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Artzone Planet■MISSION:
Artzone planet is a forum open to all and determines winners by a public vote and a panel of experts; Artzone promotes critical discourse, advertises artists, introduces them to the international art trade space and promotes cultural exchange.


▪︎Artzone is open to everyone. Collectors, independent artists, artists represented by a gallery or other institution may participate.
Any space can be an exhibition venue Artists and venues connect to ArtZone to organize themselves independently. ▪︎▪︎Artzone want to obtain the financial support of private or public organizations for awarding prizes to visual artists according to the votes of the public or a jury
▪︎Artzone pays tribute to artists
We celebrate the vision and courage of artists who take risks and who adhere to the spirit of Artzone planet.
▪︎Artzone is a catalyst
We build a community through innumerable cases of independent participation. Everyone has a voice in the conversation and an issue in the result.
Artzone transforms the urban space. By working with independent venues and curators who create unique experiences, we strive to fill every available space with art.
▪︎Artzone is an educational experience.
Artzone provides programs and resources that transform into an open learning laboratory where students, teachers and visitors can enrich their appreciation of art, inspiring artists and art lovers.

▪︎Artzone can be a challenge for everyone.
Unpredictable by its design,
▪︎Artzone actively encourages the consideration of opinions, values ​​and beliefs, encouraging all participants to leave their comfort zone, leaving them with surprises and raptures, but also baffling and rendering them furious.
Artzone wants to spark conversations and debate
.▪︎Because of its open and independently organized format, Artzone adopts critical discourse and debate.
▪︎ArtZone promotes social good.
▪︎ ArtZone is not reserved for “anyone”, it is intended for “everyone”. We produce programs that are intentionally inclusive and have a positive social and economic impact.
▪︎ArtZone believes in technology as a tool for progress
.▪︎ The technology is integrated into the Artzone model and makes it possible. The key to success lies in the innovative features and features for our stakeholders that are constantly improving.
▪︎Artzone is an evolving experience.
We are flexible. We continually solicit feedback from stakeholders and implement year-over-year, data-driven and executed improvements.
Finally critics and change are encouraged.


Roger Dartiguenave

MontrÉal , Quebec


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Group Overview

This group was started on December 2nd, 2018.