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Beautiful Girls And Women

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Beautiful Girls And WomenBeautiful Girls & Women
-- Nudity is fine, pornography is not.
-- All women should be 18 and over.
-- Typically, we want to see faces in the shots and not close-ups of body parts.
-- Let's see faces. Generally close-ups of body parts are not accepted here.
-- Ladies only. No dudes in the photos.
-- Beauty is subjective; it\'s up to you what you enter! Since it is subjective, though, it\'s up to the group owner what to select. Images can be rejected. A few suggestions as you submit your shots --

A.) Quality over quantity.

B.) I don\'t like variations of the same scene coming in some close together. For example, three shots of a pretty lady in the same wardrobe with the same scene and same lighting, just different poses, can be cut down to one. However, after some time, feel free to go back to the same scene again. I don\'t like them back to back in the group.

C.) This happened more in the BG&W contest than is happening in the group, but we are getting shots of teenage girls and even toddlers. All women should be 18 and over!

D.) About Featured Images on the home page: FAA suggests keeping the number low. They suggest 30 at a time since too much images on a page may mean the page loads slow. I tend to keep a few more than that, around 40, but never more than 50.

E.) FAA also has a policy against full nudity on the home page. They specifically say 'no genitalia .'

If you have any questions: just send me a PN
Rod Meier - Photography,Ulm/Germany

You can also take a look at my other groups and my biggest project:
'Fine Art of Bondage' - it´s a longterm photography project about creative and artful rope bondage photography.
Project sites:


Rod Meier

Neu-Ulm, BY


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This group was started on April 30th, 2014.