnie Wooten

Donna Kennedy - Aerial Display

Aerial Display

Donna Kennedy

Angie Vogel - Spring Into Summer

Spring Into Summer

Angie Vogel

Craig Corwin - Anna

Anna's Nest Care

Craig Corwin

Judy Wolinsky - They All Look Yummy

They All Look Yummy

Judy Wolinsky

Debbie Oppermann - Rainy Day Hummingbird

Rainy Day Hummingbird

Debbie Oppermann

Cindy Treger - Grooming Hummer

Grooming Hummer

Cindy Treger

Pamela Weston - Mr. Anna

Mr. Anna's

Pamela Weston

Laura Zamfirescu - Firecracker

Firecracker's beauty

Laura Zamfirescu

Craig Corwin - Hatched and Hungry

Hatched and Hungry

Craig Corwin

Craig Corwin - Just Another Sip

Just Another Sip

Craig Corwin

Craig Corwin - Feathering Out

Feathering Out

Craig Corwin

Shoal Hollingsworth - Angelic Pose

Angelic Pose

Shoal Hollingsworth

Marilyn Wilson - Suspended in Mid-Air

Suspended in Mid-Air

Marilyn Wilson

Craig Corwin - Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Craig Corwin

Debra Orlean - Seriously


Debra Orlean

Donna Kennedy - Dreamin

Dreamin' In Pink

Donna Kennedy

Bruce J Robinson - Poetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion

Bruce J Robinson

Debbie Oppermann - Tickle Me Red

Tickle Me Red

Debbie Oppermann

Martina Thompson - Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Martina Thompson

Kerri Farley - Flying Jewel

Flying Jewel

Kerri Farley

Wes Hanson - I Am Nice

I Am Nice

Wes Hanson

Sue Bonnar - Mama Ruby

Mama Ruby

Sue Bonnar

Lon French - Love


Lon French

Amy Porter - Last Light

Last Light

Amy Porter

Cindy Treger - Flying Backward

Flying Backward

Cindy Treger

Pamela Weston - Bling is his thing

Bling is his thing

Pamela Weston

Ernie Echols - Hummingbird


Ernie Echols

Carl Jackson - Puffed up

Puffed up

Carl Jackson

Debbie Oppermann - Color Coordinated Hummer

Color Coordinated Hummer

Debbie Oppermann

Sam Sidders - Hummingbird


Sam Sidders

Lonnie Wooten - The Pose

The Pose

Lonnie Wooten

Pam  Holdsworth - Hummingbird Paradise

Hummingbird Paradise

Pam Holdsworth

Carmen Guedez - Small Treasure

Small Treasure

Carmen Guedez

Saija  Lehtonen - Little Treasure

Little Treasure

Saija Lehtonen

Frank Townsley - Calliope hummingbird

Calliope hummingbird

Frank Townsley

Pamela Weston - Anna

Anna's and the ant #4

Pamela Weston

Angie Vogel - Summer Ballet

Summer Ballet

Angie Vogel

Debbie Oppermann - Ruby And Scarlet

Ruby And Scarlet

Debbie Oppermann

Sam Sidders - Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Sam Sidders

Sam Sidders - Hummingbird


Sam Sidders

Lynn Bauer - Sheer Joy

Sheer Joy

Lynn Bauer

Ruth Jolly - Perched Costa

Perched Costa's

Ruth Jolly

Lynn Bauer - The Take Off

The Take Off

Lynn Bauer

Ruth Jolly - Costa

Costa's I am

Ruth Jolly

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity - Hummingbird and Bee Balm

Hummingbird and Bee Balm

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity

Janet Ballard - Hummerfest


Janet Ballard

Cindy Treger - Time for a Shower

Time for a Shower

Cindy Treger

Janet Fikar - Broad-Bill Pose

Broad-Bill Pose

Janet Fikar

Angie Vogel - Vintage Spring

Vintage Spring

Angie Vogel

Al Bourassa - Tom

Tom's Serious Look

Al Bourassa

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Snowy-bellied Hummingbird

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Craig Corwin - Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry

Craig Corwin

Craig Corwin - Throat Exam

Throat Exam

Craig Corwin

Craig Corwin - Hummer Nest Detail

Hummer Nest Detail

Craig Corwin

Pamela Weston - I

I'm coming

Pamela Weston

Lynn Bauer - Flying Jewel

Flying Jewel

Lynn Bauer

Myrna Bradshaw - Green Hermit Flight

Green Hermit Flight

Myrna Bradshaw

Carolyn Mickulas - Little Wonder

Little Wonder

Carolyn Mickulas

Lara Ellis - Garden Gem

Garden Gem

Lara Ellis

Myrna Bradshaw - The Intruder

The Intruder

Myrna Bradshaw

Pamela Weston - Defending


Pamela Weston

Meeli Sonn - Costa


Meeli Sonn

Leslie Reagan -  Joy To The Wild Photos - Anna Hummer Sweet Pride Beauty

Anna Hummer Sweet Pride Beauty

Leslie Reagan - Joy To The Wild Photos

Rebecca Tecla - Bird n.4

Bird n.4

Rebecca Tecla

Amy Porter - I Can Sing Too

I Can Sing Too

Amy Porter

Mishel Vanderten - Resting Place close up

Resting Place close up

Mishel Vanderten

Lois Lake - Hovering


Lois Lake

Marilyn Smith - Hummingbird Happiness

Hummingbird Happiness

Marilyn Smith

Debby Pueschel - I

I'm So Pretty

Debby Pueschel

Janice Rae Pariza - Female Hummingbird

Female Hummingbird

Janice Rae Pariza

Bill Searle - Retreat


Bill Searle

Deborah Berry - Seeking Nectar

Seeking Nectar

Deborah Berry

Amy Porter - So Handsome

So Handsome

Amy Porter

Ron D Johnson - Howling at the Moon

Howling at the Moon

Ron D Johnson

John Tarr Photography  Visual Adventurer - Perching Hummingbird

Perching Hummingbird

John Tarr Photography Visual Adventurer

Lois Lake - Lookout Point

Lookout Point

Lois Lake

Amy Porter - Sunday Serenade

Sunday Serenade

Amy Porter

Amy Porter - Pas De Deux

Pas De Deux

Amy Porter

Alicia Collins - Dance like a rock star

Dance like a rock star

Alicia Collins

Pamela Weston - Grace


Pamela Weston

Travis Truelove - 5239 - Hummingbird - Fb

5239 - Hummingbird - Fb

Travis Truelove

Lonnie Wooten - Black-chinned Feeding

Black-chinned Feeding

Lonnie Wooten

Amy Porter - Watchful Warrior

Watchful Warrior

Amy Porter

Debby Pueschel - Mama Make Her Go Away

Mama Make Her Go Away

Debby Pueschel

Carolyn Mickulas - Iridescence


Carolyn Mickulas

Joanne Rungaitis - Hum Hummer

Hum Hummer

Joanne Rungaitis

Pamela Weston - Stuck in time

Stuck in time

Pamela Weston

Pamela Weston - Defensive tail shot

Defensive tail shot

Pamela Weston

Leslie Reagan -  Joy To The Wild Photos - Anna Hummer Sugar Time

Anna Hummer Sugar Time

Leslie Reagan - Joy To The Wild Photos

Abram House - Proud Mom

Proud Mom

Abram House

Travis Truelove - 1436-014


Travis Truelove

Tony Beck - Iridescence


Tony Beck

Tony Beck - In Reverse

In Reverse

Tony Beck

Craig Corwin - The Feeding 1

The Feeding 1

Craig Corwin

Sue Bonnar - Prickly Punch

Prickly Punch

Sue Bonnar

Craig Corwin - Babies are hungry

Babies are hungry

Craig Corwin

Craig Corwin - The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

Craig Corwin

Leslie Reagan -  Joy To The Wild Photos - Purple Throated Mountaingem Hummer Jewel

Purple Throated Mountaingem Hummer Jewel

Leslie Reagan - Joy To The Wild Photos

Teresa A Lang - Jewel on the Defense

Jewel on the Defense

Teresa A Lang

Jordan Parker - Hummingbird in Flight

Hummingbird in Flight

Jordan Parker

Pamela Weston - Study of Anna

Study of Anna's 3

Pamela Weston

Lynn Bauer - Rufous Dream

Rufous Dream

Lynn Bauer

Pamela Weston - Anna

Anna's 110

Pamela Weston

Mojgan Jafari - Bird And Flower

Bird And Flower

Mojgan Jafari

John Kulberg - Rest Stop

Rest Stop

John Kulberg

Janice Carter - Two for Nectar

Two for Nectar

Janice Carter

Janice Carter - Look - No Hands

Look - No Hands

Janice Carter

Pamela Weston - Incoming


Pamela Weston

Pamela Weston - Anna

Anna's March rain

Pamela Weston

Pamela Weston - Tailspan


Pamela Weston

Tony Beck - Green on Green

Green on Green

Tony Beck

Jean-Pierre Ducondi - Garden Friend

Garden Friend

Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Patricia Adams - Hummingbird


Patricia Adams

Tam Ryan - Hummingbird


Tam Ryan

Lynn Bauer - Spring

Spring's Beauty

Lynn Bauer

Saija  Lehtonen - Sittin

Sittin' Pretty

Saija Lehtonen

Jean Wright - On the Edge

On the Edge

Jean Wright

Patti Deters - Hummingbird III

Hummingbird III

Patti Deters

Jay Milo - Who

Who's Fat

Jay Milo

Amy Porter - Another Sip

Another Sip

Amy Porter

Al Bourassa - Such Concentration

Such Concentration

Al Bourassa

Christina Rollo - Graceful Garden Jewel

Graceful Garden Jewel

Christina Rollo

Saija  Lehtonen - Costas Hummingbird

Costas Hummingbird

Saija Lehtonen

Meeli Sonn - Sad humming

Sad humming

Meeli Sonn

William Vaughan - Hummingbird On A Wire

Hummingbird On A Wire

William Vaughan

Christina Rollo - Fantail Hummingbird

Fantail Hummingbird

Christina Rollo

Tony Beck - Proud


Tony Beck

Pam  Holdsworth - Small Wonder

Small Wonder

Pam Holdsworth

Tony Beck - Stationary


Tony Beck

Mishel Vanderten - Hummer


Mishel Vanderten

Fraida Gutovich - Distracted 2

Distracted 2

Fraida Gutovich

Lara Ellis - Petunia Delight

Petunia Delight

Lara Ellis

Meeli Sonn - Very colorful

Very colorful

Meeli Sonn

John Kulberg - Hummingbird


John Kulberg

Sharon Yocum - Pollen Boy II

Pollen Boy II

Sharon Yocum

April Nowling - Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

April Nowling

Angie Vogel - Hummingbird


Angie Vogel

Saija  Lehtonen - A Passion for Pink

A Passion for Pink

Saija Lehtonen

Cheri Beck - Just Hangin

Just Hangin' Out

Cheri Beck

April Nowling - Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

April Nowling

Tom Janca - Hummingbird


Tom Janca

Saija  Lehtonen - Hummingbird Heaven

Hummingbird Heaven

Saija Lehtonen

Christina Rollo - On a Wing and a Prayer

On a Wing and a Prayer

Christina Rollo

April Nowling - Little Band Conductor

Little Band Conductor

April Nowling

Nina Stavlund - Stylish Hummer...

Stylish Hummer...

Nina Stavlund

Al Bourassa - Mindo Hummingbird

Mindo Hummingbird

Al Bourassa

Tam Ryan - Hummingbird


Tam Ryan

Debbie Oppermann - Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Debbie Oppermann

April Nowling - Ready For Takeoff

Ready For Takeoff

April Nowling

Nina Stavlund - The Magnificent..

The Magnificent..

Nina Stavlund

Angie Vogel - Hummingbird Fan

Hummingbird Fan

Angie Vogel

Saija  Lehtonen - The Little Ones

The Little Ones

Saija Lehtonen

Saija  Lehtonen - On the Edge

On the Edge

Saija Lehtonen

Tam Ryan - Hummingbird


Tam Ryan

Dennis Reagan - Baby Birds

Baby Birds

Dennis Reagan

VLee Watson - Afternoon Treat

Afternoon Treat

VLee Watson

Lynn Bauer - Garden Glow

Garden Glow

Lynn Bauer

Amy Porter - Hungry Hummer

Hungry Hummer

Amy Porter

Nina Stavlund - With a Rufous Tail...

With a Rufous Tail...

Nina Stavlund

Angie Vogel - Wearing Snowflakes

Wearing Snowflakes

Angie Vogel

Catherine Howley - Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Catherine Howley

Bonnie Barry - Little Miss Hummer

Little Miss Hummer

Bonnie Barry

Shannon Story - StandOff


Shannon Story

Christina Rollo - Hummingbird Bullseye

Hummingbird Bullseye

Christina Rollo

Janice Rae Pariza - Hummingbird Frolic

Hummingbird Frolic

Janice Rae Pariza

RW Scott and Greg Scott - Female Ruby Throat Hummingbird

Female Ruby Throat Hummingbird

RW Scott and Greg Scott

Terri Waselchuk - A Garden Gift

A Garden Gift

Terri Waselchuk

Shannon Story - Rare Gem

Rare Gem

Shannon Story

Nina Stavlund - Mrs Volcano..

Mrs Volcano..

Nina Stavlund

Saija  Lehtonen - Hummingbird


Saija Lehtonen

Dale Kincaid - Posed


Dale Kincaid

Lynn Bauer - Backyard Bliss

Backyard Bliss

Lynn Bauer

Heidi Lowery - Still


Heidi Lowery

Melisa Meyers - Hummer x2

Hummer x2

Melisa Meyers

Shane Bechler - Fluttering


Shane Bechler

Photos By  Cassandra - Look Ma No Hands

Look Ma No Hands

Photos By Cassandra

Bonnie Barry - Hummingbird Heaven

Hummingbird Heaven

Bonnie Barry

Joe Schofield - Just A Kiss

Just A Kiss

Joe Schofield

Marilyn Smith - Orchard Friend

Orchard Friend

Marilyn Smith

Melanie Lankford Photography - Free Falling

Free Falling

Melanie Lankford Photography

Angie Vogel - In My Garden

In My Garden

Angie Vogel

Jaysen  Fern - Hungry Hummer

Hungry Hummer

Jaysen Fern

Cris Hayes - Trust


Cris Hayes

Pam  Holdsworth - In Mid Air

In Mid Air

Pam Holdsworth

Angie Vogel - Hummingbird Spa

Hummingbird Spa

Angie Vogel

Marilyn Smith - Baby Makes Three

Baby Makes Three

Marilyn Smith

Saija  Lehtonen - The Little Things

The Little Things

Saija Lehtonen

Terri K Designs - In flight

In flight

Terri K Designs

Donna Kennedy - Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Donna Kennedy

Travis Truelove - Hummingbird 2180-11

Hummingbird 2180-11

Travis Truelove

Stacey Dobson - Anna

Anna's Hummingbird

Stacey Dobson

Gregory Scott - Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

Gregory Scott

Donna Kennedy - Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

Donna Kennedy

Photos By  Cassandra - Hummy Feeding on Flower

Hummy Feeding on Flower

Photos By Cassandra

Crimson  Topaz  - Plovercrest


Crimson Topaz

Veronica Vandenburg - Feeding in Flight

Feeding in Flight

Veronica Vandenburg

Gregory Scott - Female Rufous Rumpus

Female Rufous Rumpus

Gregory Scott

Angie Vogel - Humming Gladiola

Humming Gladiola

Angie Vogel

Dawn Derman - Joyful Flight

Joyful Flight

Dawn Derman

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity - Ruby-throated Hummingbird Male 11702-1

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Male 11702-1

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity

Veronica Vandenburg - Ruby Throat Hummingbird

Ruby Throat Hummingbird

Veronica Vandenburg

Marilyn Smith - Three For Breakfast

Three For Breakfast

Marilyn Smith

Bruce Nutting - Humming Bird

Humming Bird

Bruce Nutting

Lynn Bauer - Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Lynn Bauer

Angie Vogel - Hummingbird Heaven

Hummingbird Heaven

Angie Vogel

Carl Jackson - Feeding time

Feeding time

Carl Jackson

Rebecca Rees - Little Hummer

Little Hummer

Rebecca Rees

Gene McKinley - Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Gene McKinley

Gregory Scott - Broadbill and Salvia

Broadbill and Salvia

Gregory Scott

Robert Bales - Anna

Anna's Hummingbird

Robert Bales

Elizabeth Winter - The Golden One

The Golden One

Elizabeth Winter

Diane Schuster - We Love Those Lilies

We Love Those Lilies

Diane Schuster

Christina Rollo - Ruby Garden Jewel

Ruby Garden Jewel

Christina Rollo

Arline Wagner - Hummingbird


Arline Wagner

Robert Bales - Cute Little Costa

Cute Little Costa's

Robert Bales

Christina Rollo - Hummingbird Portrait

Hummingbird Portrait

Christina Rollo

Robert Bales - Vignetted Costa

Vignetted Costa's

Robert Bales

Christina Rollo - Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings

Christina Rollo

Robert Bales - Flying Costa

Flying Costa's

Robert Bales

Dawn Derman - Sapphire


Dawn Derman

Diane Schuster - A Moment

A Moment

Diane Schuster

Tony Beck - Humming Along

Humming Along

Tony Beck

Daniel Lindquist - Calypte Anna

Calypte Anna

Daniel Lindquist

Travis Truelove - Twins For Sure

Twins For Sure

Travis Truelove

Dawn Derman - Max


Dawn Derman

Angie Vogel - Handsome Fella

Handsome Fella

Angie Vogel

Christina Rollo - Sun Sweet

Sun Sweet

Christina Rollo

Robert Bales - Costa

Costa's Resting

Robert Bales

Pam  Holdsworth - Humming Bird in Flight

Humming Bird in Flight

Pam Holdsworth

Meeli Sonn - Tasty


Meeli Sonn

Robert Bales - Female Costa

Female Costa's

Robert Bales

Christina Rollo - Tranquil Joy

Tranquil Joy

Christina Rollo

Nina Stavlund - Spread Your Wings...

Spread Your Wings...

Nina Stavlund

Travis Truelove - On the Defensive

On the Defensive

Travis Truelove

Robert Bales - Nesting


Robert Bales

Lynn Bauer - Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly

Lynn Bauer

Heather Jett - Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Heather Jett

Mike Martin - A Lady at Lunch

A Lady at Lunch

Mike Martin

Bruce Bley - On the Fly

On the Fly

Bruce Bley

Dennis Reagan - Hummingbird


Dennis Reagan

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity - Hummingbird at Rest

Hummingbird at Rest

Robert E Alter Reflections of Infinity

Christina Rollo - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Christina Rollo

Daniel Lindquist - Queen

Queen's Court

Daniel Lindquist

Remy Francis - Hummingbird Bird

Hummingbird Bird

Remy Francis

Nina Stavlund - Volcano Hummingbird

Volcano Hummingbird

Nina Stavlund

Christina Rollo - Hummingbird Happy Dance

Hummingbird Happy Dance

Christina Rollo

Travis Truelove - Hummingbird Card

Hummingbird Card

Travis Truelove

Dean Bennett - Female Ruby

Female Ruby

Dean Bennett

Elaine Snyder - Flash


Elaine Snyder

Cris Hayes - Nectar Defense

Nectar Defense

Cris Hayes

Debra     Vatalaro - Hummingbird Gem 4

Hummingbird Gem 4

Debra Vatalaro

Cris Hayes - Ornate Angel

Ornate Angel

Cris Hayes

Debra     Vatalaro - Im The King

Im The King

Debra Vatalaro

Sabrina L Ryan - Awesome Hummingbird

Awesome Hummingbird

Sabrina L Ryan

Robert Pearson - A eye for sweets

A eye for sweets

Robert Pearson

Dawn Derman - After the Rain

After the Rain

Dawn Derman

Hunter Hebenstreit - Brilliant


Hunter Hebenstreit

Dawn Derman - Fine Summer Day

Fine Summer Day

Dawn Derman

Cris Hayes - Nature

Nature's Angel

Cris Hayes

Lori Tambakis - Pretty As A Picture

Pretty As A Picture

Lori Tambakis

Lara Ellis - Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter

Lara Ellis

Rebecca Margraf - Hummingbird


Rebecca Margraf

Lori Whalen - Hummingbird 1

Hummingbird 1

Lori Whalen

Angie Vogel - Neon Glow

Neon Glow

Angie Vogel

Daniel Jean-Baptiste - Blue Hummingbird - Exotic Bird

Blue Hummingbird - Exotic Bird

Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Cris Hayes - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Cris Hayes

Diane Schuster - Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George

Diane Schuster

Arline Wagner - Little Hummingbird

Little Hummingbird

Arline Wagner