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Art of Atlantic Canada

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Art Of Atlantic CanadaThis Art of Atlantic Canada (AAC) group will display and feature art that depicts the nature, people, communities, and events of Atlantic Canada.

The geographic scope for this group includes: Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; and the portions of Quebec that would typically be considered 'Atlantic' (i.e., the Gulf of St. Lawrence north to Labrador and inland as far as Quebec City; the Gaspé Peninsula).

It must be evident from your images, their keywords, and/or description that your work is specific to this geographic area.

This Group accepts all media.

Exceptional images may be chosen to be ‘featured.’ In the ‘Discussion’ tab there is a ‘Thanks for the Feature’ thread where all artists are invited to post their feature – this acts as the full archive for featured images.

For artists who are active on Pinterest, I am going to try something a little different for this group by creating a collaborative board. That means that featured artists may also be invited as collaborators on the Art of Atlantic Canada Pinterest board (www.pinterest.ca/tendrelimages/art-of-atlantic-canada/) I set up and will be free to post any high-quality work there, not just images featured in this group.

Submission rules for the AAC group:
(1) All artwork must have been created or captured by you
(2) Submit up to 1 image per day
(3) Images must be of people, places, natural features, communities, or events within Atlantic Canada - if I cannot verify that, the image will be rejected
(4) Acceptance of images into the Art of Atlantic Canada group is at the discretion of the administrator
(5) No solicitations for voting in any contests
(6) Anyone who repeatedly submits images not following the rules above may be deleted as a group member

In addition to those group-specific rules, all submissions must abide with overarching FAA rules.

Thanks for joining or viewing the Art of Atlantic Canada Group!

Murray Rudd

Webpage: tendrelimages.zenfolio.com
Instagram: @tendrelimages
Pinterest: www.pinterest.ca/tendrelimages/boards/



Murray Rudd

Southampton, NS


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Group Overview

This group was started on September 11th, 2020.