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Law Enforcement



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Gary Yost

Brooksville, FL

United States

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This group was started on July 12th, 2013 and currently has:

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Law Enforcement

About This Group

'Integrity, courage, honor'

A law enforcement related group.

This group is designed to showcase law enforcement related artwork / photography. Whether you are looking for a law enforcement related print to buy or showcase, the goal is to consolidate related works. At the time of it's inception, this group is the only group on FAA dedicated to law enforcement works.

To the artists; keep it professional and clean. This group is dedicated to the men and women serving in law enforcement throughout the world, and no works dishonoring them or that cast the profession in a negative manner will be accepted.

This group is as much about the customer looking for a law enforcement related print as it is the artist, so we look forward to having a variety of works on display. But please, it is not intended as a 'photo sharing' group. There are plenty of places to share. (e.g., Flicker, Pinterest, Google, ect.). FAA is where we come to appreciate, view, buy and sell works. There is a 2 per day upload limit. This is not meant to discourage participation. If you are serious about displaying your work for sale, I think you will understand if not agree.

Photographs, paintings, drawings, cartoons, sketches....the more variety the better! Prints representing all countries are welcome and encouraged.

Featured Images

Jack Skinner - Lost And Found

Lost And Found

Jack Skinner

Jack Skinner - Silent Knight

Silent Knight

Jack Skinner

Jack Skinner -  Gotcha


Jack Skinner

Jack Skinner - The Lonely Beat

The Lonely Beat

Jack Skinner

Daniel Alcocer - Colt Ranger

Colt Ranger

Daniel Alcocer

William H RaVell III - Eagle circa 1960

Eagle circa 1960

William H RaVell III

Christopher Lane - Fallen Officer

Fallen Officer

Christopher Lane

Daniel Alcocer - Ranger Pride

Ranger Pride

Daniel Alcocer

Lauren Blazer - The black hole

The black hole

Lauren Blazer

Daniel Alcocer - State Trooper

State Trooper

Daniel Alcocer

Diane Wallace - High Five

High Five

Diane Wallace

Robert VanNieuwenhuyze - Mopar Authority

Mopar Authority

Robert VanNieuwenhuyze

Lauren Blazer - Shield


Lauren Blazer

Barbara Giuliano - End of Tour

End of Tour

Barbara Giuliano

Steven Parker - 1887 Revolver

1887 Revolver

Steven Parker

Robert Hudnall - Billy and Pat

Billy and Pat

Robert Hudnall

Calvert Koerber - State Police Helicopter

State Police Helicopter

Calvert Koerber

Alvaro Ruiz Bojorges - Cautious


Alvaro Ruiz Bojorges

Susan Candelario - Nypd


Susan Candelario

Craig Green - On Command

On Command

Craig Green

Bill Holton - Texas Lawman

Texas Lawman

Bill Holton

Daniel Alcocer - Cochise County Sheriff

Cochise County Sheriff

Daniel Alcocer

Daniel Alcocer - Tribute To Pat

Tribute To Pat

Daniel Alcocer

Lori Ippolito - Father And Son

Father And Son

Lori Ippolito

Robert VanNieuwenhuyze - Night Patrol

Night Patrol

Robert VanNieuwenhuyze

Jason Leonti - Sergeant Ed

Sergeant Ed

Jason Leonti

Daniel Alcocer - US Marshal Laredo

US Marshal Laredo

Daniel Alcocer

William H RaVell III - RNLB The Morrell

RNLB The Morrell

William H RaVell III

Robert Hudnall - Peacemaker


Robert Hudnall

William H RaVell III - Coast Guard Station

Coast Guard Station

William H RaVell III

Steven Parker - Wrist Bracelets

Wrist Bracelets

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Gasser Model 1873

Gasser Model 1873

Steven Parker

Daniel Alcocer - US Border Patrol

US Border Patrol

Daniel Alcocer