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Best Of MinimalismAvatar (group image, icon, logo - left) for August is 'The Lonely' by Tom Schwabel, as voted by group members. Congratulations!, Tom. Full-size Image may be viewed on the '2019 Avatars' Discussion topic,https://fineartamerica.com/groups/best-of-minimalism.html?showmessage=true&messageid=4485501&targetid=4854939#4854939, and at https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-lonely-tom-schwabel.html.

Best of Minimalism welcomes your original painting, photograph, or design that expresses an “essence” of a person, place, or thing and is without distracting elements. Please browse this Home page and the Discussion topics for examples of the best in simple yet essential art.

Participation by members makes this group special. In addition to submitting appropriate images for consideration for the group Images, members may post (by copying and pasting the Embed link on an image’s page) two Picks of the Day (PODs) per day of another artist's work to the current “Pick(s) of the Day (POD)” Discussion topic. When an Image has received three PODs, it becomes a Featured Image on the Home page and is Commented, Liked, Favorited, and Facebooked (to Facebook’s “FAA artists” group).

PODs are cumulative – their tally carries over from one semi-monthly period to another. Periods run 1st to 15th and 16th to last day of the month. Artists of the Month are the members who receive the most PODs in a semi-monthly period for all of their accepted Images. Participants of the Month are awarded at the group administrator’s discretion (considerations may include number of PODs posted, images accepted, Comments made, and long-term activity). Artists and Participants may each win only once every six consecutive periods (or three months); for example, a win July 1-15 makes for eligibility again in that category October 1.

A New member may be recognized each semi-monthly period for their contribution to the group.

The avatar, or group image or icon, upper left, changes monthly. Group members may vote for one of the several images receiving the highest number of PODs (Pick Of the Day) during the past month by Reply e-mail to the administrator on the first several days of the following month, and the new avatar will be posted soon thereafter. A member may showcase an image as avatar once in 6 months.

Please submit only one new image per day for acceptance into the group.

If an image receives three PODs but is not soon Featured, of if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please e-mail the administrator.


Please cast your PODs (vote, nominate) for your favorite minimalist images, one or two per day. Best of Minimalism (BOM) has grown to almost 1350 members, and many members probably see images and other group members’ work worthy of recognition. Suggestions on how to increase PODding/voting/nominating participation are most welcome – remember, an image needs three PODs to be Featured on BOM.

Recently, group member Denise Clark posted a link to fellow group member Prakash Ghai’s guidelines for and examples of minimalism (in the “You might be interested” Discussion topic). Hopefully, you’ll take a few minutes to explore these very interesting and helpful links:

Artist August 1-15: Panos Pliassas as chosen by group members through total number of PODs received on all images. “Summer Moon in Greece” image selected by group administrator.

Photography Prints

Receiving double-digit PODs on his images: Bob Lentz. Other group members receiving at least five PODs: Jim Love, Gina Harrison, PrintsProject, Bill Tomsa, Karen Adams, Ann Horn, Julia’s Images, Nikolyn McDonald, and Gary Slawsky. Well done!

Participant August 1-15: Lenore Locken. “In the Sky” image selected by administrator.

Sell Art Online

Other members each participating many times: Rick Locke, Sarah Loft, Nikolyn McDonald, Mitch Spence, Bonnie See, Su Buehler, Diana Rajala, Cathy Anderson, Gina Harrison, and Gary Slawsky. Thank you!

Most Popular images, August 1-15:”Closely Aligned” by Bob Lentz and “Stairway in Santorini” by PrintsProject. Each received seven PODs.

Art Prints

Art Prints

New Member: Julia’s Images. “Lonely Leaf” image selected by administrator.

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Bob Lentz

Calgary, Alberta


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This group was started on September 8th, 2013.