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Art 4 Billboards - WIDE FORMAT

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Art 4 Billboards - Wide FormatArt 4 Billboards is an FAA International Gallery for Wide Format ORIGINAL ART & PHOTOS.

The acceptable image is usually horizontal approx 24x6 inches (USA).
When driving along the roadside or hghway you see advertising on outdoor billboards.

Inspired by ArtPop, Founded by Wendy Hickey, and running contests to put local artist artwork on select billboards.

This gallery lets us be creative all year, in any area, and enjoy sharing our wide format art.

This expansive digital space lets us be creative, as long as it is road & family friendly (PG and lower).

Try sizing your art today. Be creative. You will discover new purposes & muses for your art and photos!

We will run themed contests, special projects, and more. For example billboards are being installed on other places than just roads. Sometimes they are vertical, in transit, on buses, and lots of new applications. I aim to be creative in exploring areas.

The initial contest is running in Nov 2018, seeking up to 5 art/photos. Go to Contests, Submit & Share.

Please note that if you artwork is not scaled to WIDE format it is subject to removal by the administration or if it is deemed not road or family friendly.

Who knows maybe your work & shares in the gallery will lead your entries into the official ArtPop when it comes to your community. Check it out:

I look forward to seeing your artwork. To our world WIDE perspectives!
GJ glorijean, FAA & Pixels Fellow

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GJ Glorijean

Broadway, NJ

United States

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This group was started on November 19th, 2018.