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Cats Are Lovable



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Nina Stavlund

Ottawa, ON


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This group was started on March 22nd, 2011 and currently has:

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Cats Are Lovable

About This Group

Welcome to ♥♥ Cats are Lovable ♥♥!

This group is all about cats.
Small ones, big ones, domesticated ones, wild ones..

Any medium is welcome, but we will focus on artistically photographed, digitally or traditionally created artworks. No harmed, dead or suffering animals will be accepted.

Images from the Zoo (or similar) must be of VERY good quality to be accepted into the group pool.
Always let us know where you made the photograph (place/country/park). Animals in captivity are rarely featured.

This is a slow going group, however, contests will be run from time to time. Make sure to check out the contest tab.

Uploads per day are set to 1, but I'm not very strict on this rule.

When participating in discussion threads ALL members must abide by FAA forum rules.

Have fun & enjoy the featured images on the front page and in the group pool.

Thank You ~


NEW Avatar 2017; 'Concentration' by Lowell Monke

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Featured Images

Lowell Monke - Concentration


Lowell Monke

Diane Wallace - Sunshine Snooze

Sunshine Snooze

Diane Wallace

Sherry Shipley - Feline Fairy

Feline Fairy

Sherry Shipley

Nick Gustafson - More Moonlight Meowing

More Moonlight Meowing

Nick Gustafson

Scott Wallace - Red Eyed Main Coon

Red Eyed Main Coon

Scott Wallace

Brian Commerford - Spellbound


Brian Commerford

Jutta Maria Pusl - Cat Loves Nature

Cat Loves Nature

Jutta Maria Pusl

Nick Gustafson - Purple Striped Cat

Purple Striped Cat

Nick Gustafson

Debra Hall - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Debra Hall

Barbara Keith - Imperial


Barbara Keith

Cameron Dixon - Pop Art Kitten 1

Pop Art Kitten 1

Cameron Dixon

Victoria De Almeida - Western Boots Cat Painting

Western Boots Cat Painting

Victoria De Almeida

Monique Morin Matson - Street Cats

Street Cats

Monique Morin Matson

Oksana Ariskina - Ginger Cat

Ginger Cat

Oksana Ariskina

Nick Gustafson - Tiger Striped Cat

Tiger Striped Cat

Nick Gustafson

Barbara Keith - Dauntless


Barbara Keith