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Quintessentially British



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Richard Reeve

West Whiteland

United States

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This group was started on July 9th, 2012 and currently has:

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Quintessentially British

About This Group

Quintessentially British ...
What does the term Britain conjure up for you? Classic icons such as the Mini, Beefeaters, Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), The London Eye, or maybe the more mundane, like the Chopper Bike, Marmite or Wellies? Perhaps you think of strawberries at Wimbledon, tea in a cup or mug, pork pies, bangers and mash or a pint of Flowers or Boddingtons? Or maybe portraits are your thing - the The Beatles, The Stones, William Shakespeare, or The Queen? Who knows, just let your imagination flow and see what you have got!

I hope this will be a fun group and you do not have to be British, or based in the United Kingdom (UK) or its constituent parts: England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, to be a member. Your image does not have to even be taken in Great Britain but it does have to be relevant to this group, representing something quintessential about being British.


Featured Images

Chris Horsnell - Cottages


Chris Horsnell

Alexander Sydney -  Low Tide at Staithes

Low Tide at Staithes

Alexander Sydney

Adrian Evans - Old Town Street

Old Town Street

Adrian Evans

Rjd Photography - Belfast Docklands

Belfast Docklands

Rjd Photography

Nigel Jones - Riding the flag

Riding the flag

Nigel Jones

Dorothy Berry-Lound - Supporting the Fun

Supporting the Fun

Dorothy Berry-Lound

Linsey Williams - Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Linsey Williams

Richard Reeve - Summer 99

Summer 99

Richard Reeve

Richard Reeve - The Cricketers

The Cricketers

Richard Reeve

Russell Alexander - Arlington Row

Arlington Row

Russell Alexander

Helen Northcott - Beach Huts iii

Beach Huts iii

Helen Northcott

Veli Bariskan - Kessock Bridge

Kessock Bridge

Veli Bariskan

Edmund Nagele - British Summer Time

British Summer Time

Edmund Nagele

Zahra Majid - London Underground

London Underground

Zahra Majid

Dorothy Berry-Lound - Hove Rooftops

Hove Rooftops

Dorothy Berry-Lound

Doc Braham - Big Ben Art

Big Ben Art

Doc Braham