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Abstract Moods



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Tanya Lozano Abstract Expressionism

Orange County, CA

United States

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This group was started on December 1st, 2013 and currently has:

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Abstract Moods

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All mediums, no nudes, or anything that resembles real people, animals etc.


Sunrise Abstract

Art spectrum

Featured Images

Haleh Mahbod - Energy Abstract

Energy Abstract

Haleh Mahbod

Teresa Wilson - Dawns Early Light

Dawns Early Light

Teresa Wilson

Fli Art - Servare


Fli Art

RC deWinter - Ignis Fatuus

Ignis Fatuus

RC deWinter

Mariecor Agravante - Magical Orbs

Magical Orbs

Mariecor Agravante

Vicki Hawkins - Briers and Thorns

Briers and Thorns

Vicki Hawkins

Jim Whalen - Sunrise


Jim Whalen

Carolyn Pepper - Rock It

Rock It

Carolyn Pepper

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-148


Tamal Sen Sharma

Iris Gelbart - Journey


Iris Gelbart

Catalina Walker - King Solomon

King Solomon's Tunnel

Catalina Walker

Johanna Hurmerinta - Still Moment At Foggy Sea

Still Moment At Foggy Sea

Johanna Hurmerinta

Ron Evans - Pondside Tree

Pondside Tree

Ron Evans

Claudia O

An Underwater Abstract

Claudia O'Brien

Kathy K McClellan - Tropical Mounds Abstract

Tropical Mounds Abstract

Kathy K McClellan

Bob Shelley - Bong


Bob Shelley

Charlotte Nunn - Flowers for Vincent

Flowers for Vincent

Charlotte Nunn

Ren Curtis - Protocol


Ren Curtis

Diana De Avila - Luna


Diana De Avila

Amy Nordby - Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Amy Nordby

Mark Thompson - Intersectional #1

Intersectional #1

Mark Thompson

Anna Bliokh - Infinity


Anna Bliokh

Keri Fuller - Give Me My Energy

Give Me My Energy

Keri Fuller

Jimmy Clark - Carnival


Jimmy Clark

Angela King-Jones - The way of the world

The way of the world

Angela King-Jones

Bruce Pritchett - Color Tree Abstract

Color Tree Abstract

Bruce Pritchett

Carrie Goeringer - Psychedelic


Carrie Goeringer

Aliosha Valle -  Very young galaxy

Very young galaxy

Aliosha Valle

Sarah Loft - Geneva Airport 1

Geneva Airport 1

Sarah Loft

Marci Potts - Simply Orange

Simply Orange

Marci Potts

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-145


Tamal Sen Sharma

Aliceann Carlton - Creation


Aliceann Carlton

Elina Nanikova - Poppy


Elina Nanikova

Iris Gelbart - Perspective 081317

Perspective 081317

Iris Gelbart

Gordon Beck - Sunspots


Gordon Beck

Marti DeCoste - Soul Dance

Soul Dance

Marti DeCoste

Suzy Norris - A forest of poems

A forest of poems

Suzy Norris

Maria Woithofer - Abstract sky line

Abstract sky line

Maria Woithofer

Ronald Bolokofsky - Autumn Road

Autumn Road

Ronald Bolokofsky

Joy Arnold - Apex 3

Apex 3

Joy Arnold

William Beuther - Operatic Abstract

Operatic Abstract

William Beuther

Leif Sohlman - Fantasy #g6

Fantasy #g6

Leif Sohlman

Neal Alicakos - Cells


Neal Alicakos

Andrea Kollo - Clouds and Water

Clouds and Water

Andrea Kollo

Kathy Barney - Conversation


Kathy Barney

Terry Davis - Fantastic Bloom

Fantastic Bloom

Terry Davis

Keri Fuller - Play Date

Play Date

Keri Fuller

Debra Lynch - Abstract Memories

Abstract Memories

Debra Lynch

James Stoshak - Faucet Handle Garden

Faucet Handle Garden

James Stoshak

Deborah Benoit - Blue Sky and Beach

Blue Sky and Beach

Deborah Benoit

Iris Gelbart - Fallen 08132017

Fallen 08132017

Iris Gelbart

Allen Beatty - White Pocket # 4

White Pocket # 4

Allen Beatty

Diana De Avila - Specter


Diana De Avila

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt - Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt

Steve Walmsley - The Early Bird

The Early Bird

Steve Walmsley

Felipe Adan Lerma - Three Cups

Three Cups

Felipe Adan Lerma

Abdelwahab Nour - Symphony of colors

Symphony of colors

Abdelwahab Nour

Angela King-Jones - Playground of our youth

Playground of our youth

Angela King-Jones

Michael Potts - Blue and Pink Buffalo

Blue and Pink Buffalo

Michael Potts

Nelu Gradeanu - Abstract  Landscape

Abstract Landscape

Nelu Gradeanu

Allen Beatty - White Pocket # 30

White Pocket # 30

Allen Beatty

Iris Gelbart - Modern #45

Modern #45

Iris Gelbart

Claudia O

Wild Wildflowers

Claudia O'Brien

Ronald Bolokofsky - Tesla

Tesla's Arc

Ronald Bolokofsky

Cynthia Guinn - Blue Sky Abstract

Blue Sky Abstract

Cynthia Guinn

Charlotte Nunn - So Hot Its Bubbling

So Hot Its Bubbling

Charlotte Nunn

Dave Love - Coalescence


Dave Love

Bob Shelley - Alpha Chino

Alpha Chino

Bob Shelley

Mellissa Ray - Sunflower Burst

Sunflower Burst

Mellissa Ray

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-144


Tamal Sen Sharma

Mariia Kalinichenko - Orange Wings

Orange Wings

Mariia Kalinichenko

James Welch - Flambeau


James Welch

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art - A Field of Wheat - An Abstract

A Field of Wheat - An Abstract

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Iris Gelbart - Modern Moments

Modern Moments

Iris Gelbart

Diana De Avila - Grunge


Diana De Avila

Ron Evans - Reflections


Ron Evans

Ronald Bolokofsky - Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

Ronald Bolokofsky

Terry Davis - Vintage Hydrangea

Vintage Hydrangea

Terry Davis

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Sacred folds of red

Sacred folds of red

Jolanta Anna Karolska

David Jacobi - Weave


David Jacobi

Tammie Sisneros - Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Tammie Sisneros

Debbie Oppermann - Summer Ripples

Summer Ripples

Debbie Oppermann

Michael Potts - Color Strands

Color Strands

Michael Potts

Clara Studio - Iris


Clara Studio

Chaos Fractals - Taurus


Chaos Fractals

Swedish Attitude Design - The Sparkling Valley

The Sparkling Valley

Swedish Attitude Design

Madina Kanunova - In the sublunar realm

In the sublunar realm

Madina Kanunova

Stuart Litoff - Peeling Door Abstract

Peeling Door Abstract

Stuart Litoff

Amy Nordby - Transcendental


Amy Nordby

Noa Yerushalmi - Night Angels

Night Angels

Noa Yerushalmi

Keri Fuller - Creating a Vortex

Creating a Vortex

Keri Fuller

Sandra Silva - Music, Please

Music, Please

Sandra Silva

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-143


Tamal Sen Sharma

VIVA Anderson - Abstract Prayers

Abstract Prayers

VIVA Anderson

Jan Bickerton - Hope


Jan Bickerton

Wayne Cantrell - Sun Dance

Sun Dance

Wayne Cantrell

Mary Sullivan - Inner Space

Inner Space

Mary Sullivan

Marci Potts - tHE sTORM wITHIN


Marci Potts

Paulette B Wright - Those West Virginia Hills

Those West Virginia Hills

Paulette B Wright

Michael Hills - Beach Zoom 2

Beach Zoom 2

Michael Hills

Beverly Guilliams -  Air Ballooning

Air Ballooning

Beverly Guilliams

Claudia O

Croton Leaves Abstract

Claudia O'Brien

Kathy Barney - Crumpled Ballerina

Crumpled Ballerina

Kathy Barney

Leanne Seymour - Flower Power

Flower Power

Leanne Seymour

Piervittorio Buoso - The solution

The solution

Piervittorio Buoso

Art Spectrum - Sunrise Abstract

Sunrise Abstract

Art Spectrum

David Jacobi - Storm Wheel

Storm Wheel

David Jacobi

Marv Vandehey - Digital Oil Abstract

Digital Oil Abstract

Marv Vandehey

Jeff Barrett - Exit


Jeff Barrett

Lynda Lehmann - Frantic Rooster

Frantic Rooster

Lynda Lehmann

Wonju Hulse - Floral nostalgia

Floral nostalgia

Wonju Hulse

Noa Yerushalmi - Butterfly


Noa Yerushalmi

Ken Lerner - Geometric 35b

Geometric 35b

Ken Lerner

Iris Gelbart - Scarves 2

Scarves 2

Iris Gelbart

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - You Are The Universe

You Are The Universe

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Jenny Revitz Soper - Space Time Continuum

Space Time Continuum

Jenny Revitz Soper

Sandro Cocco - Amorphous Airscape

Amorphous Airscape

Sandro Cocco

Jill Greenaway - Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

Jill Greenaway

Mark Thompson - Intersectional #3

Intersectional #3

Mark Thompson

Swedish Attitude Design - Free Fantasy Dream

Free Fantasy Dream

Swedish Attitude Design

Armin Sabanovic - Daydream Mirage

Daydream Mirage

Armin Sabanovic

Ron Evans - Woodland Pond

Woodland Pond

Ron Evans

Paul Henderson - Vines


Paul Henderson

Debra Banks - Smokey Blue Wave

Smokey Blue Wave

Debra Banks

Leif Sohlman - Splash #g6

Splash #g6

Leif Sohlman

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art - Stormy Waters - An Abstract

Stormy Waters - An Abstract

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Neal Alicakos - Galaxy Clusters

Galaxy Clusters

Neal Alicakos

Diane Parnell - Submerging Fractals

Submerging Fractals

Diane Parnell

Dianne Cowen - September Dreams

September Dreams

Dianne Cowen

Van Maulding - Nature No8

Nature No8

Van Maulding

Wendy Wilton - Teardrop


Wendy Wilton

Diana De Avila - Dreamscape


Diana De Avila

Michael Ciskowski - The Bluffs

The Bluffs

Michael Ciskowski

Charlotte Nunn - Late Night Radio

Late Night Radio

Charlotte Nunn

Wendy Wilton - Petals Of Glass

Petals Of Glass

Wendy Wilton

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1817 Abstract Thought

1817 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-140


Tamal Sen Sharma

Vlado Katkic - My Minds

My Minds

Vlado Katkic

Amy Nordby - Beleaguerer


Amy Nordby

Jessica Jenney - Pond Grass Abstract

Pond Grass Abstract

Jessica Jenney

Suzy Norris - Listening


Suzy Norris

Constantin Galceava - When the storm comes

When the storm comes

Constantin Galceava

Mariia Kalinichenko - Neon blue abstract

Neon blue abstract

Mariia Kalinichenko

Johanna Hurmerinta - Winter in Finland 1

Winter in Finland 1

Johanna Hurmerinta

VIVA Anderson - Romancing the Arctic

Romancing the Arctic

VIVA Anderson

Lawrence Nunziato - Bridge Music

Bridge Music

Lawrence Nunziato

Diana De Avila - Minimally Balanced

Minimally Balanced

Diana De Avila

Elizabeth Tillar - Auguries of Autumn

Auguries of Autumn

Elizabeth Tillar

Brian Mickey - Number 8

Number 8

Brian Mickey

Iris Gelbart - The Model

The Model

Iris Gelbart

Debbie Oppermann - Water Abstract

Water Abstract

Debbie Oppermann

Catalina Walker - The Queen

The Queen's Quarters

Catalina Walker

Heidi Fickinger - Iridescent Ti Leaves

Iridescent Ti Leaves

Heidi Fickinger

Olivia M Dickerson - Trees Of The Field

Trees Of The Field

Olivia M Dickerson

Robert Nickologianis - Paralex10


Robert Nickologianis

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-139


Tamal Sen Sharma

Abdelwahab Nour - Abstract motion

Abstract motion

Abdelwahab Nour

Doug Morgan - Aviary Blue

Aviary Blue

Doug Morgan

Bob Shelley - The Servant

The Servant

Bob Shelley

Bunny Clarke - Dancing Poppies

Dancing Poppies

Bunny Clarke

Regina Valluzzi - Excursions of Vision

Excursions of Vision

Regina Valluzzi

Andrea Yevtushenko - Imaginarium#999


Andrea Yevtushenko

David Zimmerman - Shazam


David Zimmerman

Tammie Sisneros - Abstract 245

Abstract 245

Tammie Sisneros

Marti DeCoste - Beauty In The chaos

Beauty In The chaos

Marti DeCoste

Gordon Beck - Crimson Sun

Crimson Sun

Gordon Beck

Deborah Benoit - Blue Flower Abstract

Blue Flower Abstract

Deborah Benoit

Bonnie See - Sky Blanket

Sky Blanket

Bonnie See

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - Painted Sky of Dreams

Painted Sky of Dreams

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K

Van Maulding - Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn

Van Maulding

Anthony Masterjoseph -

'Circle Of Friends'

Anthony Masterjoseph

Nikolina Rosic -  Blue Abstraction

Blue Abstraction

Nikolina Rosic

Liz Love - Level headed

Level headed

Liz Love

Noa Yerushalmi - Frog Style

Frog Style

Noa Yerushalmi

Carol Groenen - The Wave

The Wave

Carol Groenen

Angela King-Jones - The big wide web

The big wide web

Angela King-Jones

Elizabeth Tillar - Chamber


Elizabeth Tillar

Marfffa Art - Red ribbon

Red ribbon

Marfffa Art

Vicki Hawkins - Let Us Go Up

Let Us Go Up

Vicki Hawkins

Debra Lynch - Floral Abstract

Floral Abstract

Debra Lynch

Terry Davis - Coneflower Painted

Coneflower Painted

Terry Davis

Grace Iradian - Working Gears

Working Gears

Grace Iradian

Van Renselar - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Van Renselar

Mariia Kalinichenko - Inside another world

Inside another world

Mariia Kalinichenko

Ken Lerner - Leaves 20a1

Leaves 20a1

Ken Lerner

Mark Thompson - Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision

Mark Thompson

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art -  Autumnal  Colors - An Abstract

Autumnal Colors - An Abstract

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Ralph White - High Sea

High Sea

Ralph White

Joy Arnold - Apex 1

Apex 1

Joy Arnold

Matt Lindley - Abstract 072817

Abstract 072817

Matt Lindley

Brian Mickey - Number 7

Number 7

Brian Mickey

Allen Beatty - Balloon Fantasy 8

Balloon Fantasy 8

Allen Beatty

Adriana Zoon - The Rope in Color

The Rope in Color

Adriana Zoon

Art Cole - Autumn Ascent

Autumn Ascent

Art Cole

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Intoxicating opposites

Intoxicating opposites

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Judy Whitton - Tough Exterior

Tough Exterior

Judy Whitton

Paulette B Wright - Grains


Paulette B Wright

Soraya Silvestri - Riveting


Soraya Silvestri

Piervittorio Buoso - The Sneak

The Sneak

Piervittorio Buoso

Amy Nordby - Amalgamation


Amy Nordby

Deborah Benoit - Turquois Abstract

Turquois Abstract

Deborah Benoit

Madina Kanunova - The Nile

The Nile

Madina Kanunova

Wendy J St Christopher - Bobby

Bobby's Blue Skies

Wendy J St Christopher

Joel Bruce Wallach - Mountain Rhythms In Light

Mountain Rhythms In Light

Joel Bruce Wallach

Hari Thomas - All Together Again

All Together Again

Hari Thomas

Paul W Faust -  Impressions of Light - Patterns in Stone - 84

Patterns in Stone - 84

Paul W Faust - Impressions of Light

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-137


Tamal Sen Sharma

Steve Walmsley - Compound Fractal

Compound Fractal

Steve Walmsley

Rob Mandell - Mosaic Street

Mosaic Street

Rob Mandell

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Beneath Europa

Beneath Europa's Ice

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Terry Davis - Sheer Lilac

Sheer Lilac

Terry Davis

Katrina Britt - Hidden Deeply

Hidden Deeply

Katrina Britt

Chad and Stacey Hall - Time Tubes

Time Tubes

Chad and Stacey Hall

Charlotte Nunn - Lullaby in Blue

Lullaby in Blue

Charlotte Nunn

Nikolina Rosic - Colorful Mess

Colorful Mess

Nikolina Rosic

Noa Yerushalmi - Creation


Noa Yerushalmi

Carrie Goeringer - The Sprawl

The Sprawl

Carrie Goeringer

Louise Adams - Green Lines One

Green Lines One

Louise Adams

Marti DeCoste - Serenity


Marti DeCoste

Debra Banks - Walk the Blue Line

Walk the Blue Line

Debra Banks

Chuck  Hicks - Falls At Vizcaya

Falls At Vizcaya

Chuck Hicks

Dennis Ellman - Fever


Dennis Ellman

Amy Nordby - Complications


Amy Nordby

Bob Shelley - The Eyes Age

The Eyes Age

Bob Shelley

Kelley Gruver - Huckleberry Dream

Huckleberry Dream

Kelley Gruver

Beverly Guilliams - Blue Mist

Blue Mist

Beverly Guilliams

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt - Greenery Gradation

Greenery Gradation

Jilian Cramb - AMothersFineArt

Bunny Clarke - Eyes of the Sea

Eyes of the Sea

Bunny Clarke

Wendy J St Christopher - The Blue Collective 03c

The Blue Collective 03c

Wendy J St Christopher

David Zimmerman - The Matrix

The Matrix

David Zimmerman

Rick Maxwell - Water Colors

Water Colors

Rick Maxwell

Angela King-Jones - In the wild

In the wild

Angela King-Jones

Robert Chambers - No. 5

No. 5

Robert Chambers

Dawn Cowan - Marriage


Dawn Cowan

Karen Adams - Heart of a Peony

Heart of a Peony

Karen Adams

Mario Carini - Ultra Dynamic

Ultra Dynamic

Mario Carini

David Griffith - Abstract Idea 9b

Abstract Idea 9b

David Griffith

Dawn Cowan - Patriot


Dawn Cowan

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Patterns

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Bener Kavukcuoglu - Redwine


Bener Kavukcuoglu

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1797 Abstract Thought

1797 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Grace Iradian - Abstraction No. 0100

Abstraction No. 0100

Grace Iradian

Nigel Radcliffe - Brain Power

Brain Power

Nigel Radcliffe

Diane Parnell - Spirit Window

Spirit Window

Diane Parnell

Kellice Swaggerty - Early Organization

Early Organization

Kellice Swaggerty

Elizabeth Tillar - Crestfallen


Elizabeth Tillar

Wonju Hulse - City Evening

City Evening

Wonju Hulse

Vicki Hawkins - Above the Heavens

Above the Heavens

Vicki Hawkins

Noa Yerushalmi - Momentum


Noa Yerushalmi

Madina Kanunova - My colored world

My colored world

Madina Kanunova

Deborah Benoit - Inspiration


Deborah Benoit

Gary Richards - Delight


Gary Richards

James Johnson - Fusion 12

Fusion 12

James Johnson

Barbara Chase - Illuminations 88

Illuminations 88

Barbara Chase

Tanya Lozano Abstract Expressionism - Gratitude


Tanya Lozano Abstract Expressionism

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-135


Tamal Sen Sharma

Carrie Goeringer - Speckled Lily in the Mist

Speckled Lily in the Mist

Carrie Goeringer

Scientila Duddempudi - Agnostic


Scientila Duddempudi

Allen Beatty - Glass Panels # 2

Glass Panels # 2

Allen Beatty

Catalina Walker - Dreams Coming True

Dreams Coming True

Catalina Walker

Ken Lerner - Fence Shadows 5

Fence Shadows 5

Ken Lerner

Constantin Galceava - 		Blue Theme No.1

Blue Theme No.1

Constantin Galceava

Bob Shelley - An Orange Move

An Orange Move

Bob Shelley

Chaos Fractals - Evolving Ego

Evolving Ego

Chaos Fractals

Galeria Zullian  Trompiz - Cubismo


Galeria Zullian Trompiz

Alexander Vinogradov - Whirlabout.


Alexander Vinogradov

Diane Parnell - Diagonal Breakaway

Diagonal Breakaway

Diane Parnell

Armin Sabanovic - Liberty Comes

Liberty Comes

Armin Sabanovic

Jessica Jenney - Remnants


Jessica Jenney

Amy Nordby - Dancing Spectrum

Dancing Spectrum

Amy Nordby

Tom Druin - Paper And Steel

Paper And Steel

Tom Druin

Debra Lynch - The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun

Debra Lynch

Jacqueline Manos - Neon Art Deco

Neon Art Deco

Jacqueline Manos

Madina Kanunova - Devotion and fidelity

Devotion and fidelity

Madina Kanunova

Rick Maxwell - Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Rick Maxwell

Linda Brody - Croton II

Croton II

Linda Brody

Swedish Attitude Design - The Chamber

The Chamber

Swedish Attitude Design

Tammie Sisneros - Psychrophilic


Tammie Sisneros

Debbie Oppermann - Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

Debbie Oppermann

Dave Love - Clarity


Dave Love

Joan Reese - Mystic Window

Mystic Window

Joan Reese

Mariia Kalinichenko - Shifting Faces of Reality

Shifting Faces of Reality

Mariia Kalinichenko

Cynthia Guinn - Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish

Cynthia Guinn

Scott Smith - One without

One without

Scott Smith

Kelley Gruver - Hopeful


Kelley Gruver

Lawrence Nunziato - The Drum Beats Softly

The Drum Beats Softly

Lawrence Nunziato

Marfffa Art - Winter Wings

Winter Wings

Marfffa Art

Soraya Silvestri - Progeny


Soraya Silvestri

David Jacobi - Still


David Jacobi

Scientila Duddempudi - Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

Scientila Duddempudi

Joy Arnold - Magic


Joy Arnold

Michael Hills - Morning Colors

Morning Colors

Michael Hills

Wendy J St Christopher - The Drowsy Conversation

The Drowsy Conversation

Wendy J St Christopher

Linda Brody - Peacock Back I

Peacock Back I

Linda Brody

Debbie Oppermann - Lines And Squiggles

Lines And Squiggles

Debbie Oppermann

Pedro Vit - Folds, rose...

Folds, rose...

Pedro Vit

Art Cole - Sunset Twist

Sunset Twist

Art Cole

Diane Parnell - Colormunications


Diane Parnell

Heidi Fickinger - Abundance


Heidi Fickinger

Tom Druin - Wrought


Tom Druin

Tamara Lee Madden - Hidden Portals

Hidden Portals

Tamara Lee Madden

Ronald Bolokofsky - Sisters I

Sisters I

Ronald Bolokofsky

Teresa Wilson - Ebb and Flow Twilight

Ebb and Flow Twilight

Teresa Wilson

VIVA Anderson - Untitled 7

Untitled 7

VIVA Anderson

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-132


Tamal Sen Sharma

Elizabeth Tillar - Out of Chaos

Out of Chaos

Elizabeth Tillar

Karen Stahlros - Unintentional Art

Unintentional Art

Karen Stahlros

Noa Yerushalmi - Let

Let's go Crazy

Noa Yerushalmi

James Johnson - Fusion 44

Fusion 44

James Johnson

Van Maulding - Enjoy your life No1

Enjoy your life No1

Van Maulding

Holly Carmichael - My Jazz n Blues 2

My Jazz n Blues 2

Holly Carmichael

J Austin - Breach


J Austin

Noa Yerushalmi - My hidden Indian

My hidden Indian

Noa Yerushalmi

Marla McPherson - Color Whirls

Color Whirls

Marla McPherson

Noa Yerushalmi - Bug Free

Bug Free

Noa Yerushalmi

Dawn Cowan - Maelstrom


Dawn Cowan

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-130


Tamal Sen Sharma

Paulette B Wright - Adrift


Paulette B Wright

Amelle Eley - Cityscape


Amelle Eley

Carrie Goeringer - Within


Carrie Goeringer

James Welch - The Color Of Speed

The Color Of Speed

James Welch

Ken Lerner - Water 22c

Water 22c

Ken Lerner

Fei Alexander - Wrapping Paper Rolls

Wrapping Paper Rolls

Fei Alexander

Teresa Wilson - The Secrets Within

The Secrets Within

Teresa Wilson

Genevieve Esson - Metaphysical Habituation

Metaphysical Habituation

Genevieve Esson

Robyn King - Satisfy My Soul

Satisfy My Soul

Robyn King

Iris Gelbart - Restless


Iris Gelbart

Bill Morgenstern - Reality Check

Reality Check

Bill Morgenstern

Amy Nordby - Cosmos Fractals

Cosmos Fractals

Amy Nordby

Claudia O

Amsterdam Abstract I

Claudia O'Brien

Julie Weber - Reminder -

Reminder -

Julie Weber

Denise Clark - Safe Crossing 2

Safe Crossing 2

Denise Clark

Don DePaola - Into The Faraway 2

Into The Faraway 2

Don DePaola

Gina O

Abstract Contrails

Gina O'Brien

Armin Sabanovic - Float to Heaven

Float to Heaven

Armin Sabanovic

Haleh Mahbod - Morning Wildflowers

Morning Wildflowers

Haleh Mahbod

Soraya Silvestri - Decidious


Soraya Silvestri

Ronald Bolokofsky - Sherbert I

Sherbert I

Ronald Bolokofsky

Nando Lardi - Dandelion


Nando Lardi

The Art of Alice Terrill - Shattered


The Art of Alice Terrill

Vlado Katkic - Storm Flower

Storm Flower

Vlado Katkic

Vic Eberly - Deep Within

Deep Within

Vic Eberly

Desmond Raymond - Up Above No.1

Up Above No.1

Desmond Raymond

Samuel Pye - Chameleon Map

Chameleon Map

Samuel Pye

Katrina Britt - Island Vacation

Island Vacation

Katrina Britt

Iris Gelbart - Promises #3

Promises #3

Iris Gelbart

Charlotte Nunn - To The Crazy Ones

To The Crazy Ones

Charlotte Nunn

James Johnson - Fusion 39

Fusion 39

James Johnson

Carrie Goeringer - Cosmos Painted with Light

Cosmos Painted with Light

Carrie Goeringer

Bob Shelley - The Apparition

The Apparition

Bob Shelley

Ken Lerner - Marble 23a

Marble 23a

Ken Lerner

Zebboudji Wided - Coquelicots Rouge

Coquelicots Rouge

Zebboudji Wided

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-129


Tamal Sen Sharma

Neal Alicakos - Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

Neal Alicakos

Haleh Mahbod - Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries

Haleh Mahbod

Barbara Chichester - Southwest Desert Sun

Southwest Desert Sun

Barbara Chichester

Chaos Fractals - Transformation


Chaos Fractals

Wendy Wilton - The Deep End

The Deep End

Wendy Wilton

Aarti Bartake - Untitled 002

Untitled 002

Aarti Bartake

Edward Paul - Isness of

Isness of

Edward Paul

Armin Sabanovic - Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Armin Sabanovic

Van Maulding - Happy time

Happy time

Van Maulding

Catalina Walker - Jungle Love

Jungle Love

Catalina Walker

Nurul Helwa Zakaria - Artwork Code NHZ 06A

Artwork Code NHZ 06A

Nurul Helwa Zakaria

Max Bowermeister - Sunnies


Max Bowermeister

Claudia O

Lichen Abstract

Claudia O'Brien

Swedish Attitude Design - The Corridor To Slip In

The Corridor To Slip In

Swedish Attitude Design

Beverly Guilliams - 3D Art By Beverly Guilliams

3D Art By Beverly Guilliams

Beverly Guilliams

The Art of Alice Terrill - Jardin de Picasso

Jardin de Picasso

The Art of Alice Terrill

Larry Bishop - Fruit Jar

Fruit Jar

Larry Bishop

James Johnson - Fusion 14

Fusion 14

James Johnson