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Long Exposure Photography

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Long Exposure PhotographyWelcome to Art Buyers and Collectors. This group features Fine Art Long Exposure and Night Photography focusing on the Outdoors - Scenery, City, Landscapes, and Waterscapes. Please indulge yourself and view our Features below and the images within our gallery.

New Artists - If you wish to be a member of this group please read and comply with the group rule.

Group Rule:

1. Submit only photographs - Paintings, digital arts will not be accepted
2. Long Exposure photos only including photos taken at night need to be in long exposure category. Photos of moon, sunrise or sunset are not long exposure photos. If you expose moon or sun for 1 sec or more, you get a blur image.
3. Please limit your submission to 1 per week. There are 500+ members and it's tough for me to moderate too many images everyday.
4. Only exceptional image will be featured in home page. If your image is featured in home page, copy the embed link in the Feature Image Archive discussion forum. They will stay there even after the home page is cleaned up.
5. If your image is rejected, don't shoot me an email asking for reason. I reserve the right to reject any image if I suspect them not adhering to group rule.
6. It may help if the descriptions has exposure duration for photos that are otherwise difficult to judge as long exposure shot.
7. Contest and voting will be held once in a year.

Winners of Most Recent Contest 'LONG EXPOSURE - WATERFALLS OR RAPIDS':
1. Winner - Inge Johnsson
Art Prints
2. 2nd place - Alex Lapidus
Wall Art
3. 3rd place - Bill Wakeley
Wall Art
Congratulation to all winners and participants.

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Bipul Haldar

Cupertino, CA

United States

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This group was started on May 5th, 2018.