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Art 4 Billboards WIDE FORMAT ONLY

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Art 4 Billboards Wide Format OnlyArt 4 Billboards (A4B) is an FAA International Gallery for Wide Format ORIGINAL ART & PHOTOS.

This virtual Art 4 Billboards WIDE FORMAT ONLY Gallery lets us be creative all year, in any area, and enjoy sharing our wide format art.

We will run themed contests, special projects, and more. For example billboards are being installed on other places than just roads. Sometimes they are vertical, in transit, on buses, and lots of new applications. I aim to be creative in exploring areas.

This Gallery is open 365 days a year, 24/7 for USA & international artist, photographers and digital artworks. You are invited to submit WIDE FORMAT, panorama, pano artworks regularly. We are currently in the building and develop of this gallery space.

We will accept both horizontal and vertical artworks:

* Horizontal or Landscape oriented wide formats are great for virtual billboards, like you'd see when driving along the roadside or highway you see advertising on outdoor billboards.

* Vertical or Portrait oriented wide format artworks give new purposes today, and new audiences for our art content. Imagine a virtual space as a tall building like your artwork on a skyscraper, advertising, or exhibition in a conference center.

New Audience, Resize Wide:
This Art 4 Billboards Group can help FAA artist prepare for real community competitions!
Did you know that Actual billboards showcase art around the USA.

1) Advertising agencies and digital media companies use and buy rights to wide format artworks, so do convention centers, printers, and exhibition companies.

2) This Art 4 Billboards can help artist prepare for community art competition such as ArtPop, Founded by Wendy Hickey, and running contests to put local artist artwork on select billboards. This generates wonderful exposure for a dozen artists in communities around the USA. Last time I checked the rules when I submit once a year to the local contest, there were strict sizing requirements, horizontal approx 24x6 inches although you need to go to their website to check the details for each contest. Their HQ is Charlotte NC.

Art 4 Billboards Rules:
* ONLY WIDE FORMAT is accepted in this Group. While I will allow some artworks that adapt within the FAA products (like yoga mats, and beach towels) to be entered in this gallery.

* Guideline for submitting: Length is 3 times Wide, either horizontal or vertical.

* This expansive digital space lets us be creative, as long as it is road & family friendly (PG and lower).

* Try sizing your art today. Be creative. You will discover new audience, purpose & muse for your art and photos!

* Please note that if you artwork is not scaled to WIDE format it is subject to removal by the administration or if it is deemed not road or family friendly.

* This Group will help you gain audience, challenge you to see wide, as well as encourage social media sharing of wide format art and photos.

* As the group Admin & Fellow artist, please note it breaks my heart to remove any artwork submitted because I have a liberal view that our efforts, sharing, and continuing our artistic endeavors is paramount. However if artwork is not WIDE FORMAT I usually take it down, while there may be a few exceptions if it formats in the FAA products.

* This group does NOT participate to advance artwork that is NOT your own creative content. In other words, we do not want submissions of billboards that you see. Just taking beautiful photos of landscapes & cities is not want is sought in this gallery. If it seems violating in any way it is subject to removal.

* We seek your creative point of view, wide perspective, imagination, and artistic story. What would you like to see along the roadways and on buildings!

The initial contest is running in Nov 2018, seeking up to 5 art/photos. Go to Contests, Submit & Share.

Thank YOU for joining the virtual Art 4 Billboard international FAA Group.
Repurpose your artwork and gain new audience.
Inspiring our world WIDE perspectives!
Fellow & Admin, GJ glorijean, FAA & Pixels

Camping Wide Outdoors Be Safe!

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GJ Glorijean

Broadway, NJ

United States

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This group was started on November 19th, 2018.