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Beautiful Watercolors

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Beautiful WatercolorsWelcome to the Beautiful Watercolors!

This group is for watercolor artwork only; created by you from paint and water on your table and a brush in your hand. I will only accept beautiful, light paintings...those which uplift the viewer. No dark or dreary.

You may submit any theme as long as it's:
1. Family-friendly (no nudity, violence, skulls, politics, etc)
2. No words or written messages on the artwork (unless part of the subject being painted)
3. No digital painting or artworks that started as photographs.
4. The use of gouache, pen and ink or other highlights within the painting (so long as it's just a highlight) is up to my discretion.
5. No abstract/patterns. Subject must be identifiable without a doubt.

We want to promote each other's works, so check the discussion tab for threads for that purpose. Liking, Favoriting, Commenting, Sharing on Social Media is encouraged and very appreciated!

You may upload one image per day.

We just finished up our first kickoff contest (11-26-20) and the FIRST PLACE WINNER gets a special homepage feature!
Christopher Reid is an incredibly amazing artist. Here is his 'Looking Forward' watercolor painting.

Canvas Art
You can check out more of his work here:

Thank you! I look forward to seeing your artwork!!

Taphath Foose

**As administrator, I have the right to accept or deny any artworks submitted. Any bashing or fighting is prohibited and may result in being kicked from the group.


Taphath Foose

Middletown, PA

United States

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This group was started on November 18th, 2020.