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Best Of BritishThis group is for images that will showcase Great Britain. A place, a landscape, a monument, modes of transport such a double-deckers, London cabs all will be acceptable - your own car will not, unless it is part of a car rally. If in doubt, please ask. Please also add in the description where the photo was taken, or where the inspiration for the artwork was first found ie Dartmoor, Devon, England.

Please note that it covers England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the all the islands surrounding.

❇ Submit your best work
❇ Please add the location where your photo was taken, or the location of the source for your artwork - please add into the description.
❇ All mediums and styles are Accepted,
▪▪▪NO Nudes▪▪▪
▪▪▪NO Spiders▪▪▪

The group welcomes:
Places - towns, cities, villages, parks and gardens
Architecture to include current and ruined - churches, castles, houses, pieces of buildings such as interesting windows
Geographic subjects - rivers, mountains, valleys, the coastline etc
Travel - especially our red busses!, boats, trains, aeroplanes, bicycles (like the Tour of Britain race but also individuals riding in, for instance, the Scottish glens)
Occupations - thatchers, fishermen, farmers and so on
Customs - for example, Morris dancing, Well Dressing and such like
Festivals, Markets and Shows
Flowers that are unique to the British Isles, such as Harebells
Gardens for massed flowers that are not unique, such as a tulip garden, but are a drawcard for visitors
Animals and Birds native to British Isles, such as otters, robins, golden eagle etc

This is a wide coverage, if you have any other photos or images to consider and the subject is not listed, please contact your host.

At present there is no limitation on the number of images per day, but please do not flood the group

Thank you for joining and being a part of The Best of British Group

First Place - Tony
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Joint Second Place - Lynn and Tony
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Michaela Perryman

Baldivis, WA


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Group Overview

This group was started on July 2nd, 2021.