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Steampunk ArtHello

and welcome to this new steampunk group. 2 images per / day

Here you can publish all pictures in the direction of steampunk. I look forward to your pictures and inspirations.

Definition and history:
Steampunk (from the 'steam' and on the punk 'mies', 'worthless', independent 'punk') is a phenomenon that first appeared as a literary current in the 1980s and has developed into an art genre, a cultural movement, a style and a subculture. On the one hand, modern and futuristic technical functions are combined with means and materials of the Victorian era, creating a distinct retro look of the technology. On the other hand, the Victorian age is idealised in terms of fashion and culture. Steampunk thus falls into the realm of so-called retro futurism, i.e. a view of the future that might have arisen in earlier times.

Common elements of steampunk are steam- and gear-driven mechanics, Victorian clothing style. However, there are also numerous variants of steampunk that introduce various other elements or omit or vary elements.

With kind greetings

Olaf Plantener


Olaf Plantener



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This group was started on December 2nd, 2019.