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Acrylic ArtThis is a group to post acrylic paintings only and to discuss techniques and styles. (No digital art allowed! This includes digitally altered acrylic paintings or digitally remastered paintings) Members are encouraged to post their acrylic paintings and participate in discussions to help themselves and others improve their talents. No nudity is allowed. This is a family-oriented group. Only acrylic paintings will be accepted with no exceptions. Mixed media and other media are not allowed and WILL BE DELETED. Any paintings that do not meet these guidelines may be subject to rejection without notice to the artist. We intend to treat everyone fairly and equally within the guidelines. These guidelines may be subject to changes as we learn more about the fine points of managing a site like this. Questions about this site and the rules may be directed to the site administrator.

Your FAA site for each image you submit to this group must state that the medium used is acrylics. Having this detail in order makes managing this group easier. If your submittal does not state that it is an acrylic painting, it will be deleted. Thank you.

Please participate in the discussions, including beginning new ones. We can all learn from others on this site. We encourage constructive critiques, submitting paintings for critiques, tips on Acrylic painting techniques, etc. One of the criteria used to rate a group is participation in the discussions. Please use them freely and often when you have something to share. All we ask is to be kind in all comments (not getting into personalities), and be willing to accept constructive criticism in order to improve our painting skills.

I intend to feature one work from every artist who has taken time to submit pieces. I will rotate out older work that has been submitted, so if something is featured this week, it may not be featured next week. That gives everyone a chance to bask in the sunlight, even if just for a short time. If anyone sees another member's painting that needs to be featured, let us know and we'll look into it. We like to think that a minimal number of feature works will prompt the viewer to look at some or all of the works in the Acrylics Group, or at least works by a certain artist. If we feature one of your works, and you prefer a different work to be featured, we can probably accommodate you, within reason. We don't want to change featured works back and forth, as we only have limited time to administer this group.

If what you submit meets the guidelines above, pieces will be included in the group images. If they do not meet the guidelines, and we check every submittal, they will be removed from the group. Please make sure that Acrylic paintings are shown as Acrylic paintings. We will remove mixed media, oils, and all other non-acrylic media.

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David Bartsch

St. Clairsville, OH

United States

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This group was started on April 1st, 2016.