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Artists Artartists who seriously do art; not chitter-chatter, ... to current members; see note below...
My idea is basically this...
- serious and real artists
- no (mostly) photographers; particularly, no straight-on photos - the web is already overwhelming full of photo-images
- In an effort to keep total numbers of art pieces within bounds, I try to keep (in a sort of arbitrary way) pieces from any single artist to some (again, sort of arbitrary) level. Similarly, I try to select 'featured' from a variety of artists, limiting 'featured' to relatively small numbers.
- no animals, except as for example an ordinary part of a landscape; the animal(s) should not be the main part of the art piece
- I'm not limiting total #s uploads, but I will accept only numbers 'within bounds', as above. fineartamerica makes me limit #s per day; which I arbitrarily set at 10...

'A funny thing happened on my way to the forum...' - I was trying to make a new group, and fineartamerica online software, not always very reliable, gave the new name and image to this group, which used to be maryland, virginia , carolina. I've decided to go ahead and keep the new name and image, rather than trying to find out how to go back...

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G Linsenmayer

Spring Hill, FL

United States

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This group was started on January 27th, 2014.