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All Glorious Gardens

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All Glorious GardensBeautiful Gardens! Where plants and structures, garden designs, focal points, garden scenes and settings are the subject of our images. There are many things that make a beautiful garden and this group’s members display this every day. The scope is garden design, elements, focal points, plantings, plants and flowers.

We accept floral portraits, but not highly digitized layered floral works or macros. We accept vegetable gardens, but not images of vegetables on their own.

Our submission limit is 2 a day.

Our avatar is Folls Flower Farm by Sarah Irland.

The scope is NOT insects or humans as the focal point in a garden setting or on a flower, leaf, twig, etc. Nor is it nature’s broad landscapes, images of oceans, ocean shores, or wooded forests, lakes or mountains. Please note that submissions can be removed at any time.

We accept photography, original art and graphic patterns that are garden-focused.

Join with us in showcasing this glorious living art.

Your Cohosts,
Marilyn Cornwell & Mother Nature (Carol)

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Marilyn Cornwell

Grimsby, ON


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This group was started on February 28th, 2020.