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Acrylic and Oil Painting Capturing Light

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Acrylic And Oil Painting Capturing LightBUYERS and COLLECTORS

Buyers and collectors are invited to purse all artist file pages in this collection including artist links here on FAA as this group features several disciplined artists working in well thought out series of perfected images. Such artists may only have one or a few of their images in this group at a time in order to maintain community group variety and space. This group is updated one or two times per =season=; therefore, this group lists as low or no activity even though artists are actively producing. Be sure to review all works in this group as some of the finest works may be found way at the back, in early group submissions from a few years ago as FAA loads from back to front.

SUBMITTING Artists - Please Review the Following:

Open to all FAA artists, the Oil and Acrylic Painting in Light group embodies qualities of impressionism where: form, space and dimensional integrity are retained throughout compositional design. Impressionism means: an impression of the rendered subject matter. Oil and Acrylic Painting in Light embodies clear natural LIGHT coloration while retaining, for the most part, form, space and dimensional integrity (that avoids surrealism, cubism, abstraction and expressionism).

Here are some helpful links sampling types of works sought for this group:
The Irvine Museum Bookstore
California Art Club
American Impressionism



1. Hand Painted Oil and Acrylic Paintings, preferring visible brush strokes (NO photographs, NO digital).
2. Seeking a strong presence of natural light effect. Plein Air works are preferred.
3. Please, no: Pointillism - Fauvism - Expressionism - Commercial - Paint Party, style works
4. Coloration should be local, naturalistic, true to subject matter, absent of pervasive inky blacks, large blocks of exposed white surface, or Barbazon school browns (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbizon_school).
5. Shadows should embody color and be void of inky blacks, browns, or tonal colorlessness.
6. Accepting works depicting any variety of diverse, normative, and or public, arenas.
7. Goofy comic characters, or glamour celebrity portraits, even if done in an impressionistic style, are subject to rejection.
8. Explicit nudity or disturbing obtuse works will not be approved.
9. Poorly photographed or cropped images are subject to rejection.
10. Repeated submits by the same artist under different FAA account(s) and/or repeated submits of same image under a variety of digital alterations will be deleted. Artists who pound this group with repeated account and/or digital alteration submits are subject to removal from this group.
11. Daily limit per artist set to a maximum of one (1) image to support group variety.

Periodically, in no reflection of submitted works, I will delete and or rotate featured and group images to keep the page alive; AND, in such instances, return submissions are welcome. FAA members who repeatedly submit works, photos or digitals that are well outside the above listed Group Description submission requirements are subject to being deleted from the group (while always welcome to visit and enjoy other member works).

Thank you in advance for sharing your beautiful works!

Logo image: Needle Rock (Oregon, USA). Copyright (c) Vanessa Hadady

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Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Stockton, CA

United States

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This group was started on September 19th, 2011.