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Birth Month Flowers

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Birth Month FlowersThe idea, of birth flowers, first originated in Ancient Rome. Seasonal flowers were given as gifts, at birth; and, on birthdays. The flowers, that were most commonly in bloom, in any given month, became that month’s birth flower. Featuring, 60 different types, of flowers, each representing, a Birth Month!

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Birth Month Flowers

1. Birth Month Flowers, only:
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2. Must be original image, from the artist.
3. Must write a DESCRIPTION & KEYWORDS, of the image.
4. All Mediums, welcome
5. You may submit
three (3) images, per day.

October: Daisy, Marigold, Cosmos, Calendula; Protea


Maria Faria Rodrigues

Toronto, ON


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This group was started on October 17th, 2020.