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Animals And WildlifeThis group is open to all mediums (photography, oil, water & acrylic paintings, sketches or drawings, pastels & color pencils) of animal art. Birds, insects, domestic animals, wildlife, wild animals, zoo animals & water life such as fish, reefs & corals.
The images may have some scenery with it, but the main subject of the entry must be animal(s) or be the subject, drawing the attention of the viewer.
Abstract and unconventional images must be legible as to what the animals are and they must be the subject of the work.
NOT accepted are individual parts such as feet (paws/huffs/fins, etc...), Just feathers/fur/hides/wings,ears (unless at least one third of the head is included.).
We want to see that it is a animal and what the animal is.

**NOTE: If I have to open the Thumbnail image to see there is a Animal in the image it stands a good chance of being Rejected due to the Animal NOT being the Major part of the image.

To The viewers: These images on this feature page are just a taste of whats inside.
Please be sure to check out the other fabulous images and the artists who submitted them.
Thank you for visiting our group.

Group Image is by Myrna Bradshaw and it titled 'Feeling Froggy'
Check out the rest of Myrna's images at:

Pat Turner, Admin.

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Pat Turner

Etowah, TN

United States

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This group was started on November 24th, 2014.