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Abstract And Abstract Realism Discussion Group



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Angela Stout


United States

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This group was started on August 2nd, 2012 and currently has:

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Abstract And Abstract Realism Discussion Group

About This Group

This group is for Abstract/Abstract Realism art in any medium.

Abstract Art: Art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures. (source: wiki)

Abstract Realism: A form can be seen, not quite abstract, not quite realism. (source: wiki)

No photographs unless they look Abstract in some form. Please be careful of the subject of you images. No sexual content. Nudes welcome!

Please, only submit 3 images a day if you are just posting images to the group. You may post as many images as you like in the discussion area providing each image has its own discussion thread. Thanks.

Also, please make a separate post for each image. That just works out better for the artist AND the group.

As a new member:

1) Please introduce yourself in the discussions area by starting a new thread.

2) Submit your artwork (when you\\\'re ready)

3) Submit your daily favorite from a fellow artist in the daily favorite discussion. (not required but a nice thing to do).

This is a discussion group, Please support your fellow members and vote and comment on their work, and take part in the discussions.

We use the comments here to grow and learn as artist, share our progress, and to support each other. PLEASE stop by the \\\'discussion\\\' portion of the group and comment...share your wisdom and experience, learn something you did not know, encourage and promote each other. (When you comment, favorite, and vote on a piece, it brings that artist more exposure. Something we all need!)

If you would like others in the group to critique your work. Just add \\\'comments and critiques welcome or C&C welcomed\\\' Courtesy and respect are required. Those being disrespectful, be it the person asking for critique or giving it, will be removed. There will be no warnings.

Instructions to place a link of FAA image page into a discussion thread or in a comment:

Open the artist's (or yours) main image page. Scroll down the right side of the page and find where is says 'Link' to the right of the word link is a box with the link information contained in it. Click that box to highlight the information. right click and select 'copy' (or hold the ctrl button down and hit the letter c) Go to the discussion board and open a new thread and in the comment box right click and select 'paste'(or hold the ctrl button down and hit the letter p) it will look like a set of symbols but when you publish the comment a photo link will appear in the comment.

Featured artwork will be limited to 100 pieces.

Jumper leaves me with huge shoes to fill, for certain and I endeavor to do him proud! Please, if you have any concerns, questions, ideas, or comments, I am happy to listen!

With deepest sincerity,

Angela Stout

ďArt is not what you see, but what you make others see\\\' Edgar Degas

Featured Images

Stephanie Holznecht - Devil

Devil's Run

Stephanie Holznecht

R W Goetting - Dordogne


R W Goetting

Artist Ai - Frastration


Artist Ai

Ronex Ahimbisibwe - Whose Watching Who

Whose Watching Who

Ronex Ahimbisibwe

Genevieve Elizabeth - Abstract Seascape

Abstract Seascape

Genevieve Elizabeth

Barbara Anna Knauf - California Faultline

California Faultline

Barbara Anna Knauf

Reiny Holbrook - My Heart

My Heart

Reiny Holbrook

Fei Alexander - Amnesia


Fei Alexander

Claude McCoy - Plate 291

Plate 291

Claude McCoy

Elizabeth McTaggart - Confusion


Elizabeth McTaggart

Jim Whalen - The Other Side

The Other Side

Jim Whalen

Trilby Cole - Dawn


Trilby Cole

Bruce Iorio - Ladies Toe Biters

Ladies Toe Biters

Bruce Iorio

Esther Newman-Cohen - Wildflowers Tryptich 2

Wildflowers Tryptich 2

Esther Newman-Cohen

Rachel Carmichael - Bits and Bobs

Bits and Bobs

Rachel Carmichael

Elizabeth McTaggart - As Seen By Water

As Seen By Water

Elizabeth McTaggart

R W Goetting - The pirate

The pirate's tavern

R W Goetting

Bruce Nutting - Behold


Bruce Nutting

Rick Cash - Ambiguity


Rick Cash

D August - Clown in Awe

Clown in Awe

D August

Tim Fillingim - Abstractions...


Tim Fillingim

Kate Marion Lapierre - Impassioned


Kate Marion Lapierre

Christie Clunan - Floral Flame

Floral Flame

Christie Clunan

Jack Zulli - Rust Abstract

Rust Abstract

Jack Zulli

Greg Davis - Triangle


Greg Davis

Bruce Iorio - Crystaline Flower

Crystaline Flower

Bruce Iorio




Maria Jesus Hernandez - Inner woods

Inner woods

Maria Jesus Hernandez

Steve Ruddy - Water Stream

Water Stream

Steve Ruddy

Talya Johnson - Up from the Ashes

Up from the Ashes

Talya Johnson

Denise Joan  Werner - Skype Sex

Skype Sex

Denise Joan Werner

Alicia Hollinger - Sunset Strip - Red

Sunset Strip - Red

Alicia Hollinger

Karolis Mickus - Rebirth


Karolis Mickus

Elizabeth McTaggart - Rose


Elizabeth McTaggart

Barbara Northrup - Driftwood and Stones

Driftwood and Stones

Barbara Northrup

Elizabeth McTaggart - Within Without

Within Without

Elizabeth McTaggart

Darren Robinson - Copper Sunset

Copper Sunset

Darren Robinson

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay - Dangerous Pulse

Dangerous Pulse

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay

Gun Legler - Different paths

Different paths

Gun Legler

Alexander Butler - Vibrant Love Abstract

Vibrant Love Abstract

Alexander Butler

Franziskus Pfleghart - Little Shining City

Little Shining City

Franziskus Pfleghart

Maries Joseph - Color Treat

Color Treat

Maries Joseph

Ronald Weatherford - Floating Orbs # 4

Floating Orbs # 4

Ronald Weatherford

Paul Ashby - Salt Marsh c2013

Salt Marsh c2013

Paul Ashby

Melissa Bittinger - Daisy Dew B/W

Daisy Dew B/W

Melissa Bittinger

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay - Snow On Frozen Lake

Snow On Frozen Lake

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay

Melissa Bittinger - Shadows of a Dream

Shadows of a Dream

Melissa Bittinger

Maries Joseph - Home


Maries Joseph

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay - Order Of Natural Chaos

Order Of Natural Chaos

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay - Raging Temper

Raging Temper

Ashantaey Sunny-Fay

Kingston Sho - Hieronymus


Kingston Sho

Tresa Burnett - Untitled Picasso

Untitled Picasso

Tresa Burnett

Catherine Harms - In Your Shadow II

In Your Shadow II

Catherine Harms

Lucy Matta - LuLu - Which Witch Spells

Which Witch Spells

Lucy Matta - LuLu

Willhemus Ardylles  - Legends


Willhemus Ardylles

Jack Zulli - Rhino


Jack Zulli

Kathy Stiber - Love Shack

Love Shack

Kathy Stiber

Elizabeth McTaggart - Fantasy Flower

Fantasy Flower

Elizabeth McTaggart

Kim Prowse - Patricia Prays

Patricia Prays

Kim Prowse

Luis  Navarro - Abstract 2

Abstract 2

Luis Navarro

TJ Art - Kination  8

Kination 8

TJ Art

George Guarino - Being Still

Being Still

George Guarino

Christina Rivera-Scott - Shattered Core

Shattered Core

Christina Rivera-Scott

Irina Sztukowski - Autumn Serenade

Autumn Serenade

Irina Sztukowski

Kendall Kessler - Elliptical Fall

Elliptical Fall

Kendall Kessler

Brian Chase - Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue

Brian Chase

Shimon Drory - Animal and it

Animal and it's Cub

Shimon Drory

Wendy J St Christopher - Growth Patterns

Growth Patterns

Wendy J St Christopher

Bruce Iorio - On White

On White

Bruce Iorio

Darren Robinson - City Lights

City Lights

Darren Robinson

Ronex Ahimbisibwe - Move On

Move On

Ronex Ahimbisibwe

Diane Dugas - Concerto


Diane Dugas

Steve K - Spirale


Steve K

Nicole Philippi - No particular instance

No particular instance

Nicole Philippi

Steve Taylor - Fogged


Steve Taylor

Greg Davis - Falk


Greg Davis

Susanne Kontopides  - Sisters


Susanne Kontopides

John OBrien - 3-D Face

3-D Face

John OBrien

Lucy Matta - LuLu - Seal It With A Kiss

Seal It With A Kiss

Lucy Matta - LuLu

Carolyn LeGrand - Nature In Chaos

Nature In Chaos

Carolyn LeGrand

Greta Redzko - Innocent ANGEL

Innocent ANGEL

Greta Redzko

Ismeta Gruenwald - Emotion


Ismeta Gruenwald

Douglas MooreZart - Parallel


Douglas MooreZart

Angela Stout - Lady Sitting

Lady Sitting

Angela Stout

Bruce Iorio - City in Space

City in Space

Bruce Iorio

Christie Clunan - Into the night

Into the night

Christie Clunan

Stephen Sherouse - Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior

Stephen Sherouse

Talya Johnson - Passion


Talya Johnson

Anita Lewis - Abstract Colors

Abstract Colors

Anita Lewis

Sanjay Punekar - Sold


Sanjay Punekar

Anita Lewis - Silent Trees

Silent Trees

Anita Lewis

Lucy Matta - Soul Mare

Soul Mare

Lucy Matta

David Guerin - Abstract #5

Abstract #5

David Guerin

Lucy Matta - LuLu - The One

The One

Lucy Matta - LuLu

Nancy Kane Chapman - The Cat

The Cat's Meow

Nancy Kane Chapman

Sergey Khreschatov - Sea Magic

Sea Magic

Sergey Khreschatov

Sanjay Punekar - Sold


Sanjay Punekar

Ron Richard Baviello - Final Exit

Final Exit

Ron Richard Baviello

Diane Dugas - Chocolate


Diane Dugas

Mimulux patricia No - The Silence Within

The Silence Within

Mimulux patricia No

Anastasiya Malakhova - Mind Games

Mind Games

Anastasiya Malakhova

Kendall Kessler - Evening News

Evening News

Kendall Kessler

Elizabeth Austin-Craig - Don

Don't Go Again

Elizabeth Austin-Craig

John Malone Halifax Artist - Convergent Perspective

Convergent Perspective

John Malone Halifax Artist

Reiny Holbrook - Through A Lover

Through A Lover's Eyes

Reiny Holbrook

Ann Holder - Grande Hoopla

Grande Hoopla

Ann Holder

Greta Redzko - Lauren


Greta Redzko

Diane Dugas - Purple Energy

Purple Energy

Diane Dugas

Esther Newman-Cohen - Verdant Mirage

Verdant Mirage

Esther Newman-Cohen

Shakhenabat Kasana - Colourful tears

Colourful tears

Shakhenabat Kasana

Elizabeth McTaggart - Anticipation


Elizabeth McTaggart

Sherry Shipley - Fancy Feathers Rooster

Fancy Feathers Rooster

Sherry Shipley

Anastasiya Malakhova - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Anastasiya Malakhova

Michael Durst - Intrigue


Michael Durst

Artist Ai - Unofficial


Artist Ai

Zachary Worth - Scream


Zachary Worth

Steve Taylor - The World of rugby

The World of rugby

Steve Taylor

Kristine Bogdanovich - Rum Ta Ka

Rum Ta Ka

Kristine Bogdanovich

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway - Mysterious Shapes Beneath the Sea

Mysterious Shapes Beneath the Sea

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway