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Amazing Abstracts Oil Acrylic Or Alcohol Ink Only



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Soraya Silvestri

Ottawa, ON


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This group was started on October 12th, 2016 and currently has:

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Amazing Abstracts Oil  Acrylic Or Alcohol Ink Only

About This Group

Only your very best abstract paintings in oil, acrylic or alcohol ink. That's it.

No photography.
No digital and no partial photography.
No mixed media.
No watercolour.
No pen.
No pastel markers.
No pencil.

Anyone not submitting to above rules shall have their image rejected.

Let's help each other by commenting, liking/favouring/ and following each other.

Submit 1 a day.
Amaze me!

Thank you.

Featured Images

Lorraine Danzo - Distant Thunder

Distant Thunder

Lorraine Danzo

Brandon Allebach - Untitled


Brandon Allebach

Nancy Merkle - Coastal Storm

Coastal Storm

Nancy Merkle

Van Maulding - Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Van Maulding

Brandon Allebach - Cubist Junko

Cubist Junko

Brandon Allebach

Cassie Robinson - Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple

Cassie Robinson

Lorraine Danzo - Composure


Lorraine Danzo

Ralph White - Seed


Ralph White

Lorraine Danzo - Everything is peachy

Everything is peachy

Lorraine Danzo

Brandon Allebach - After the Storm

After the Storm

Brandon Allebach

Valerie Anne Kelly - Rushing waters by V.Kelly

Rushing waters by V.Kelly

Valerie Anne Kelly

Brandon Allebach - Duality


Brandon Allebach

Nancy Merkle - Layers No. 3

Layers No. 3

Nancy Merkle

Van Maulding - Love The Ocean

Love The Ocean

Van Maulding

Lorraine Danzo - Gold thread

Gold thread

Lorraine Danzo

Jim Whalen - Taming the Blues

Taming the Blues

Jim Whalen

Lorraine Danzo - Who speaks for her

Who speaks for her

Lorraine Danzo

Nancy Merkle - Across the Earth

Across the Earth

Nancy Merkle

Dana Roper - Gold Vein

Gold Vein

Dana Roper

Soraya Silvestri - Striking


Soraya Silvestri