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Chocolate Coffee and Tea Art Lovers

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Chocolate Coffee And Tea Art Lovers All seasons are good for a cup of hot coffee and a few delicious chocolate sweets....
What can I say- I just love chocolate, sweets and coffee, and I like to take photos of them.
I believe there are more people like me and I am looking forward for you joining this group and sharing your yummy images with FAA community and visitors.

Group logo: Coffee Dunes by Ausra Huntington.

This small, coffee, tea, and chocolate themed group is serving the purpose of helping people with certain interests to find artworks they are interested in. Very often general search brings non-related images that are labeled with keywords we type in. This will never happen if you visit any of the groups I host. Each of them has images of what the title says, and nothing else. Hope you like what you see here!

Limit your submissions to up to 3 photos a day, please.

Also, everyone is encouraged to say Hi in the discussion area and to be active supporters for each other: treat your fellow chocolate and coffee lovers as well as you'd like to be treated.

Here are the links to other 3 groups I host:

PANDAS (giant and red):

BEARS (all kinds of real bears, including koalas, which are not actually bears but have similar looks):

Feel free to visit, join, be active in, and promote any of the above.
NOTE: all of these groups have a 3 images a day limit for submissions

Thank you,


Special feature of the Summer: the image that depicts coffee as the most refreshing beverage in the world: Not Much for Conversation by Monte Arnold

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Bring your chocolate treats and coffee here!

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Ausra Huntington nee Paulauskaite

North Chesterfield, VA

United States

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This group was started on December 12th, 2011.