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Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

Travel Art: ADMIN - For Artists only!

Dear valuable artists:

Travel Art is a group that appreciates and promotes only good art so that buyers don't have to sift through a pile of average stuff.

Whether you post in the MAIN GALLERY, or DISCUSSIONS, please post only your best work.
Before you post, please read about the requirements of the group and some useful insights from FAA here below:


1. This is a TRAVEL group, so your pictures MUST show the LOCATION (Place and Country) on the top of the Description and/or Keywords as relevant.

* People from US and Canada who don't think that mentioning the country name is important, the State or Province will be accepted, but they will have to be spelled out (No: BC, AZ, MN, ON, etc. please)

Examples: Grand Canyon, Arizona or Barcelona, Spain

* Please help us eliminate confusion. Example: Let us know if your image of Rome is in Italy, Georgia, or Oneida County, New York :)

Pictures that don't have the location will not be accepted - Sorry! *The Location in the title is GREAT!.

If your image cannot fit in one of the World Geographic Regions, simply DON'T POST IT.

2. Your artwork have to show the SENSE OF THE PLACE - take us there and make us want to go there! That is what TRAVEL ART is all about!

- Macros are definitely NOT part of TRAVEL images. Close ups on flowers, plants and animals are welcome ONLY if they are characteristic for a specific area and taken in their own habitat - the description and keywords must explain exactly what they are and where they have been taken.

3. 100% original artwork admitted only! NO KITSCH or FAKE 'ART' PLEASE!!!!
- and keep it Family Friendly :)


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Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

Picture Quality

Dear Travel Artists,

I'm getting some beautiful images waiting for approval, that unfortunately, with a lot of regret I have to reject... :( Please read why and tips on how to correct important issues that can make your pictures look ugly and unprofessional. *Also, attention painters who are using uncorrected photographs for their art.


Art Prints

The issue is the Chromatic aberration ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromatic_aberration ) that can be seen when enlarging the image. This doesn't look good on print and may be a reason for not selling if the potential buyer looks attentively at your picture.

Turning the full preview off is not recommended by FAA and it's not a good idea to do this. The reason why is that the potential buyers will think that you have something to hide and they will be 100% right ;)

In addition, if you try to fool the buyer you may end up with a returning, money back product, which will lower your reputation...

Chromatic aberration can be fixed on Lightroom and Photoshop and here are some useful links I found for you:





Art Prints

Shooting buildings can be tricky. The main reason is that they are tall, and you need to get far away from them if you want to fit them into the frame. Vertical convergence and distortion are unpleasant and unwanted because they don’t conform to Linear Perspective cues where vertical lines remain vertical.

Why are my Buildings Falling Over? A Short Guide to Perspective Distortion and Correction in Photography:

Controlling Vertical Distortion in Architectural Photography:

How to Use Photoshop to Correct Perspective Distortion of Buildings in Your Images:


Blown highlights are the bright areas of an image where all detail has been lost.
Instead of seeing the fine detail in the bright areas, all you see is a blend of pure white.
A classic example of this is in photos that include cloud. The cloud can appear as one blob of white, rather than nice fluffy clouds!

How Much Is Acceptable?: http://www.prime-junta.net/pont/How_to/hi_Blown_highlights/a_Blown_highlights.html

How to Avoid Blown out sky: https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/29139/what-to-do-about-blown-out-skies

Make quick fixes in Photo Editor: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/getting-started/quick_adjustment_effects.html

3 Ways to Identify and Reduce Blown Highlights in Lightroom: https://mcpactions.com/2015/01/26/blown-highlights-in-lightroom/

*** If your work does not meet the requirements above will be removed without notice - sorry!


- How to critique your own work

- by Mike Savad

Being able to critique your own work will allow you to see your own images from the viewpoint of the buyer. If your not making sales, despite advertising, tagging, etc, it might be due to your work being not exactly that great... Read more here

- Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell

- by Mike Savad

Selling images is not that easy. And explaining to people why they are not selling often comes out more like an insult then anything else. Some people make it look easy, but it's not. Selling often comes down to marketing and who you market too. But more importantly you need to have work that people want to buy... Read more here



Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago


After I did some research I found a total different perspective about FAA groups.

First of all - What are groups good for:

As the name says, groups are places where artists with the same affinities gather together to target a specific segment of the art market. For example our Travel Art group can help travel lovers and potential buyers see our travel related artwork.

Unfortunately, the groups at FAA are almost not seen by the Search Engines!


The only group page visible a little to SE's is the Homepage. However, the links including those to the pictures can bring attention to the discussions, and at the same time more importance to the group. So please visit the homepage as often as you can and click on the provided links to make it more active and visible in the "eyes" of the Search Engines.


Sadly I found out that at FAA, the discussions have been set-up to be completely IGNORED by the Search Engines.

Therefore, posting in the discussion can be USELESS and a WASTE OF TIME, if the only thing you do is just post your artwork and forget about it.
- This is true for any picture, including the "archived" Featured Images

At FAA, the group's discussions can be useful for ONLY ONE purpose: to PROMOTING EACH OTHER, especially OUTSIDE of FAA! - Click here to read more.

How to do that:

1. When you upload a piece of artwork to your own gallery (artist site portfolio), immediately post it to the social media(s) of your choice and copy the link of it.

2. Post it into one of the appropriate discussions of the group (either the ones by geographic location or thematic galleries) and paste the link(s) of the social media under it.

3. Promote at least 1 (one) post above yours - the others will do the same for you.

***NOTE: If you don't feel like promoting an image (because of the so/so quality) to your own profile in Twitter or Pinterest, etc..., just don't do it - chose another! :)

- ALWAYS, click on the picture above and give it a L/F (Like and Favorite) - comments are optional - the galleries in our portfolio (artist site) are seen by the Search Engines and the more activity to our pictures the better.
* From my perspective, comments are good, because your name and a link to your gallery will appear near the comment :)

Scroll down to see how to post the links from of your Social Media artwork into the discussions.

* BTW:
Our Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/694117844122430/
Our Pinterest group board is: https://www.pinterest.com/travelways/travel-art-group-on-fine-art-america/

Please read below about the FEATURED IMAGES:


Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

About Featured Images

According to the FAA leaders, the Featured Images get some points from the the Search Engines.
However this is not enough to give the necessary exposure to our artwork - we always need to do something more...

Some groups advise us to "archive" the Featured Images into "Thank you" discussions in order bring more attention to them - This is a MYTH!
- Since the FAA discussions are not seen by the SE's, your pictures will not be seen by ANYBODY. (read the post above!)
- Posting/Archiving your featured images this way is a BIG WASTE OF TIME!

I'm still inviting you to post them in the Travel Galleries by Geographic Region :) However, the only way the discussion threads can benefit your Featured Images is by doing a little work to promote them.

How to do that:

1. An effective way to actually "archive" your featured images while giving them more exposure, is to store them in our group board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/travelways/travel-art-group-on-fine-art-america/
- Once you post your image there, post it as well into one (maybe more) discussion thread(s) with promotion in our group, and insert your Pinterest link under it.

2. Posting your featured image to Facebook can be effective too, and when you do this, please mention about our Travel Art group - a link to it would actually be ideal :)
- Below is how to insert a facebook link to the group discussions for more promotion.

PS: Our Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/694117844122430/

3. L/F + comments under your pictures in the artist gallery are also a good to signal to the SE's about something of value to be considered.

Please note that because of the massive amount of pending and new active images in the group, I'm not always able to post my "Congratulations" text under your image in the gallery.
- You can do a trick though… when you receive the notice that your image has been featured in this group or other groups, insert a "Thank you for featuring my picture in the "xyz" group" in your own gallery, under the picture. - This way you will also keep track of the groups you have been featured in.

Scroll down for instructions on how to insert a link to your pictures from the social medias to the group discussions/galleries:


Dawn Currie

2 Years Ago

Great info! Worth returning more than once to remind ourselves about these best practices.


Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

Thank you Dawn :)


Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago


Here is a link to a Frequently Asked Questions Discussion by Abbie Shores explaining a variety of questions of interest to FAA members.


A checklist for success in online print sales.



Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago


Have any suggestions of comments about our contests? Please post them here:



Steve Harrington

2 Years Ago

I have a suggestion for all our members. Go frequently to Tatiana's images, comment and "like" and "favorite" them. Not only are they fine photos, but she is also one of the hardest working admins on FAA and deserves the attention.


Delynn Addams

2 Years Ago

Wow your art group blogs are awesome.

Did you see this? Fit images to FAA products.

This is Abbies tutorial site for FAA.



Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

I totally agree with Steve :) Thank you!

Thanks Delynn, I will explore that link.


Tatiana Travelways

2 Years Ago

Why Promoting Outside of FAA is sooo IMPORTANT

Well, in very few words is that inside of FAA is less likely that somebody will buy your work. Artists generally are looking for selling their own work, not to buy from other artists. The potential buyers are outside!

Here I found some very interesting articles written by other FAA artists about this subject:

8 Sales In The Last 2 1/2 Days. How? by Floyd Snyder:

Work Smarter Not Harder To Beat The Big Guys by Floyd Snyder:

Participating As A Key To Sales by Yo Pedro:

Promote Your Art To Our Group's Blog by Tatiana:


Anthony Dezenzio

2 Years Ago

Great info Tatiana, and thank you for all your hard work in making this group so awesome!


Tatiana Travelways

1 Year Ago

8 Sales In The Last 2 1/2 Days. How? by Floyd Snyder:

Work Smarter Not Harder To Beat The Big Guys by Floyd Snyder:

Participating As A Key To Sales by Yo Pedro:


Tatiana Travelways

1 Year Ago

Are you afraid that your images will be stolen if you post them on Social Media?

Then, read this!!! :



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