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autos and other motor vehicles with wheels

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Autos And Other Motor Vehicles With WheelsProfessional color photos of actual autos and other self propelled vehicles with wheels.

In the ˜Discussions' link at the top of this page (https://fineartamerica.com/groups/autos-and-other-motor-vehicles-with-wheels.html?showmessage=true&messageid=5035973) there are ˜Featured Photo Archive' threads where all artists are invited to post their featured photo/s, this acts as an archive for featured images. For buyers looking for TOP QUALITY IMAGES from some of the best FAA/Pixels photographers, this is a good first stop to get an idea of the diversity of autos and other motor vehicles with wheels images available.

Photographers that have been featured here also can post on the Facebook group page at the below link.

Happy shopping for images that reflect what our eyes actually saw.

Avatar image is 'At The Crossing' from Chad Lilly.

1ST PLACE IN THE Autos And Other Motor Vehicles With Wheels 5 CONTEST
Canvas Art

2ND PLACE IN THE Autos And Other Motor Vehicles With Wheels 5 CONTEST
Canvas Art

Note to contributing photographers.


Must be a color photo, no desaturation (black and white from color), selective coloring, ect.. No photoshoping in brushstrokes, canvas texture, ect.. Lean towards the photojournalism style.

Grainy images, digital noise, out of focus, and over manipulated color, ect. are not desirable. Zoom in feature on photo must work.

Some potentially great shots have come through that have been let down by being taken with a less than capable lens, chromatic aberration, questionable cropping, and by incidental distractions being left in rather than Photoshopped out.

There are many other groups on this website that will want your photos that don't conform to the guidelines in this group. Keep on doing those photos.

If you want to know why a photo wasn't added, email me.


PROMedias Obray

South Lake Tahoe, Ca

United States

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This group was started on March 25th, 2019.