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Artistic Nudes



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Mats Eriksson



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This group was started on April 29th, 2008 and currently has:

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Artistic Nudes

About This Group

For artists with a general interest to create beauty from the human body. Maximum 2 images per day

Featured Images

Traven Milovich - Tu m

Tu m'as promis

Traven Milovich

Juliet Silveira - Bananeira


Juliet Silveira

Andrew Macara - The Pedicure

The Pedicure

Andrew Macara

Andre MEHU - Delicacies


Andre MEHU

Douglas Simonson - Olympian


Douglas Simonson

Anna Rose Bain - A Contemplative Muse

A Contemplative Muse

Anna Rose Bain

Sharon Sieben - Intense II

Intense II

Sharon Sieben

Joaquin Abella - The blue man

The blue man

Joaquin Abella

Chris N Rohrbach -

Chris N Rohrbach

Chris N Rohrbach -

Chris N Rohrbach

Joaquin Abella -  The Pride of Lilith

The Pride of Lilith

Joaquin Abella

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Powerful Movement

Powerful Movement

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Mark Johnson - Whale Dream

Whale Dream

Mark Johnson

Mats Eriksson - Exposed


Mats Eriksson

Rene Capone - Splash of Blue

Splash of Blue

Rene Capone

Mike Penney - The black cat

The black cat

Mike Penney

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Sanjay Punekar - meditation I

meditation I

Sanjay Punekar

Walter Oliver Neal - On His Side

On His Side

Walter Oliver Neal

Michelle Fox - Confidence


Michelle Fox

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Bathing in the Sun

Bathing in the Sun

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Christian Klute - In the Shadows 3

In the Shadows 3

Christian Klute

Douglas Simonson - Alone Together

Alone Together

Douglas Simonson

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Setting Sun

Setting Sun

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Murphy Elliott - Pin up nude drawing

Pin up nude drawing

Murphy Elliott

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Anguish of Love

The Anguish of Love

Esther Newman-Cohen

Lawrence O

5 Naked Girls

Lawrence O'Toole

Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch - Resting Place

Resting Place

Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch

Alessandra Veccia - Mirabilia


Alessandra Veccia

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Pearl


Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Hanne Lore Koehler - Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Hanne Lore Koehler

Greg Hester - Anchor


Greg Hester

Ali Franco - Candles


Ali Franco

Juan Carlos Mulet - Signs


Juan Carlos Mulet

Helena Wierzbicki - Gilded dusk

Gilded dusk

Helena Wierzbicki

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Iceberg


Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Chris N Rohrbach -

Chris N Rohrbach

Carolyn Weltman - Spooning - Loving Couple

Spooning - Loving Couple

Carolyn Weltman

Mats Eriksson - Flowing


Mats Eriksson

Mike Penney - Nude Tea 2

Nude Tea 2

Mike Penney

Raquel Sarangello - Selfies


Raquel Sarangello

Mats Eriksson - Thoughts in the night

Thoughts in the night

Mats Eriksson

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - On the Rocky Shore of the Sea

On the Rocky Shore of the Sea

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Together with Friends

Together with Friends

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Greg Hester - Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Greg Hester

Greg Hester - Lever


Greg Hester

Chris N Rohrbach -

Chris N Rohrbach

Greg Hester - Conductor


Greg Hester

Stephen Carver - Kara- Rainbow

Kara- Rainbow

Stephen Carver

Mats Eriksson - On the Beach

On the Beach

Mats Eriksson

Helena Wierzbicki - Blue nude

Blue nude

Helena Wierzbicki

Peggy Pool - Tribal


Peggy Pool

Ahto Laadoga - Small trick

Small trick

Ahto Laadoga

Naser Mohammadi - Fantasized


Naser Mohammadi

John Carroll - Nude in the Park

Nude in the Park

John Carroll

Douglas Simonson - Bananas


Douglas Simonson

Jose Manuel Abraham - Statue 3

Statue 3

Jose Manuel Abraham

Salome Hooper - Nok


Salome Hooper

Mats Eriksson - Falling in love

Falling in love

Mats Eriksson

Dimitar Hristov - Page 34

Page 34

Dimitar Hristov

Jan Keteleer - Hamburger


Jan Keteleer

Helena Wierzbicki - Limerence


Helena Wierzbicki

Robert D McBain - Melancholy Days Collage

Melancholy Days Collage

Robert D McBain

Robert Magnus - Possessing Hands

Possessing Hands

Robert Magnus

John Entrekin - 7 Am

7 Am

John Entrekin

Rafael Salazar - Nothing Bothers Me

Nothing Bothers Me

Rafael Salazar

John Entrekin - Blond Silk

Blond Silk

John Entrekin

Rabi Khan - Red Passion

Red Passion

Rabi Khan

Wilfried Senoner - Nude woman

Nude woman

Wilfried Senoner

Paul Davenport - Contemplation


Paul Davenport

Luis Navarro - Isis


Luis Navarro

Nikolay Malafeev - Purple Light

Purple Light

Nikolay Malafeev

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Crystal ball

Crystal ball

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Helena Wierzbicki - Solace


Helena Wierzbicki

Marco Paludet - A Hell To Pay - Blue

A Hell To Pay - Blue

Marco Paludet

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - On the bench

On the bench

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Yelena Tylkina - Royal Thorns

Royal Thorns

Yelena Tylkina

Cully Firmin - Victory


Cully Firmin

Miro Gradinscak - Shaving


Miro Gradinscak

Mats Eriksson - Full of Dreams

Full of Dreams

Mats Eriksson

Robert D McBain - Dozing by the Pool

Dozing by the Pool

Robert D McBain

Ben Morales-Correa - The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction

Ben Morales-Correa

Christel Roelandt - Elke relaxed

Elke relaxed

Christel Roelandt

Henry Scott Tuke - A Holiday

A Holiday

Henry Scott Tuke

Robert D McBain - Traffic Stopper

Traffic Stopper

Robert D McBain

Phillip Castaldi - Bathers


Phillip Castaldi

Konni Jensen - Passion


Konni Jensen

Helena Wierzbicki - Blue mood

Blue mood

Helena Wierzbicki

David DaSilva - The guilt

The guilt

David DaSilva

Steed Edwards - Honoring Owl

Honoring Owl

Steed Edwards

Daniel Gomez - Martian women

Martian women

Daniel Gomez

Henry Scott Tuke - Morning Splendor

Morning Splendor

Henry Scott Tuke

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Soft touch

Soft touch

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Nikolay Malafeev - Summer Veil

Summer Veil

Nikolay Malafeev

Michael Volpicelli - Body And Soul

Body And Soul

Michael Volpicelli

Michael Volpicelli - The Moment of Enlightenment

The Moment of Enlightenment

Michael Volpicelli

Nikolay Malafeev - Mirages of History

Mirages of History

Nikolay Malafeev

Denis Chernov - Expectation MMXI

Expectation MMXI

Denis Chernov

Roz McQuillan - Nude on Chaise Longue

Nude on Chaise Longue

Roz McQuillan

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - The light from the darkness

The light from the darkness

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Nikolay Malafeev - Evening on the River

Evening on the River

Nikolay Malafeev

Anna Rose Bain - Noelle


Anna Rose Bain

AnneKarin Glass - 01335 Driver

01335 Driver

AnneKarin Glass

Helena Wierzbicki - Sorrows


Helena Wierzbicki

Everett Spruill - Time Love and Tenderness

Time Love and Tenderness

Everett Spruill

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - Wings of Fate

Wings of Fate

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov

Juliya Zhukova - Thoughts at the mirror

Thoughts at the mirror

Juliya Zhukova

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov - The kids

The kids

Sergey and Erwin Sovkov